Reviews for Four Little Bottles
englishtutor chapter 19 . 9/13
Another wonderful story! Your characterizations are so real! Thank you for sharing your considerable talent. I am truly enjoying living in your world for a bit.
becgate chapter 18 . 4/5
Loved it! !
The Bitter Kitten chapter 13 . 4/5
Sherlock, maybe people won’t talk down to you like a child if you didn’t go around tossing your spoons.
Although there are few things more infuriating than being talked to like you have half a brain cell.
“The inadequacy sitting on the breakfast tray” I’m dead. Just dead.
…Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor and restart my own damn heart because Mycroft, Mycroft the Ice Man, looked outside himself, saw Molly struggling, and in order to help her bared some of his deepest darkest secrets to John, a man of whom he is not fond, and gave him ten thousand pounds to help out the Watsons. I need smelling salts. It’s perfectly in character and ERG I want to hug people and maybe kiss you on the mouth.
The Bitter Kitten chapter 12 . 4/5
Of course Mycroft has a penthouse in the city because he can’t bear to commute.
And “Molly!” And still sniping at John through his child.
And OF COURSE Charlotte and Mycroft are going to get on like a whole bloody neighborhood on fire.
I love it. Yes.
And chicken and leek soup sounds really pretty nice. Savory, maybe a little sharp.
Also that Charlie is the instant antidote to affectionate chidings. And poor woman had to scrub all the Exorcist-style “decoration” that Sherlock left? Jeez, they don’t pay enough rent.
And I die at Greg being tired enough to take a nap instead of glower at Dyer. :D He can still snark at Sherlock, though, which I’m sure is a refreshing change from joy and happiness that he didn’t die of a ruptured appendix.
The family that does autopsies together, stays together. I love Molly and John so much. They should probably pick up a Pack’n’Play for the morgue, though :D
The Bitter Kitten chapter 11 . 4/5
Bahaha at Greg not being Mr. GQ. But it’s really interesting that the first thought Mel has is something’s wrong with Matthew.
Also Mycroft is practically climbing the walls with worry if he’s smoking and doesn’t care who sees, while also lingering around the hospital. Probably until Sherlock gets discharged.
I love that Greg just barely smacks John down about not being the only person on earth who could possibly care for Sherlock.
And just a little bit of Toby John. Love!
This whole last half is just a quiet exhale of familial rest. Ugh.
It makes my heart twinge a little that John is still under the impression that his desire for his wife is something to be managed, and it’s not really possible that Molly could want him that way, even though there was the whole thing in After the Fall where he was all excited when they planned to start being active and he never considered that she was looking forward to it as well.
Also Molly is my hero.
The Bitter Kitten chapter 10 . 4/5
Apparently that’s a hazard of being a doctor, is that you’ve seen behind the curtain, and well, it’s all up in the air. I do love John’s standard mistrust of pretty much every other doctor. Of course, they haven’t done much to prove him wrong this time around.

John can get married and have kiddos and he will STILL BE MISTAKEN FOR GAY. And he’s totally willing to use it to his advantage. Love it.
Annnnd Mycroft throwing the equivalent of knocking shit-off-the-counters-hissy-fit and taking joy in it is just the best.

And leave it to John to even give Mycroft the “it’s fine with me and literally everyone else you’re seriously not hiding anything come on now” talk.

And poor Sherlock. No wonder he doesn’t want hospitals, with all the indignities he’s suffered on this one trip.

Mycroft got me right in the feels with his self-talk. He really does have a flashing red bullseye of weakness for Sherlock.

And OF COURSE Sherlock would do something crazy and be born with all his internal organs flipped around.
The Bitter Kitten chapter 9 . 4/5
Bahahaha at John coaching Sherlock into gaming the triage system. As if he needs it now.
And poor Sherlock reduced to tears. :(
And Mycroft being gruff and uncut out for relationshippy things besides having a LIVE IN ASSISTANT.
Hee, ‘bearded entity.’ You do such a fantastic job of not only getting right into Sherlock’s headspace, but even when he’s sick… gah. You really are something, Edhla.

And the fact that Sherlock is quite the biter. Such a random little fact.
Also, if John and Mycroft ever tolerated each other enough to team up, it would be ruthlessly efficient and frankly terrifying. John manages to corral Sherlock at his worst and Mycroft manages to whip up a team from crumbs in less than the time it takes to get Sherlock into a gown.
The Bitter Kitten chapter 8 . 4/5
I love how encouraging John is for Molly. Being new parents I’m sure is mostly blank fear at doing things wrong. And major Dad Points for John because he’s spending time with his child, not ‘babysitting’. Few things get my dander up like people saying dads are resident babysitters.
And Mycroft not only has her number but good, but completely refuses to play along! I want to cuddle him, if only for the face he’d make. And Lord. Have. Mercy. Can he lay out the options in the way that his way is clearly the only way.

Also, what is it with sick people and wanting to put their faces against the toilet seat/ bowl? (aaaaay, what’s the deal with airplane food, eh?)

And John channeling his fear into being a BAMF doctor is just perfect, as well as the fact that Sherlock noticed it. But seriously, who wouldn’t be freaked out at Sherlock in a vomit-covered bathroom, reduced to whimpering on the floor?

Oh, Sherlock, and his will. That whole scene is just perfectly written, and as always I stand in awe.
The Bitter Kitten chapter 7 . 4/5
A ha! Tim Bartlett has reverse resting bitchface! Is that a thing?

…And seriously, you know John and Sherlock are besties with John can clean up your barf, Sherlock, even when you /snap your fingers at him/ and generally treat him like a butler. I kind of want to smack him upside the head.

The only tiny bit of criticism I have which is pretty moot, is that “his intentions were honourable and he had no intentions of ever sleeping with her” is just a bit redundant.
And that is the strangest sham of a marriage I’ve heard of. But if Addie was lying about resisting his advances, she was also probs lying about him being an asshole to her. CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER.
And oh, god, the /FEELS/ at John being torn between Sherlock and the rest of his family. I wish there was more he could do for Sherlock, like drag him over to Chateau Watson, although I think they’d all kill each other, and that would be no fun.
The Bitter Kitten chapter 6 . 4/5
Heeey. Just so you know, these will probably be a little shorter because there’s only so many ways that I can say that I want to print out your writing and rub it all over my body, and also there’s like 14 chapters to get through, haha.
I love that Melissa has Adelaide’s number right from the jump. Honestly, I was fooled, but then again, it is kind of her job to parse out the acts from the legit mental illnesses.
I also like that Greg is ambivalent about her hair-twirling. He def. strikes me as the kind of man who likes a woman about her business, not a girl who’s fresh out of the gate, even though she’s so much younger than him. But it’s nice to have a couple that aren’t completely each other’s dream-boat, and little tics that aren’t like, super adorbs and totes endearing to the other. Also, I totally do that hair-fussing-with-thing, except with both hands, and i have no idea where it came from.
But then he loses points with “Mel” and not “Dr. Brennan” :(
I also really like that Greg thinks of Sherlock and John as members of his team. That’s really saying something about his bond with them, since a police team doesn’t exactly include “Marcia the Temp” or whatevs.
I’ve never actually imagined Mycroft as having superiors as much as maaaaaybe a board of peers that he runs things by. Checks and balances or whatever, but come on, it’s Mycroft. :P
And his ‘concerned older brother’ taken up to eleven with the help of spies and Stephen Hassell is fantastic. You have such a wonderful touch with understated comedy.

Come on, Mycroft, you secretly enjoy contacting John, if only because he’s dependable.
The main thing I gather from this is that John kind of needs to be Sherlock’s doctor.
unfulfilled-baby-elephant chapter 9 . 11/14/2014
[Sherlock flinched…] I feel that this should be two sentences. Personal style choice, though. And we know I have a tendency to over-shorten things.
I think that throughout this chapter, especially towards the beginning, it should be more obvious that they are in an ambulance.
[“Oh, she’s okay”...”I wasn’t worrying about Molly”] Nice way to kind of underhandedly slip John’s concern for Molly into the middle of this chapter. I really like this.
[Mycroft’s fingers...not entirely accurately] I love your recurring and accurately placed theme of everyone being a bit out of character during times of trauma. This especially stood out as a subtle, but nicely done aspect of Mycroft’s unspoken concern for his brother.
[bearded entity] This is by far my favorite phrase in the entire chapter. Hilarious and perfect.
[brief feminine voice.] I feel that saying a voice is “brief” is an odd way to characterize it. What does this mean, exactly?
[The state...Mycroft frowned] I think “state” is an improper word to use...The “state”, I feel, would more be his condition, not his physical location.
Great chapter! Yay, Mycroft’s coming!
unfulfilled-baby-elephant chapter 8 . 11/13/2014
This chapter was disturbing. I like how you alter between Sherlock deducing and thinking very logically, and having absolutely no ability to do so. It gives the chapter a good feel of how Sherlock is out of control, and contrasts how un-Sherlock being sick is.
[There was almost...half past five] I like the idea of this opening statement, but I think it would have been much more impactful if you had more descriptively shown how quiet the house was, rather than telling us that it was quiet.
[He found...her breast] I really think this is a great image of a tired new mother. Very striking to read.
[“Monsieur”...”no”] I love how Mycroft just shuts Adelaide down here.
[Sherlock woke with a gasp…] In this entire scene, the words “pain” and “vomit” feel repetitive. Don’t know if that was a stylistic choice or not, but it really stood out.
[Sherlock gasped out...propped him against it] The word “gasped” so closely followed by “grasped was kind of disorienting. Maybe consider using a different word for either.
[This was like...John was afraid.] Great, really haunting. I like how you describe how calm John had been when Sherlock was bleeding really badly, and how much worse this is. It really puts the situation in perspective, as well as John’s feelings, without it being written from John’s POV.
unfulfilled-baby-elephant chapter 7 . 11/11/2014
I love this description of Tim. John’s thought process expecting him to be like his brother followed directly by a description of what he does look like is really effective. Few character descriptions really stand out to me, and this one did. However, I think a couple of additional descriptive phrases of Tim spread throughout the chapter would have helped to cement that image more in the readers’ minds.
[From the window, John sighed heavily] The beginning of this chapter seemed to be from John’s point of view, but I felt that this statement was from an outsider’s point of view, a point of view that wasn’t John’s. The POV throughout the whole chapter seemed a little scattered.

[One of the things….two wives] I love how this creepy, disgusting statement was said so casually, kind of in passing. Very haunting effect.

This chapter ends on a slightly tense note, I think well wrapping up the feel of the entire chapter and prepping the reader to move into the next chapter.
unfulfilled-baby-elephant chapter 6 . 11/10/2014
I love this chapter. It’s a nice wind-down from the action of the last scene, and gives us some time to gain some more information through Lestrade and Mel’s conversation, and Mycroft.

[frowning a little] I feel that this phrase could be condensed into one word. Anytime “a little” is used, I feel like it shouldn’t be there. Maybe use a word like “grimace”. It just spices it up.

[ members of his team] Is the word “Mentally” necessary here? You’ve mentioned that he’s thinking, the word mentally seems a little redundant.

[Thompson] While this scene of describing Thompson and the way he entered the room to inform Lestrade of Mycroft’s arrival was really creative and cool, I felt that it really distracted from the other things happening in this chapter, and kind of created a hiccup in the flow of the plot. I don’t think you should get rid of it completely, but it could be shortened.

[unexpectedly prudish] I feel that this is redundant, considering the dialogue bit that Mycroft has just delivered. You showed Mycroft through his dialogue, and now you’re additionally telling. I don’t know that you need this line at all.

[The doctor did not think enough] This made me snort. So very Sherlock. Love it.
unfulfilled-baby-elephant chapter 5 . 11/10/2014
I have pretty much nothing to say for this chapter I really think, having read this entire story, that this is the best chapter. Just something about the way it reads is entirely enthralling. It had me standing up when Sherlock almost drops Charlie, laughing awkwardly when Sally encountered Sherlock in the first aid room, biting my nail when Lestrade chewed John out...It's amazing. Really. No criticism. Sheesh. You're just amazing.
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