Reviews for Mirror, Mirror
tammgrogan chapter 5 . 10/17
Just found your Wonderful story, it's DAMN GOOD! I have tears in my eyes.
geninja chapter 1 . 6/25
Nevilles voice was changed due to a broken nose not a swollen tongue
Cassandra30 chapter 2 . 5/14
Excellent reunion.
Cassandra30 chapter 1 . 5/14
Good start.
CupCakeyyy chapter 18 . 5/6
*raises hand and picks up handkerchief to both dry my face and my desk*
CupCakeyyy chapter 13 . 5/5
You've done it. I'm crying. I need the next chapter. Now. Who needs sleep anyway? Totally overrated. Yes. *clicks the Next button*
Prince Pondincherry chapter 16 . 5/4
Aw, darn, I was sort of hoping this would eventually end up with them exploiting the mirror to solve everything. Or at least you could have had one of the mirrors break, I think that would have been a better wa to get rid of it.
Maltheniel chapter 23 . 5/2
This is painfully magnificent. I always thought James and Lily at least should have showed up in King's Cross. All the interactions have an edge of pain, but there's something lovely about all of it too. And at least Harry will get to remember it all in the end. And he got to be hugged by Lily and James. Somehow I always wanted that more than anything. Thanks for this.
Shadowdog11 chapter 20 . 1/23
I think you just made me hate Dumbledore more? That's quite the achievement.
Shadowdog11 chapter 19 . 1/23
New reason to throw my phone.
Shadowdog11 chapter 18 . 1/23
... all due respect... fuck you and making me feel. I damn near threw my phone.
Shadowdog11 chapter 17 . 1/23
Kinda wished he'd slap Remus.
Shadowdog11 chapter 16 . 1/22
Pitchforks! Kill these 3!
megzilla01 chapter 22 . 1/10
Dang it, I'm crying!...
Priya Ashok chapter 24 . 12/27/2016
Thank you.
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