Reviews for Mafia Princess
Nannyjojo chapter 176 . 7/3
I guess she needs to make this mistake on her own. That way she'll really know what she wants and what she needs.
She is being stubborn.
Nannyjojo chapter 175 . 7/3
They are both so stubborn.
I can see it from both their sides.
Nannyjojo chapter 174 . 7/3
Crumbs, I don't think I'd cope too well in that same situation and I'm 37.
I love how patient Edward is.
Its good he has some experience with this in a way.
Nannyjojo chapter 173 . 7/3
I love Charlie.
He is such a softie at heart.
He wants the best for his family and that includes Edward now.
Nannyjojo chapter 172 . 7/3
I understand.
She needs this just as much as their relationship will.
Nannyjojo chapter 171 . 7/3
Was someone getting used to having Bella around.
Nannyjojo chapter 170 . 7/3
Yay for Bella.
Going to be an interesting bonding session.
Just what Bella needs though I think.
Nannyjojo chapter 169 . 7/3
She really shouldn't be so hard on herself.
Nannyjojo chapter 168 . 7/3
Oh Edward.
He really does go all out.
Nannyjojo chapter 167 . 7/3
Oh thank fuck for that.
Nannyjojo chapter 166 . 7/3
It's only natural.
They'll get there I'm sure.
Nannyjojo chapter 165 . 7/3
It will be fine Edward.
Nannyjojo chapter 164 . 7/3
I so wish it were true.
But I loved his reaction.
Nannyjojo chapter 163 . 7/3
That has to be the hardest thing ever.
I'm still kind of hoping it was faked, but seeing Edwards seen it, I doubt it.
But he knows more than anything that blood doesn't make you a better father.
Nannyjojo chapter 162 . 7/3
He would move heaven and hell for Bella if he could.
She can see that.
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