Reviews for Lightning and Death Itself
Shadowriser609 chapter 133 . 11/26
Normally I don't like fanfictions like this, but you did it in such a way that made me want more. I congratulate you on your effort and I hope you produce more content in the future. The characters were well done, the events didn't feel rushed, and the pacing was great. Either way great story (so far.)
YokaiAngel chapter 133 . 11/26
Legodood93 chapter 133 . 11/3
May this fanfiction never end! Best of its kind on the internet!
Alphadragonsoul chapter 133 . 10/24
Some times the story felt like it could have happend in real life and i like thoae kind of stories. I am wondering if you're going to continue the story as I am kind of curious what challenges would the nightfuries have Next, what would life be like for them when hiccup and astrid's children become alphas over the dragons in other tribes. It would also be cool to see what happens in the future when all the current berkians are gone.
Guest chapter 17 . 10/16
My take on the battle scene was actually that toothless couldn't actually hurt the mother with his firebolts and the tactic was to get her angry enough to dive and that she was burning from the inside
Grizzly98 chapter 1 . 10/16
Three days, nonstop reading. That is how amazing and addicting this story is to read. It draws you in and before you know it the clock is reading 6 in the morning. Such an amazing job I look forward to see where you go next
Marceillo chapter 133 . 10/13
Well two days ago i was bored out of my mind and searching interesting fanfictions to pass a bit of time and i found this fic i just love the way you developed everything in a detailed way and as a suggestion i think you could show us a bit of the other tribes and hiccup trying to get them used to dragons in general. Please update soon!
ivanganev1992 chapter 88 . 9/15
Normal close to normal draconian is hard . But possible learning the tones overtones in the speaking .
Forge is ... the same idea simplefyed but bit easyer Not finished .
Guest chapter 126 . 9/11
That's awesome,I have enjoyed your story,and u have great On!
honeybadger894 chapter 128 . 9/8
honeybadger894 chapter 122 . 9/8
When did they fight a strangulator?
honeybadger894 chapter 119 . 9/8
Breaking the universe walls. You are playing with serious fire
honeybadger894 chapter 80 . 9/8
honeybadger894 chapter 27 . 9/7
Toothless is the center of the family tree
arrowlove18 chapter 125 . 9/4
Kind of hating the "wolf-fur coat and matching hat" part. (Mainly because wolves are my favorite non-mythical animal. And that I hate all people that wear furs and eat meat, news flash fur wearers and meat-eaters the animal you are eating/wearing was once ALIVE and BREATHING just like you are right now! It had EMOTIONS and could feel the PAIN being inflicted on it as it was TORTURED and MURDERED! Think about that the next time you reach for your fur coat of hamburger! An alternate to fur is faux fur aka fake fur, it in my opinion actually looks nicer and its 100% guaranteed to have not made ANY creature suffer! [Atheist vegetarian rant over] Sorry for the rant but I stated only facts -.- :P)
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