Reviews for The Boy Who Found Fear At Last
Canada Mathieu Williams chapter 8 . 2/16
Omg this is AMAZING!
godsdaughter77 chapter 8 . 2/9
Fantastic chapter! I loved Anansi bringing Jack his favorite candy. I also loved Gaia and Terra meeting Jack. Great job!
Sora Tayuya chapter 8 . 1/29
This was one of the most touching chapters of any work, fiction or fanfiction or non-fiction, I have ever read. And I have read much in my life. This was wonderfully done. It brought wetness to my eyes, and peace to my soul, even as it quivered in fear of the death of a being old as time.
DarkSkyFiccery chapter 5 . 1/18
Hmm, not convinced about the whole 'alien possession' thing. I think the stronger aspect of the guardians (and other spirit things) is their individual qualities and journeys that led them to be the certain way they are. The stories are always about belief but more importantly self belief. It's kind of that loss of humanity and sting of possible redemption that really gives you feels. This was just about Pitch opening a door, and turning it to something anyone else would. Also means he's not the main character for me, the nightmare thing is, and now I really want to know more about what they are and where they came from as they are an awesome enemy. Also raises too many questions about it now just hanging around on earth and not possessing anyone else etc.

Loved that last Jack section tho, kind of what I have been waiting for since the fic began. Still wondering what the point of the Pitch backstory was. Still don't see what figment Nightlight's place in the story is. Hopefully all will be revealed.
DarkSkyFiccery chapter 4 . 1/18
Have to say I really enjoyed the early installments of the story arc but I'm finding this one really dragging. I think you've messed up the pacing over focusing on Pitch's backstory, and those sections are so large and have moved so slowly narrative wise that I've begun to skip them. I think you could do to cut down a lot of the original material you've written as a lot of it doesn't really move the story forward, just massively slows the pace down.

Also having time events run backwards kills any tension and suspense in Pitch's segments. It's like all flashbacks and filler with no main storytelling meat essentially to get you back to the first scene with the thing behind the door, and I'm really struggling to see where all this is going. Hope the pace picks up after this now that the main stuff has been waded through. Would have been much better to see it in chronological order as story within a story (rather than flashback within a story within a story, which feels too far removed) and I think the impact on Jack's character would have flowed a bit better, as I love angsty feels but I don't really buy his sudden breakdown here.
crazylilgrace chapter 8 . 1/16
its okay, it is worth the wait :) hope everything's fine in your life
MugetsuPipefox chapter 8 . 1/14
You updated! :D
I really, really love this story :3
I liked Gaia and Terra and the way Gaia was really motherly and lovely to Jack. Poor kid.
Well done!
Magiccatprincess chapter 8 . 1/13
Oh wow... This chapter got so emotional. I hope Bunny is doing the right thing and it doesn't backfire.
Catflower Queen chapter 8 . 1/13
I really liked the end scene with Gaia and Terra. It's interesting to see Jack acting more like a child. It reminds me a lot of that scene from the beginning of the previous story, when Jack met Bunny for the first time. I also liked the scene with Anansi where he gave Jack the candy, and I thought it was sweet that Jack was trying to recreate his "center" doll.

It's good to know that Bunny figured out how to handle Jack. Hopefully it will help him recover. I know he probably won't go back to normal, but hopefully he'll be able to go back to doing his job of spreading winter. Also, hopefully the others can keep bolstering belief in him, since I don't think he's going to be able to go out and do it himself any time soon.

Nice work, and I look forward to more!

-Catflower Queen
Jokermask18 chapter 8 . 1/13
KusajishiFukutaicho chapter 7 . 10/17/2014

I think I used up a quarter of a box of tissues through the last few chapters. *sheepish*

There are so many questions in my mind. What comes to the forefront is Koz's daughter. Isn't his daughter Seraphina, though? Or did he have more than one daughter haha...if not, then his daughter must not be dead(or taken by the fearlings ahaha) - after all you did leave it ambiguous enough there :D I teared up especially at the part where Nightlight was dying. I could taste Koz's despair as he lost everyone he cared about.

Jack's issues are being handled very beautifully-realistic and not overdone. I feel like tucking him in with a blanket and a nice fluffy soft toy:( he's like a helpless child...

Somehow, masochistic me wants to see this fic end with Koz's redemption... not discrediting what Bunny is doing here, but the fic coming a full cycle and ending with a mostly decent guardian of fear(as in he guards fear now) with all his memories and half of his humanity restored(and anguished over what he has done) taking care of Jack with the gentleness that he had towards Nightlight... mmmm. Clearly this is an impossible task(too random an ending:P), but...just throwing the though out there.

(And the witch is, in fact, a real softie. :3)

Keep up the good work! This fic is literary gold:)
livingwithbooks chapter 7 . 10/13/2014
this chapter literally made me cry oh my go d
Emememe chapter 7 . 10/7/2014

I literally had every intention of going to bed early last night, but instead spent until almost 5 in the morning reading this story. It's so well written, and so heartbreaking...every chapter delivers on some new facet of this traumatic experience for Jack, and it is just as riveting as it is painful to read (in the best way).

I adore your ability to world build. All of your mythical characters feel fully formed, and each new one that is introduced, however fleetingly, feels like a glimpse into another's story that makes up this whole immortal world. Anansi has slowly nudged his way into my heart throughout your 'Guardian of Screwing Up' series, and now I can hardly think of Guardians without him. I enjoy how you hint at all this history and richness of the world without having to elaborate too much to make it feel plausible. The Enkidu Oath, Baba Yaga's and Krampus' history with the Guardians, the Nysiads, Camelot and the cursed chair; all of these additions not only make sense, but feel right in the story. It makes me wish for countless stories expanding even more on this particular Guardian world you've created, and I love it.

Nightlight's re-imagined history with Pitch and his family was beautiful, and I found myself both hating and loving the character that it Pitch Black more because of it. I was right in the same boat as Jack; I don't know how you made me feel so sorry for him and yet so hateful at the same time, but you did, and it was awesome.

I always read new stories hoping to find the rare authors who can not only expand on a fandom convincingly, but make such rich and captivating stories that it feels like I'm reading a well-planned novel. You're definitely one of them, and I really look forward to any updates that might be coming, for this story or any other you might write. Thanks so much for creating such a captivating way to keep the Guardians' world alive. :)
MugetsuPipefox chapter 7 . 10/4/2014
I forgot to mention this in my reviews for the prequels to this one, so I'll just say it now. I actually quite like the character of Anansi. He's infuriatingly cryptic at times, but I love his personality XD
Poor Jack, he's suffered so much. But honestly, he's got the best possible people (is that the right word?) to look after him. He'll pull through eventually.
Well done! I love this series so much!
MyPencilRanOutOfInk chapter 7 . 9/2/2014
Great fanfic! Hoping for an update soon! :)
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