Reviews for And Whither Then, I Cannot Say
Yubi Shines chapter 1 . 1/3/2003
Wow! I love this! I really didn't much like the ending of RotK - it seemed almost as if Tolkien was trying to "finish the whole thing and get it over with", but this really described Sam's feelings in detail! Great job, Tigrin! _

Oh, btw, this is Star, I go by Yubi Shines mostly these days. :P
Momoku chapter 1 . 12/26/2002
Excellent story, Tiggy-chan. You captured the feelings of Samwise perfectly.

I look forward to more Tolkien-inspired fiction from you in the future.
Athena9 chapter 1 . 8/31/2002
*deep breath*

I. *Loved*. This!

It was so wonderfully written! Your descriptive language is so beautiful, almost lyrical. I could actually *see* the characters - it takes talent to bring them to life like that, my friend, real talent. Which you, apparently, have in abundance _ I love how you made Sam quiet and introspective, and Rosie so warm and loving, and Merry and Pippin so - well, Merry and Pippin-like! And the last line - "I've told more than my share in this life." How true! Poor Sam! It almost broke my heart the first time I read LotR and I thought he was left behind forever. I was ready to kill Tolkien, even if he *is* dead _ Then I read the appendices and found out that they (Sam and Frodo) met up again in the end, so I forgave the Professor. But this is *so* well written, such a beautiful glimpse into the soul of Sam Gardner, post-Quest. Well done you! Continue on, my friend! I will enjoy reading your fics. _

Love always,

Vappa chapter 1 . 8/26/2002
Aw Tig ;_; That was a beautiful story. You got Sam's feelings just right, if you ask me. Since you mentioned it to me, I have often wondered what the true meaning of the end was. I think yours is quite fitting :D Good job.
Babs chapter 1 . 8/26/2002
Hello, this is Cherry. Babs is the penname I use most often here on FF. I don't know why more people aren't reviewing. This is wonderful. Your skill for detail and the quality of this story is amazing. You keep true to Tolkien's world and know the character's very well. This is a wonderful fic! Please continue to write them :D