Reviews for Lightning and Death Itself
FireDragonX23 chapter 182 . 5/21
Knowing the Roman the either let them go about their lives so long as they bend the knee and pay up or kill a lot of them and insert puppet government
WaterDragonsOttersLover7 chapter 140 . 5/13
I'm wondering if Gobber's last comment there is foreshadowing...
Guest chapter 182 . 5/11
This is the story that keeps on giving. Thank you for the new chapter.
Guest chapter 182 . 5/11
Seriously Hiccup? You think the only two options are becoming dragons or becoming corpses? Did Hiccup even for a second realize that they could just kick the Romans' asses or just use their flight and strength as dragons to transport everyone (and their belongings) to a far away island the Romans won't find or can't properly attack? Come on!
TCOUWRITER56 chapter 182 . 5/12
I have a feeling Hiccup might choose to turn everyone. I have a feeling it might be Rangi and his wife including fishlegs. Cause i know snotlout would choose to go out like a viking and same with the twins. Unless im wrong. It would be sad to see the story end with them all goong to the hidden world
WaterDragonsOttersLover7 chapter 110 . 5/7
Hi, me again (I assume that you can see my username.)

So I can see from here that I must have been mistaken, that Astrid didn't have twins the year I though she did. but thanks for this, by the way.

WaterDragonsOttersLover7 chapter 104 . 5/7
Hi, OtterLover here, (I forget my usename, and am not looking now).
I just wanted to post that I really enjoy your stories, especially this one, and to offer some constructive criticism. I don't wish to offend by any means, but I think I noticed in this chapter that five mating pairs went, and two had twins (correct me if I'm wrong here, I was sincerely trying to follow along), but only six new dragons are coming back. Could you tell me if I missed something here?

Thanks so much,
FireDragonX23 chapter 181 . 5/1
Toothless should know by now by not giving his friend weird ideas lol
Guest chapter 181 . 4/19
Oooo, I like where this is going! Thank you for a new chapter in your very entertaining story.
CrioChamber chapter 180 . 3/16
Romans... Of course it'd be the Romans. Well, I've caught up for the moment. Spent the better part of 2 weeks reading. I took a gamble with my time thinking I'd probably disagree with humans transforming into dragons. Instead, I was not disappointed, wanting more every time I had to step away due to IRL reasons, tossing it between my phone and computer via FireFox tab-sharing.

Skipped the whole Snotlout marriage story though.

Can't wait to see what you do here, there's multiple paths from here.
CrioChamber chapter 144 . 3/14
This was possibly the second hardest to hardest chapter for me to read this entire saga. Not because of disagreement in laws of physics like in one of my earlier reviews, but because of emotions.
CrioChamber chapter 135 . 3/13
This... actually almost made me shed a tear.
CrioChamber chapter 111 . 3/12
More spoilers for later. Alright, Gobber I'm sorry. You're a running gag now with your apprentices getting kidnapped. LMAO
CrioChamber chapter 80 . 3/10
OH GOD! I'll never be able to keep a straight face with those names... Cat-in-the-hat... What have you done?!
CrioChamber chapter 79 . 3/10
More spoilers for those who haven't read as far I have.

I find this chapter... hard to believe. You can't fix a broken mind with magic, and even the first story showed that the original minds were intact. During the war, why couldn't they do that with Dagur? I mean, outside of the obvious of basically turning him into a Night Fury.

Physically, I can accept it, but mentally and psychologically? Really hard to believe. I often find messing with mental and psychological states to be fragile. More fragile than glass.
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