Reviews for Lightning and Death Itself
arrowlove18 chapter 130 . 50m
/loved it
thearizona chapter 130 . 22h
Oh please have it so thief method of exicution is being tickled to death! That would be so funny! And ya, holy cow batman, they really want this marriage to fail. And it's like Chief Sigurd said, this is only peace with Berk, everybody else is fair game...hehe. Yaaa, dragon Astrid is way more scary when angry then human Astrid.
Until next time,
Keep up the awesome work!
OechsnerC chapter 130 . 7/21
Awesome update
dracologistmaster chapter 130 . 7/20
Great chapter, I look forward to next update and seeing what happens when this all wraps up.
Drunken Hamster chapter 130 . 7/19
Very intense short chapter. Like a friggen 8 second pass on nitrous.

Love the hell out of this!

Storm of the Smokey Night chapter 130 . 7/19
As soon as the mead was mentioned, my first reaction was that Rangi shouldn't drink it. This isn't the first time in one of your stories duh a thing has happened, but I can't remember the other time(s).
Dragon Lord Draco chapter 130 . 7/19
... Wow they really want to stop the wedding poison stabbings a perfect throw what next
Blocksmasher2 chapter 130 . 7/19
Wow, that's all I can really say about that...
How many times are people going to try and kill him? Plus that nadder scale was just awesome luck there!
JasmineDragon22 chapter 130 . 7/19
Goodness. How many attempted assassinations can one go through in one day. Great update.
Splendidguy44 chapter 130 . 7/19 really caught me off guard. I was wondering what you meant by you found some more problems a newlywed couple would face. But an assassination attempt? Woah, never would have thought of that at all! Good job at keeping me at the end of my seat. This story just got a lot more interesting, the wedding I mean.
The SkrillRider chapter 129 . 7/16
You always do such a Good job at wedding scenes. Your skill never ceased to amaze me. Please update soon?
OechsnerC chapter 129 . 7/17
Update soon
Guest chapter 129 . 7/13
Another good chapter, thanks for the update.
marvinkitfox1 chapter 81 . 7/15
Thank you for sharing your unique vision with us,
I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey!
thearizona chapter 129 . 7/13
Oh man that sword must look amazing! Wish it could exist in real life. :( well good to see they are working their way through the wedding with out any more hiccups this tim around.
Until next time,
Keep up the good work!
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