Reviews for Taming Granger
champylin chapter 13 . 6/29
Lovely! This is one of the best dramione fluss ive ever read! I love how draco planned everything! Haha!
RR13 chapter 13 . 6/18
I read this story a few months back and accidentally found it again and I forgotten how lovely this story is. I am so glad I decided to reread it again. Your Draco is funny, witty and determined and I love that he still feels very canon. And I wonder what was going through your Hermione's mind the whole time Draco was acting different towards her. It would be so amazing if you do write a sequel...what a treat that will be! In the meantime I will have to satisfy myself with rereading this delightful fic again :)
maripaz6 chapter 13 . 5/29
Love it! I saw this on Colubrina's favourites page and was like, well, why not try it? She has good taste. And boy am i glad i did! Lovely dramione. The comparison of Hermione to a granian (?) was quite amusing and the broom lesson made my bones melt and the study sessions were so cute... yes, please write a sequel! Absolutely adore Taming Granger. It deserves way more favs/follows/reviews :)
annnemaaageth chapter 13 . 3/24
How cruel of you to just leave here, things are really getting good. huhu, love you please come back
sunshine.katz chapter 13 . 3/12
Loved it - the characterisations of Draco and Hermione, excerpts from the manual and the runes translations. Please do write the sequel!
Sundaegirl99 chapter 13 . 2/24
This was SO GOOD!
ohbeep chapter 13 . 2/16
soo... I know it's been a while but...


I stayed up until 5am reading because I could not get enough of how perfect and slow buildingly sweet and UGH this was. Please tell me there's a sequel! I shall pester you with reviews every day if that's what it takes 3
UnicornMist chapter 13 . 2/7
I loved this! It was funny (Draco's sarcastic/biting humour had laughing out loud) and fluffy and sweet and everything a story like this should be. Thanks so much for sharing.
UnicornMist chapter 6 . 2/7
Awesome chapter! I love how Draco is ramping up his game and their interactions. Great characters, very likeable but not unbelievable.
ReynardinePotter chapter 9 . 2/3
Vulnerable areas
whenthesnowmelts chapter 13 . 1/28
I was recommended this fic! I'm so glad I gave it a read! I adored your writing. Thank you for taking time and sharing this with us.
Xoxoxox whenthesnowmelts
BookLover3423 chapter 13 . 1/14
I can't wait to read a sequel to this wonderful story!
writer34 chapter 13 . 1/12
I love this
appalove chapter 13 . 12/20/2016
This was a great spot to end it in. You didn't drag it out and it was left on the most hopeful note possible. This story was just about flawless, imo. The book excerpts framing each chapter added significantly to the humor and made it more interesting than a straight seduction tale. I like how you portrayed Harry in contrast to Ron in the last chapter. He would be angry/worried but also embarrassed by/for Ron, ha! Draco using his flying skills to woo Hermione is one of my favorite little devices that I haven't seen much in fic and here it was perfect. This fic kind of did make me want to read more AUs after GoF. Usually I find those kind of off-putting, since the Voldemort action-drama is so integral to the characters' development, but here is a good example of how hitting the pause button on all that cray right at this spot works really well. The characters are just developed enough but don't have to deal yet with all that pesky threat of death business. Thus teenage seduction can be had! :) Anyhoo, thanks for sharing this one, as well as your other fics!
appalove chapter 6 . 12/18/2016
Causes your taste buds to invert - never heard that description before and it's perfect, ha! Love how he literally used treats to coax her. When she puts it all together, I expect some indignation. ;)
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