Reviews for A Thousand Words in a Single Glance
andrewpine chapter 96 . 8h
He is about to stomp all over her life for the love of Eddie his true mate.
andrewpine chapter 95 . 8h
What will Esme do with he take her off and try to start another family for the insane broad? what will they do about the Volturi?they should probably take a side trip to they take down Volturi they don't want them thinking they can take over.
andrewpine chapter 94 . 9h
Curious where Eddie has been through all of this?
andrewpine chapter 86 . 9h
I knew matchmaker Bella would help him pull his head out of his she has completed the Whitlock coven.
andrewpine chapter 83 . 10h
Let me guess she won't use her shield and the guys will have to go and rescue her and Rose?
andrewpine chapter 78 . 10h
Does Jane believe that since she can't get to him she will let him kill Bela]la in his rage then then himself once he sees what he did? Kevin.
andrewpine chapter 70 . 12h
I have a feeling Aro and his bitch Caius will rue the day they messed with Jasper and his Goddess of War. I don't think it will take two to three years for her to get her stuff together i think maybe two to three days maybe.
andrewpine chapter 69 . 12h
That was wrong thinking on Peter's they destroyed the twins his coven would be just another coven without much power and i doubt he would go after them for a least a very long time until he built his power base back up.
Knowing Bella some kind of crap will hit the fan and they will be separated and him and peter will have to rescue her and the others.
andrewpine chapter 68 . 13h
Hopefully she is a powerful shield as always and will put Aro in his place then hunt Eddie down and destroy .
andrewpine chapter 66 . 13h
I can understand Eddie's reaction to anything Bella wanted to do since he was a closeted Gay virgin prude he wouldn't want to do anything with a female.
andrewpine chapter 65 . 13h
So Jasper is a minute man?
andrewpine chapter 63 . 14h
She will make sure they will be back to being friends in the near culture be damned.i have a feeling that Char will be back in their lives also.
andrewpine chapter 56 . 10/24
Poor Major is just whiny since he has no place to really offer for the princess to stay and his insecurities are coming out. hell that girl would live in a one room shack if it was those two together.
andrewpine chapter 51 . 10/23
I knew it was that bitch Becca.
andrewpine chapter 36 . 10/23
I know she won't do it but if i were Bella and after i were turned i would kill Eddie then hunt down Carlisle and burn him also for being stupid enough to have turned him and then not burn him when he defied his orders to stay a way from her and for just being an idiot in principal.
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