Reviews for Miracle of Zero: Kingdom of the Forsaken
Inaerion chapter 11 . 6/16
After re-reading your stories for about the tenth time, I have to admit that Gavilain is so much better than the monstrosity that was Escalvatine. No offense intended with that. But as awesome as it was for Shirou to have an Anti-World Phantasm, it was absurdly excessive in hindsight. Gavilain simply suits him better. Well done.
Ermac The Being of souls chapter 8 . 6/15
read alot through and i know rin isnt truly dead they never stay dead;)
Not Signed In chapter 18 . 5/11
This is really well written and a pleasure to read. I reread it often when browsing fanfic and look forward to more as you have time to complete your work.

And I thought the fight scenes were perfectly done in the setting they were meant for. Lancelot had no real desire to injure Shiro, and Shiro had no desire to try and injure Karin. Contests, not all out combat. Well written as just that, too.

And I thought the build up was excellent as well. Not too over drawn and covering everything of importance, leading up to the initial contest between Servant and Mother.

Well Done.
Blakithleo chapter 11 . 5/5
I'm just like, eh, prolly just a zero fighter, or some random NATO spec jet.

Vimana. Godamnit Vimana.
qjlaga123 chapter 18 . 4/28
The fight is super epic. Though I finished reading all chapters in a day . Though I like the length of each chapter. Bring on those almost impossibly long chapters. (Cause it kills my boredom).
Shikaku Zetsumei chapter 8 . 4/26
While the memory rampage alongside the real life rampage was a bit predictable, it didn't make it any less satisfying to read. Good job.

ARX chapter 18 . 4/19
Well, when is the next one coming? Or are you back to old habits
Lord-Hadrian-of-Darkness chapter 18 . 4/17
Loving this so far, but come on we are all waiting for Saber to be summoned and be forced to fight Shiro! You know you want too.
GoodHunter chapter 3 . 4/16
HELLLLOOOOOOOOO JUST WANTED TO ASK YOUUUUU. Where is OP Super Anti-World Plot Armour Amazing Counter Ea Ultimate Salvation Of All swords In the I don't know what the hell Im writing anymore,Sorry if this stuff bother wanted to know Where is The Super Duper Amazingly Effective Omega Awesome Legendary Even though was made in the time period of the Grail War, Ultimate Omega,Did I already used Omega?(Meh).ESCALVATINE Ultimate OP Sword Perfect For Countering Another OP Sword named the Almighty ENUMA ELISH!...Wait
[Ring Ring]-Pick up Phone
[The name is Ea]
"Wait how do yo kn"
[Ea The OP Ultimate Weapon Of Destructo is the name]
"Now hold on just a bloody sec"
[Phone be dead]
"Never mind all the melodrama This is only the 3rd Chapter maybe I'm not supposed to know? Meh"
"...Can I actually post this?"
[Phone Be Alive]
[Phone Be Dead]
"Alright just-just you know what I already forgot why I was here my spirit is broken now so..."
[Sigh]..."Bye and..."
{[Everything Be Dead]]
(Note This is meant as a joke and not to be taken seriously sorry if I offended anyone)
Warden of Lore chapter 4 . 4/12
I'm quite upset that Lousi hasent brought up that Shrou was called King Arthur.
Spyrkle10 chapter 18 . 4/10
I have no words in my vocabulary right now except 'awesome.'
fahimshahriar871 chapter 18 . 4/9
finally Lancelot is here my favourite character is here
Luna's Meow chapter 18 . 4/8
I wish he'd used Tsubame Gaeshi in the fight, but held back so as notbto kill Lancelot, but at the same time, I feel like Lancelot is so absurdly ridiculous that he could probably recreate that technique after only seeing it once, so it is probably better that Shirou held that card close to the vest.
Luna's Meow chapter 17 . 4/8
I think when you stress castle, you mean palace. There is a difference between a castle and a palace. Castles can be simple things. Barely more than an ancient fort. A palace is like Buckhingham Palace. A grand affair. The next level up.
Luna's Meow chapter 14 . 4/8
I think that Shirou isn't as separate as he thinks from Apeiron. That he is, like he said both Human and Not Human. He is... something between Human and Fey? Spirit? Something. Slme strange mix. Like Gilgamesh who was created to be both Mortal and God so that he could be the bridge of understanding between both. He wasn't a simple demi-god like a halfbreed child would be. Gilgamesh was more. Shirou is similarly more. I wonder if he CAN die, of if he is enough of a spiritual existence now that he would merely fade to eventually be reborn in a different form. If he is a concept nkw. Salvation. And Shirou is merely the avatar of the conceot that is Apeiron, the concept that was born from Shirou himself, which is why they are one. Why Shirou IS Apeiron, even if any future incarnations or avatars of Apeiron will not be Shirou. Perhaps, Apeiron's existence is the gateway for Shirou to reach Avalon and be with Saber once he is in fact dead.
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