Reviews for Nothing but the Truth
Tempest's Rain chapter 7 . 5/20
Jesus Christ! That was so much better than the show! Particularly the confrontation with Morgana and conversations about the magic and betrayals.
BooksAreMedicine chapter 7 . 5/16
Much better death scene.

Loved the memory share idea

LOL, the Dolma! Great bit to add in

Wonderful ending! Please write more Merlin!
BooksAreMedicine chapter 6 . 5/16
Such beautiful magic :)

I liked Merlin's reasoning here and how Arthur understood it was for his benefit
BooksAreMedicine chapter 5 . 5/16
Good thing Arthur started to put the pieces together...and he was so proud that merlin could defend himself too, how adorable
BooksAreMedicine chapter 4 . 5/16
Whoa, did not see that stab coming
BooksAreMedicine chapter 3 . 5/16
Yes, Arthur put it together!

I was disappointed with the show that Merlin did his fighting then as an old man...kinda of a weird choice here considering Arthur already knows...or at least heard.

What do you think of a one shot/AU for your own story where Merlin comes to the battle as Merlin?
BooksAreMedicine chapter 2 . 5/16
Poor Merlin, that was horrible not to be believed.

Though admittedly not offering direct proof to such a claim...poor Merlin

Hoping for some bamf Merlin soon...or for Arthur to talk to Gwaine or Leon who might realize it makes sense for Merlin to have magic...tree branches anyone?
BooksAreMedicine chapter 1 . 5/16
Glad you started with this scene, all of the heart breaking scenes, this one was the worst in my mind.
Guest chapter 7 . 3/12
Damn! You should have been the writer for S5...then i wouldn't have to go through so much pain :(
Love your work!
Killua Lawliet chapter 7 . 2/18
wait what this isn't the actual ending to Merlin well that clearly needs fixing than(and I've watched the actual end don't worry)
Quill chapter 7 . 1/29
God, yes!
Quill chapter 2 . 1/29
God, no!
Rababaz chapter 7 . 1/16
Braaaaavo! I officially replace the end of the tv show by your fanfic! XD I really liked it, good job ;)

Bisous xxx
Rababaz chapter 1 . 1/16
Wow, normally i just comment at the end, but this chapter was so beautifully sad! Awesome :D
Macarona chapter 1 . 1/15
A very nice ending,thanks for writing it
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