Reviews for Lightning and Death Itself
insanitymagazine56 chapter 103 . 7/21
You missed a way that the title ties into the story
It's the Night Furies first contact with Drago's Dragon Trappers
BTMFTW1 chapter 111 . 7/13
Me again! I'm curious as to where the "more chapters" will lead to, such as crossing paths with the Dragon Hunters (Viggo and Ryker and co.), or will it be to further lands unknown? Either way, you have me hooked!
BTMFTW1 chapter 110 . 7/13
Out of curiosity, will there be anything between Young Teacher and Agnarr? It seemed like they started a budding romance of sorts that, even if not explicitly, written, I have a feeling will grow should there be more chapters to come; this is the most well-written fan-fiction I have ever come across, and I've enjoyed every chapter and every word of it! Love it!
Purple-Skrill chapter 111 . 7/9
Amazing! It's fitting that the 111st chappie is for the first of a new storyline! I absolutely love this book! I can't wait until you update, but I understand that it takes a LOT of work! I was writing a fanfic like this but my account was accidentally deleted :C
Love, Purple-Skrill-Races-Lightning!
Skrill Trainer chapter 64 . 6/18
Please turn the ex-Berserker twins into dragons.
SAI1 chapter 33 . 5/9
Love it! This was the only transformation fic I've ever seen that:
- Didn't have a reverse-transformation back into a human. I like that.
- Wasn't only Hiccup, all alone by himself.
- Was a nice happy story, unlike the others which mangle me right in the feels. Multiple times.
- Had the transformation happen on purpose and for a benevolent reason.
- Involved nearly no sacrifice.
In short, it was great. Thank you.
And now, onto the sequels...
Myrkur chapter 6 . 5/7
111 chapters da fuck
Anistasia D Flight1962 chapter 15 . 5/2
You could do an arc where the other tribes come to renew the peace contracts and meet hiccup the chief night fury for the first time
DannySamPhantom chapter 111 . 4/13
Finally I finished reading your story all over again from chapter 1 till 111. I have a little idea for a story plot. Do you know the Disney movie 'the little mermaid 2'. What if, and that's a big IF, one of hiccups kids/children/hatchlings wants to become human? These night fury transformations and hatchings are getting a little boring after over 100 chapters. You don't need to do it, if you don't want to. It's just an idea of mine. But if consider it, then send me a PN please. -
Ndragon chapter 82 . 3/2
Shouldn't it be a sky trip instead of a road trip?
CrazyCatGirl chapter 52 . 2/18
'Advance in a rearward direction,' haha, I like that! Every one of these chapters is AMAZING! Everyone is pretty much in-character, there's a nice amount of humor, it's very realistic (Guana having a really special strength/skill instead of a possibly-cliche ultimate super power, for example), and the strategies are brilliant (Hiccup's plans are amazing but they can still have realistic faults instead of always working perfectly, THANK YOU!). Also it shows that war is dangerous and sad, not glorious. This is phenominal and I can't believe how many chapters there are, yippee!
Guest chapter 111 . 2/14
Wonder how Valka and Cloudjumper are doing...
KittyHawkSG63 chapter 111 . 2/13
Can't wait for more, oh wait, I can
Seriously though, your writing skills are far better than mine
FireDragonX23 chapter 111 . 2/10
Good chapter
ReaderNightFury chapter 111 . 2/7
This is one of my favorite stories; Thanks for update.
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