Reviews for Lightning and Death Itself
Guest chapter 103 . 4/10
Can you continue this fanfic, and because if feel that the flightmare has hardly been use, can you please please please do something on the... wait for it... flightmare.
TheHorseWrites chapter 103 . 3/31
This. This story is by far one of the most amazing fanfictions I have ever, and probably will ever, read. The oc characters are amazing, they fit in so well, the original characters are kept in character, it just... Wow. Wow. You deserve an award for carrying on this amazing story. I would buy this if it was a book. This just blows my mind. One hundred three chapters. Deleted scenes, two endings to the first story, multiple continuations - I just couldn't stop reading. Thank you for making such an amazing contribution to the fandom.
Greathron chapter 3 . 3/25
WTF! Nice job... I should have seen that coming...
Greathron chapter 2 . 3/25
WTF... I'd be dancing on the spot...
Guest chapter 103 . 3/18
Hiccup still hasn't recieved a proper night fury name, he is still technically 'new-night-fury' which really does not fit anymore, and he had plenty of achievements to rename himself for.
MSXCChamp6th7th chapter 90 . 2/18
So far, this series has show a remarkable consistency of good writing. I may have to ask you for tips on my stories. Will start posting chapters by summer.
Guest chapter 81 . 2/17
all good stories, except for first and last. you have a good imagination. keep up the good work. I might use your style for a lord of the rings fanfic i am writing. don't stop the stories.
Guest chapter 78 . 2/17
you must be a Trekkie with names like the next generation and first contact. First contact was a good movie, and TNG is a great series. Nice story by the way.
havic 231 chapter 103 . 2/9
Please continue this story like you said you would it's killing me to have to wait(to lazy to sign in)
Looperst chapter 103 . 1/24
This whole entire thing, from beginning to end, is, I can't even describe it! Could you please make a watching the movie version of this? I've been wondering what the past Hiccstrid's reactions to future Hiccstrid and the Night Furies will be, or you could just have the past teens be dragged to the future Berk and perhaps land on the Night Furies in the middle of a nap or something, maybe they could even understand them as a side effect of the time travel?
Agent Washingtub chapter 18 . 1/10
Wait, so you're telling me that Astrid and Toothless who were closer to the middle of that fireball weren't hurt but Hiccup still looses his leg although in the original story the injuries of hiccup and toothless balanced each other out and made them dependant on each other. or did you just want to waste Astrids one great change?
Agent Washingtub chapter 15 . 1/9
I just realized how big and how awesome this fanfiction is.
maybe you should ask Cressida Cowell for the rights to turn this into a real book.
asian-kayse chapter 24 . 1/8
I was wondering how you were going to stretch an already amazing story into 103 chaps
asian-kayse chapter 14 . 1/8
Q.Q tears. ..
asian-kayse chapter 4 . 1/8
Toothless I love you
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