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Genial h
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Will you publish that story soon? Is there like a set date for it?
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Chapter 4 One Hell of a Morning Part 4

"So the demon joining with her woke her up?" asked Ino as she looked at Rin who seemed confused about what was going on around her.

"So it would seem." explained Shikamaru

"But her brain scans showed almost no brain activity and her internal organs where a mess." stated Sakura "I tried everything I knew to cure her and nothing worked."

"Looks like a demon joining with her did what you couldn't." stated Ino as she crossed her arms over her chest "Ok so what do we do now? Stand around and talk?"

"I was going to recommend sitting but you can stand if you want." laughed Shikamaru "Besides there isn't much else we can do until they realize what is going on."

"Or we have to fight our way out because they decide to kill us and destroy what they believe to be an infection." added a well educated voice in Shikamaru's head.

"Calm down Nanuk." added Shikamaru "There is only a 28% that would happen within the next 36 hours."

"Actually it is 28.457%." corrected Nanuk "And I personally feel that you are putting too much trust in this Lady Tsunade to protect everyone. First rule of any building always build in rudiment systems."

"So we talk?" asked Naruto

"Yes." restated Shikamaru "I recommend we talk by privately by gender, it would probably allow more openness."

'So you want us to spill our sex lives at the drop at the hat?" asked Sakura

"Then again rubbing it in Hinata's face would be fun." Laughed Inner Sakura

"Who is this Hinata?" asked Aella

"We will explain later, but let's just say I will enjoy every moment of rubbing it in her face." answered Inner Sakura

"So the three of you had sex last night because not everyone woke up in bed with another person." stated Shikamaru as his three friends blushed "I was just thought that if the moment was sexually it is easier to talk about it with other women or other men."

"He has a point." added Ino as she grabbed Sakura's hand and started dragging her toward the table where the other women were sitting.

"So Naruto shall we go?" asked Shikamaru as the two of them moved off toward where the guys were sitting.

As the two old friends neared the female they noticed that no one was really talking, each of them where just looking at each other as if they where afraid to begin. As they neared the second in command of the entire medical core, second only to Lady Tsunade herself Shizune stood up.

"Ino, Sakura you two have demons too?" asked Shizune

"Yes." said Sakura as she looked at Tenten, Hinata, Karin and Rin who had returned to her seat.

"Who are you two?" asked Rin as she looked at the two newcomers with an unsure voice.

"Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka." introduced Sakura "I was the doctor who has been looking after you for almost eight months."

"Ok, do you know what happened because last thing I remember was when Kakashi ran a chidori though me." said Rin as she touched her chest "Then everything went black until I opened my eyes today."

"Well we don't know everything but from the records we took from the Akatsuki base, Madara was there when you where "Killed"" explained Sakura "He replaced you with a double then he took you too his base where started the process of healing however the injury was so great that you where dead for almost half an hour."

"Half an hour?" asked Rin

"Yes, it is amazing that your body was able to come back at all." stated Sakura "But Madara was never able to heal you totally your mind remained in a coma."

"Why would he do that? I mean surely my information couldn't still be useful?" asked Rin

"What do you mean?" asked Ino

"Well my parents are dead and I lived with my uncle who was or still is an ANBU commander." explained Rin

"So the ninjas wanted you because you may have known something about troop movements because of your uncle?" asked Ino

'Maybe I mean my clan isn't that special, I mean we have a blood line ability but I don't think the ability to see though any genjustu is that big of a deal." Explained Rin as the others eyes widened.

"Wait you can see though genjustus?" asked Sakura as Rin nodded her head.

"It has something to do with my eyes. They can just see though the genjustu to what is really there." explained Rin

"And you don't consider that a big deal?" asked Sakura

"Well it isn't like I can use it to kill someone." explained Rin

'But you can find spies or traps with it." added Ino

"So I was saved because of my eyes?" asked Rin

"No, you where saved as a gift." explained Sakura

"A gift?" asked Rin

"Well you're not the only one to have seemly come back from the dead, until two weeks ago Obito was alive." Explained Sakura

"But he died; I transplanted his eye into Kakashi." stated Rin

"And Madara saved him and turned him into his student." explained Sakura "Our best guess is the Madara saved you as a sort reward to him. So once he had finished Madara's goal he reveal that you were still alive, his teammate, his love."

"I see." stated Rin sadly

Across the room Naruto and Shikamaru sat down at the table with Neji, Choji, Sai and Kakashi.

"I was wondering when they would find you." said Kakashi without even looking up from the cup of water which sat on the cafeteria table in front of him.

"Well I wasn't that hard to find, all they had to do was go to my apartment." explained Naruto as he sat down across from his old sensei.

"Sorry it just seems longer considering I was among the first here." explained Kakashi


It was just before midnight as Kakashi Hatake walked into the room he had all but lived in for almost eight months. Apart from the times he was outside of village doing missions he would come every day to see her.

"Sorry I am late Rin but I had to believe a report to the Hokage and you know I was never good at writing reports." explained Kakashi as he looked at his teammate who had been a coma for over twenty years. He quickly replaced the flowers on the nightstand with some fresh ones "And you have no idea how hard it is to find some fresh flowers this late at night."

A knock at the door caused the legendary copy cat ninja to jump a bit before he turned toward the sound only to see the black hair medical ninja Shizune standing there in her white doctor's jacket and medical jonnin vest.

"Shizune what are you doing here tonight, you worked last Friday night so it is your day off?" asked Kakashi as Shizune walked in to check Rin's medicine and feeding tube. "It is supposed to be Sakura's turn."

"Well I traded with her so she could go to that big party with her friends." explained Shizune before laughing for a bit "Besides I owed her for giving me my birthday off."

"I see." answered Kakashi "Umm…I don't know how to say this but I will say it, while I was stretching her leg, her right leg seamed stiffer than normal."

"I see and you found this when you doing her muscle stretches?" asked Shizune

"Yes, I now the nurses are the only ones who are suppose to do her stretches but I figure an extra one or two doesn't hurt." explained Kakashi "I want her to be able to walk when she wakes up."

"I guess it did no harm." said Shizune as she moved to the leg, she quickly ran though hand signs before placing her hand on the leg. "Ya, judging from the chakra resistance she had muscle loss. I'll schedule another muscle growth treatment."

"Thank you." said Kakashi as he sat down in a chair beside her bed and pulled out a small book.

"Not reading one of your perverted books are we Kakashi?" laughed Shizune knowing that the famous copy cat ninja had recently changed his reading habits.

"Do you really think I want Rin to wake up to see me reading my normal book?" asked Kakashi

"Trying to impress women now are we Kakashi?" laughed Shizune

"Maybe seeing some of the students of my friends getting married made me realize that I need to grow up a bit." explained Kakashi

"Well if you fall asleep her again tonight I'll wake you up for breakfast." said Shizune as she walked out of the room.

End Flashback

"So you woke up in the hospital?" asked Naruto

"Kind of." answered Kakashi "It gets more complicated after that."

Across the room the ladies where also sitting down and as expected most of the focus was focused on Rin.

"So you just opened your eyes this morning and that was it?" asked Sakura to the amazing in shape women, her physical appearance was a testimony to the care which was given to her in her state and while she wasn't in ninja shape it wouldn't take much to get back into it.

"Yes." Explained Rin "And apart from the voice of a demon in my head I am great. Strike that I could really go for some homemade strawberry pie but since I haven't eaten anything solid in 20 years I guess some microwave left ovens is good enough."

"So what is your demon name?" asked Ino

"Kagi." responded Rin "She was in charge of the maturity ward at the hospital. She seams nice enough, she is helping me remember some of the events leading up to this morning besides she is the only reason why I am awake now. So I will give her the benefit of the doubt"

"What race?" asked Tenten

"She is a five tailed demon cat." answered Shizune

"How do you know that?" asked Sakura

"I am guessing she is like us forehead. Only instead of Naruto it was Kakashi" Observed Ino as Hinata glared at both Ino and Sakura.

"So you two and Naruto?" asked Tenten

"Yes." answered Sakura as Hinata's eyes focused on her.

"Ya, according to Naru who is now in my head the three of them are "married." stated Shizune

"So you three woke up together?" asked Sakura

"Together as in we were all sleeping in different parts of the same room yes." answered Shizune "Wait did you two and Naruto sleep as in have sex together last night?"

Neither the blonde haired nor the pink haired kunoichi said nothing which was more than an answer for the women gathered around the table.

"You fucking bitch." growled Hinata as she glared at Sakura "You have Aella don't you?"

"How did you know my demon?" asked Sakura

"Because sh
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Now that was one hot picnic for Minato, Mei, and Kushina. I look forward to what comes next
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Minato sure knows how to have fun with these sexy red headed kunoichi's.