Reviews for Winterspell
J. Serrano N chapter 45 . 3/30
Actually you could've re-typed this even if you already post it
J. Serrano N chapter 18 . 3/30
It's the right 'to'
J. Serrano N chapter 12 . 3/29
It was short but I do kinda like the fluff of it
Jokul Frosti The Winter Child chapter 6 . 1/27
Blind Skyl chapter 2 . 1/25
Isn't he the Guardian of Fun?
1414artemis14 chapter 68 . 12/31/2016
Wow awesome job

Loved the detail u put in each chapter. All the hazard work, thank you for making me laugh and cry...
1414artemis14 chapter 49 . 12/30/2016
Why are u so cruel?! Don't u have any love a soul
Ok now I just want to go curl up and cry in a corner
Agent blue rose chapter 56 . 12/4/2016
Izzybella12 chapter 68 . 12/4/2016
Awesome story! I loved all your chapters. :) Amazing job.
Zgirl101 chapter 68 . 10/14/2016
I'm so happy you're not done with this! I love it so much! It's one of the best ROTG stories I've read! Keep it up!
Guest chapter 5 . 9/26/2016
Hey so somebody said you should change chapter five a bit because apparently from what they know cutting isn't a habit… I just wanted to say it so definitely is a habit. They said it's -or in Jakes case anyway- is a form of self punishment which is somewhat true but in my experience I have had problems with cutting in the past it wasn't so much a punishment more of a relief which is yes something they said but I just wanted to say it definitely is a habit, you can get used to doing it because there isn't other reliefs for you and you start cutting and it becomes a habit to do that rather then obviously healthier solutions. Reasons I'm writing this honestly was because that comment bugged me first of all and also I wanted to say you really don't have to change chapter five because it's great and respectful.
You're a great writer. Sorry if I've written this after you edited it I don't know things.
Shaylee Swanson chapter 32 . 8/17/2016
I have this overwhelming feeling in m chest. And that only happens when I'm fangirling. I am literally screaming in my head! This was so amazing! I LOVED IT! I CAN'T EVEN! 3 3 3
Roofscat chapter 43 . 7/12/2016
Why why are you making me cry? *crys harder* but your work is great.
Roofscat chapter 36 . 7/12/2016
Love it
Roofscat chapter 35 . 7/12/2016
No the fluff is so real
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