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Queen Risa chapter 3 . 5/20
Your flashbacks are so well writttttteeeeennnnnn! You can grab so much detail from it all and you capture the Silver millennium amazingly great! And love the Shittneo glimpses as well. Your Usagi and Mamoru banter is some A plus work! XD I find myself laughing with all the one-liners XD

I lovvveee how you're just going through the first season and telling it, plus adding different characters like Setunsa Meioh (name-dropping Pluto over here) and Motoki's little sister and Umino and Naru! You're weaving them into the story perfectly! Your battle scenes are amazing, your civilian scenes are amazing, the flashbacks...basically every scene was amazing and flowed perfectly with the next one! Love it all and can't wait to see what else is in store!

Also loved the origin of Tuxedo Mask with the costume coming from the past!
Queen Risa chapter 2 . 5/7
Okay your exposition in the beginning was SUPER good, how he doesn't feel like it's real and even if he's so accomplished, it still doesn't feel right like this isn't his real life! Beautiful and so tragic in a way! LOVED Mamoru and Motoki and how Motoki knows of the dreams, just adding in another friendship element that I love with those two! Then you bring in Usagi and their meeting... so goooooddd! I love when authors do slightly different first meetings between characters because it just makes it all the much interesting! :D I adore your Usagi because she's just so cute and talkative which is what I totally picture her as since, come on its Sweet, loveable, easy to make friends Usagi!

I think my favorite part of the chapter was the garden scene. "You can keep it!" Clutching it to her chest? "Thank you!" I don't know why but that scene and dialogue just made me all warm, how she kept the sketch! So cute! And super good ending and cliffhanger, espically with the rose! Fantastic writing and the most amazing characterization that you REALLY nail! I write a lot I know, but long reviews are like amazing to authors right? XD
Queen Risa chapter 1 . 5/1
Amazing first chapter, emotions really hit you in the gut like right away! You just feel all his anguish, sadness, and the desperatness he has to just reach her. Truly this is the definition of a nightmare, you explained everything to the T with your arms and legs feeling numb and such, great details everywhere! Like adding in it was the sword that his father knighted him with, and describing him as a knight was so awesome and new! I know you said I didn't have to leave a review for every chapter but great stories on here deserve the reviews so here's a slew of reviews :D
MyIndy13 chapter 1 . 3/3
This was great! I liked being able to see the teasing bit Mamoru plays from his space rather than the way it was presented in canon. It was almost involuntary, like a defense mechanism here. That really makes much more sense to me, rather than him just being a jackass like he was in the 90's. Lol.

And the "dead generals" bit there in the epilogue! I love how you showed us some more "Usagi" here. She always manages to polish someone's situation at their worst and find the light in it. I can't wait to read the sequel! Bravo!
karinori chapter 9 . 2/28
This is awesome! This twist is what I need! I have been wondering what if Serenity is the one who is kidnapped. That chapter where Usagi start calling Mamoru, Mamo-chan is very cute! Their growing relationship... Aw! 'Nightmare' is my next. Thank you for writing. Looking forward for more!
Carameldynr chapter 9 . 2/9
I love your story!
The twists are excellent. It makes so much sense for Mamoru's obsession over his dream princess . Your theory is splendid.
I can't wait to read more of your fanfictions
FloraOne chapter 9 . 11/27/2017
I LOVE THIS epilogue. You capture her so well here, SO WELL. This most forgiving of all people, and the way she's so sad for him when she learn he witnessed her pain. This is what Usagi is about, and you managed to put it in my favorite kind of scene: the one where they are Content, speaking of true things, side by side.

And this made me skirt my tea through my nose: "Why are you decorating my apartment with dead generals?"

Off to read Nightmares, now 3 !
FloraOne chapter 8 . 11/27/2017
Oh Kunzite. You silly man. Reminding Usagi so thoroughly of her Ties to THIS world by threatening her parents us only gonna make her Ties to her identity as Usagi STRONGER. If anything, he needs to do the opposite - show her that life without her is going on because she never belonged. Remind her of her old mother and how much more she looks like her - like you had Beryl explain so wonderfully before thaz; serenity is the broken one. Serenity is the one who lost. Remind her of her losses. I'm very glad (odd word choice I guess?) that he got that the second time around and used her memory of Endymion, instead!

And man, love, I SO enjoy this Reverse twist. Seeing Mamoru despair over the flipped roles - as he totally would! - when he is the one left behind, seeing Usagi taken! It was a thought that sent my imagination into overdrive and I would have loved to stay in that narrative even longer!

I'm very glad Usagi came around to save the day in the end, make them both equal partners in this, again. And I absolutely see the bits in this story where you found your voice as an author. The flashbacks, the introspection, the depth you give Mamoru - It's where you shine most, here, in my opinion!
FloraOne chapter 7 . 11/26/2017
Ooooh! You completely reversed the Tables! I was already mentally preparing myself for Mamo-chan to be capture, and for a short moment there I thought you'd actually follow through when Mamoru died, and then you just took serenity instead!
Love that twist. Totally looking forward to find out more!
Also, I love the way you portrayed Zoisite here. And his and Kunzite's relationship - and how his conclusion that the brainwashing must be real when Kunzite now Acts the way he Acts so easily, easily plausible and just in the tip of his tongue!
FloraOne chapter 6 . 11/18/2017
Lololol I will definitely make a point to eat cherries from now on.

What I particularly liked in this chapter - apart from the very very sweet glimpses into a normal, teenage relationship for Usagi and Mamoru with such, such sweet moments - like the hugging from the back? From both of them? The little moment they had at the concert? So sweet! Anyway, I digress. What really stood out to me was Kunzite.

You write his conflicting emotions and bubbling memories so well. That scene where you go back and forth between flashbacks and the present? All those tiny glimpses of moments where kunzite watched endymion grow up, formed him? SO good, seriously!
FloraOne chapter 5 . 11/15/2017
It is totally totally cute. And of course you have grown a little since writing this, your first finished story, but I see you in every line. Your relentless insistence to portray and see Usagi as someone wise in all her goofiness, someone pure and giving and compassiante first - a view which I wholeheartedly share. Mamoru's aloofness as a shield to guard him. It's all here and it's beautiful.
And, I need to mention it again. Your Motoki. I think you write him like no other, love. You allow him to be gentle and stern and playful and even insultung at times and yet he remains this gentle thing while doing so, a complex, realistic, good-hearted, 3-dimensional being instead of Mamoru's prototypical friend, and I think it's masterful!
FloraOne chapter 4 . 11/12/2017
Oh wow. As always, your Mamoru is simply fantastic. I loved his musings on Usagi, how throughout the chapter he discovered more and more about her that spoke to him so deeply.
That first scene? You know how I love it when they speak to each other about their duties as their alter-egoes, without knowing whom they are talking to. And that you referred back to it in that masterful scene where he runs to Sailor Moon and finds Usagi instead, getting it, is simply beautiful. His slow, trickling realisation while staying so oblivious to what's right in front of him in his dream! And his anguish at the end! !
And then there's this: "He had no real reason to mourn the loss of those that had betrayed him. He kept the stone anyway." This is SO SO strong. I love what you're doing with the Shitennou here. The use of Masato Sanjoin. The way you bring them in so stategically and allow his feeling to stay conflicted over the matter. It truly, truly is amazing.
FloraOne chapter 3 . 11/11/2017
Well, first, I'm sooo intrigued by Setsuna's presence! ! !
Second, I loved your techniques of back and forth flashbacks with the battle on Earth, on the Moon, and the training sessions. That was SO well done and truly emotive. So many stories revolving around the Shitennou like to simply redeem them, bring out what they meant to him and paint a beautiful relationship, instead of focusing of the intriguing side of betrayal. You manage both in this scene, masterfully. It's so strong, your use of dialogue in this chapter. Kunzite teaching Endymion to be prepared for an enemy that is too powerful and doesn't play fair, paralel to him being that very enemy. Usagi's accusation he will meet the girl of his dreams and be so rude to her he will regret it. And in the beginning, the dream sequence,.his cocky confidence to recognize her in amy time and any place. This is sublime use of dialogue, pulling the reader in who knows the irony to their words.
And, third, that first dream sequence in general - I loved it so much. The subtle initmacy of their dance, how her doppelganger screamed Venus in your discription yet you didn't say it.
You're a damn fine writer, love!
FloraOne chapter 2 . 11/11/2017
And I so so so so so agree with your insight to him. He wouldn't grief for his parents - he has no memory of them, it would be the hole of that which would make him feel alone and even ashamed.
This whole process of him becoming who he was, they way he's plagued by these dreams, it's EXACTLY how I imagine it! We think alike, love! In fact, this is exactly what I tried to convey in my drabble/ficlet series "Becoming". This reads like I was in your head when I wrote mine, seriously! !
And the little touches you added - Mamoru's therapist interpreting the dream as a manifestation of his fear of loss and abandonment, partnered with his longing to belong and be loved. Beautiful!
And as always, your Motoki is a gem. Kind and loyal and so good to Mamoru. And then his moment with the dream and the rose and how Usagi is inadvertently the one who brings him to his conclusion! I will ADORE this story, I know it!
tentenshi31 chapter 5 . 11/5/2017
Just wanna comment on the AN for this chapter. Usako is not a possessive form of Usagi but you can definitely roughly translate it as little rabbit since -ko means child. It's definitely a term of endearment when he uses Usako making it sounding uhm (for lack of better term) cuter than just Usagi just like how Usagi would call him Mamo-chan instead of just Mamoru. In Japanese, same as in most languages, you can measure people's closeness by how they call each other and in this case they have a very intimate nicknames which says a lot.
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