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Happily Dazed chapter 15 . 9/13
Wow, Emil. Seriously, this is so captivating, intense, and thrilling!

I normally haven't found interest in stories that take Resident Evil characters and put them in an AU, but after reading the bittersweet Piers' Lament (which, btw, I could not handle the feels, especially with the 'loving someone who can't love you back' parts, and don't get me started on Piers' Final Lament), I thought I'd give this story a go given its spectacular authors' track record. I was not disappointed at all, and was sucked in by the first chapter alone (gosh, that car scene in the second chapter is brutal though :( ).

The development of Piers view of Chris, shifting from that hating the devilish, inhuman monster, to respecting and caring for that same tyrant, definitely came as an interesting surprise. I love how much character you've given to Chris, that even though he's committed such inhuman atrocities, he still has a semblance of humanity within him and that shows through his interactions with Piers.

Anyway, I love your stories and I really hope you can find the time to update this one! You really are a wonderful writer; the world and characters you've created work so wonderfully, I can't imagine if you stopped now :'(

Best wishes to you,
Happily Dazed
Guest chapter 15 . 6/13
It's weird that I'm enjoying this so much and can't wait to find out what happens next. I don't get off on rape (not judging non-con fans, just not my thing is all), and I've got no interest in seeing Chris redeemed at this point (because gross, rapist). Feel the same way about Leon, who is distressingly pathetic in this story. And yet I'm kinda hooked. I guess part of it is that the story is gripping, and part of it is because you've really made me care about Piers. I'm totally rooting for him - and Jill, and Claire, and the citizens of Insane City, and maybe Ada, who I hold out a little bit of hope for (not much).

And you know, even if I don't give a flying fuck about your Chris and Leon, apart from hoping that they get what's coming to them, I still have to admire their flawless characterisation and entertaining antics. You're a really superb writer.
PiersRedfield69 chapter 15 . 4/1
Damn. I'm am LOVING this right now oh gosh especially that scene between Chris(Red) and Piers(Cole). I just hope Chris doesn't think differently of Piers when he finds out that he is in the CIA and the last scene too. You have got me craving for more please hurry. I wanna read the next Chapter
MissRose514 chapter 15 . 3/30
Emil, Emil...
You amaze me once again! :D . I'm so glad you finally uploaded once again hehe x3! Thank you for the mention haha nice to be appreciated ;D. Anyways, what a chapter! I'm really getting worried about this whole sinister plot 3/Wesker or whoever is planning! Piers getting Leon off guard with a gun to his head made me smile a bit since Leon is supposed to be like this super sly agent to me xD. That whole phone convo was making me laugh though! :'D Piers reactions haha! I'm pretty sure Viper is Ada now... I was confused for a while if she was or not LOL.

I'm really loving how Piers is still "following" his mission to take out Red like he was originally supposed to do but when I read in the beginning that he was "starting to fall for Red really fucking hard" I was squealing to myself on the inside! . 3. XD I'm really glad we had another hot scene between Chris and Piers. I'm getting the feeling Chris is starting to have some feelings for Piers/Cole by now :D.

What really interests me is how Piers is gonna take Red out when he's starting to fall in love with him too. Maybe since Piers is thinking bout how his own men will take him out, maybe Piers will take Red out as a mercy killing maybe? xD I dunno haha. I find it kinda ironic in this story and RE 6, Chris mourns over his men and now those same exact men (I know not literally Finn or Marco but just saying hehe) that follow his orders are possibly going to take him out if this revolt or overthrowing goes on. Maybe I'm reading a bit too much into it haha!

That last scene tho... When Chris is going to lead Piers up to his room... o3o. What's gonna happen?! Are they gonna have another hot scene?! (Which I doubt will happen since they just did it xD) Or an actual romantic scene? Haha whatever happens I'll be checking in once in a while if you don't post because this is getting so good! I can't wait for you to post again Emil! Update ASAP! .
Rose 3
fabron.ereese chapter 15 . 3/27
God! I've missed your story! I like their naughtyness in the end...hoho! I am starting to imagine if Chris will kill Piers, once he knows he is in CIA...nooo...
ViridianK chapter 15 . 3/27
Being able to read this update made my friday night 3. I shall be sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next one! :D
MissRose514 chapter 14 . 1/9
Oh. My. God. Emil! Haha giving us these amazing, flawless, cliff hanger chapters! Its been a while since I last read this fanfic so I reread the whole thing again and I got to experience those same feels when I first found this story! :D I'm a lil mad you tease us with all that action and stop it :(... but I understand having to give a lil here and there... xD. I'm really hoping that Chris is starting to fall for Piers too even if he or Piers don't admit it to themselves cuz he pulled away! D: I think its rly interesting how u describe the way they are with each other like sometimes Chris might look a certain way at Piers or Piers thinks of something sweet about Chris... aaaaaaaahhhhh! I just luv it haha! Leon is rly starting to annoy me with all his crap .. I'm a lil skeptical if it was 3/Wesker or Leon who found the info on Piers but I'm pretttyyyy sureeee its Wesker... haha. Oh and I've been meaning to ask but is Viper from the other chapters supposed to be Ada kinda? I was getting this Ada like vibe from the way you described her xD. Hope you had a great new years (been busy as usual .) and I'm waiting on this next (smutty i hope :D) chapter to come out soon!
Guest chapter 14 . 1/2
I haven't read this fic in so long and im so glad its still being updated!
fabron.ereese chapter 14 . 12/4/2014
Suddenly my heart beats soooo fricking fast!
Verlerious chapter 14 . 12/3/2014
Wow this is getting so intense. I'm always excited to see a new update for this story in my inbox. I'm also loving that we're starting to see a slight soft spot on Chris. It puts me in the mind that a lot of what he's doing is for show and puts a lot of what ifs in my head too. And then Leon comes in and makes me wanna smack him because I just can't figure out what he's plotting. And also because I just can't trust him or his motives. Poor Piers. x.x Anywho Looking forward to the future updates!
Clockwork Echo chapter 14 . 12/3/2014
Man, you're REALLY pushing my story. XD I am for yours too; it's just so good!

But DAMN you for teasing us with some kissy action and then pulling it away from us! Something tells me that Chris couldn't come up with a better reason not to bend Piers over and have him like he so blatantly wanted. Chris is a man who knows what he wants and gets it no matter what, and the messier that his method is to obtain it, the more turned on he is.

This struggle and unusual "relationship" between these two have a lot of unspoken undertones; I imagine both are too stubborn to really speak up about what's growing between them. Even though Chris inadvertently admitted to liking Piers and showing his concern as far as needing him alive, without digging too deep, Chris could still treat Piers as a pawn. The only difference is that this is a pawn he has sex with, and it's consensual too. Piers considered the first time he had sex with Chris rape, but I do believe at about halfway that view/opinion slowly became one that he ended up really liking and WANTING to experience again.

I think this observation is strangely similar to Svetlana Morealt's story Through the Glass, In Shades of Black where Piers really likes being abused by Chris even though it hurts him mentally and physically, it satisfies him just as much. But the difference here is that Chris and Piers are on opposing sides and that makes this "fight" against feelings and duty even more delicious! Yum factor!

ANYWAY, this chapter is bone-chilling. I knew Piers' identity was going to crumble and I'm still concerned that Chris will be informed if he doesn't already know who Piers really is. As much as he may like his sex partner, their interests clash - especially since Piers still has every intention of killing Chris because that's what he was sent there to do in the first place. He knows that his job comes before his own selfish, personal, emotional feelings so this is gonna be even more tough on him that Leon/Vice knows who he is. Chances are he was informed by Wesker/3 or he just ended up finding the documents that Piers stashed away in the telephone booth. AHH!

I need more! Gimme gimme. :P Thanks again for the birthday wishes, promotion and wonderful support. You're amazing, my dear.

rozana chapter 14 . 12/3/2014
Omgomgomgomgomgomg! The whole chappy is intense; everytime I'm about to release a breath something new happens and I'm holding it back and omg no Piers why Vice why didn't Chris warn you about him oh god this is so not going to end well for you ; A ;
BUT ANYWAYS, thank you for another wonderful chapter.
Demon2Angel chapter 13 . 12/2/2014
This story is really awesome I can't wait to read more
fabron.ereese chapter 13 . 11/25/2014
Your getting me more anxious and exciteddddddd...longer chapter pleaze...:)
Clockwork Echo chapter 13 . 11/25/2014
FFFFFFFF I KNEW IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Holy crap! I KNEW Wesker was going to get tied into this eventually! This twist is so good! XD Now I'm dying to know why he's burning his own agents when he's the Director of the CIA. Oh man! I wonder if Chris knows that Wesker is the Director... That could definitely put Piers is boiling water.

Can I just say that I actually appreciate the interrogation scene the most in this chapter? I'm not one for a lot of gore, but enough for it to be slightly squeamish is definitely what I got here. For Piers to have to go through torturing Alfred that way is awful, cruel and definitely inhumane, even though he gets the job done - both for his objective and for Chris to maintain his cover. I think it's great here. How come the number 3, if I may ask? Random or does it truly have a deeper meaning? Maybe something like ummmmm...a trinity of sorts? I must know! haha

Now that we know of 3's identity, I'm waiting for shit to hit the fan with utmost anticipation. Something tells me Chris' "kingdom" is gonna fall apart really fast, especially if he's being indirectly threatened by Wesker who just might take him and everyone down hard enough that they all end up buried - and unfortunately, Piers is just collateral damage in this. At this point, he's at the very center of this war and he could become fodder really fast if he's not careful or protected. He's gotta cover his ass, and quick.

Love this twist right at the end! Give me more dammit! *heart*

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