Reviews for Lightning and Death Itself
Spectrer chapter 144 . 6/19
Well, you've done it again. Last chapter, I really wasn't sure if I still liked the way the story was going, but now, all my doubts have gone. Thanks a lot for 144 chapters and over 350,000 words of awesome dragon tales.
K. R. H chapter 144 . 6/15
Yay! I wish those two Red Deaths were a bit nicer. They were trying to do what was best, but still freedom is better than death.
Guest chapter 144 . 6/15
Awesome story, keep up the good work. Good luck on the views.
Dragon Lord Draco chapter 144 . 6/16
oh wow... the feels at the farewell... that was just... wow. I know, very eloquent, but I dunno how to say it any better.
saberstorm chapter 144 . 6/15
Are you planning to incorporate some of the events in the upcoming Hidden World film?
thearizona chapter 144 . 6/15
YAY! I’m so happy Cave-Flyer ended up staying outside. New-Beginnings I’m sort of fine with because there is not as much relationship there with Toothless when compared with Cave-Flyer and her father. And still 100% behind Hiccup and his reasoning for staying on the outside.
Until next time,
Keep up the amazing work!
scribe0magic chapter 144 . 6/15
well this was a sad tale to be sure, but also a rather tense one as well. Hope things look better in the future. Also can't wait to see what's next for them this is one of the best fanfictions I read
Cottonmouth25 chapter 144 . 6/15
A nice end to the story arc, if I may say so. I look forward to what comes next!
sagemanexp chapter 144 . 6/15
wow a sad few weeks for every dragon involved loosing friends and family but lets hope those inside dont change their minds

overall i liked this instalment although this chapter could have done with being longer with more details on their fairwells if im honest small things would have made this chapter very emotional espectially between toothless and new-beging and hiccup and his mother

talking of that its a big shame in your story they havnt spent much time together as dragons and is possabily a little ooc for valka

something that really got me was the goodbye's
i suppose it may be differant where you are but ive always been brought up that the word goodbye is never to be told to someone still alive any word is fine but goodbye (a simple bye is fine however) worse is to say goodbye to someone moving away and never expect to see again
you see goodbye is final
and is only used when saying bye for the final their funeral
to say goodbye is to have that person (or dragon) die in your mind its the closing of a book and the acknowledgement that there is no hope at all you will you would never see them again unlike the small amount of hope you keep when saying fairwell to someone moving away (espectialy years ago without internet etc etc)
i wonder if toothless knows this and is why he asked his daughter to say anything but goobye
(perhaps its something only used by dragons due to never knowing if a friend would return from a fishing trip...or a raid)

one last note
are you aware of the Movile Cave was this instalment inspired by it
Blackberry Avar chapter 144 . 6/15
All thanks to me, of course. No. But I do really enjoy your stories, and I look forward to the next chapter in this epic saga.
rpglady76 chapter 144 . 6/15
Is someone going to visit the eastern dragons' nest again to tell Pu-Lao's & Bi-Xi's families what happened to them? Maybe they can also find out if there are any other Eastern dragon nests to visit, with young-ish Grounded dragons that might be willing to undergo the transformation into Night Furies?

Also, were they planning on sealing off the water entrance to the cave as well? (Not sure if that would be a good idea, it might mess with or cut off their water source.) If not, could the Night Furies ask another sea dragon to deliver a message to their friends/relatives in the cave? Since sea dragons can still enter/exit, I mean?
haganeochibi chapter 144 . 6/15
If there's a human who deserves Night Fury salute, then I believe it's you, Cke1st. Thank you so much for all you've shared with us through Lightning verse, and I look forward to whatever you have next. We'd probably have to wait until your LOTR entry is done, but that's okay.

My favorite part is how the Night Furies are so solid in backing up their kin, even against 2 Red Deaths. Cave-flyer and Toothless' "goodbye" is a close has been an emotional arc due to the separations, but c'est la vie. Family is family. I'm glad Hiccup and Toothless both remained, though I wasn't expecting either of them to go. I feel like Hiccup should come up with a new tradition to commemorate this epic saga, as he so put it. It'll help with the moving forward thing for all of them. And it'll give the humans a reason to celebrate with their dragon friends..

Until the next arc!
JasmineDragon22 chapter 144 . 6/15
A bittersweet ending. But definitely looking forward to more.
Sgt Sniper Man101 chapter 144 . 6/15
here we go again. I would quite like to see the Chinese dragons play a part again only this time they have like samarai riders or something like that
Gap Filler Fella chapter 144 . 6/15
Your story line is very interesting in light of the recent trailers for the 3rd (and last) HTTYD movie. Are you perhaps a consultant for the movie’s writers?
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