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Guest chapter 116 . 7/16
Update pls
WhiteWizard101 chapter 28 . 7/14
Ok, this is a late review of a fanfic that has long since expanded from chapter 28, but at this point for my first reading, I have to confess my disappointment: What is the point of this crossover if barely anything different happens? If the same things from the books just pretty much keep happening despite the fact that you have equipped several characters with superhuman vampires and witches?

Ned Stark's leg injury, his failed coup, and his execution, they simply should not have happened with Damon Salvatore as his bodyguard. There's no real reason for Damon not to be with him at those times to prevent those. The things that happen have to make some sort of logical sense. Having someone like Damon Salvatore should be a game-changer.

I hope as I keep reading for the first time, that having the characters from Vampire Diaries actually matter.
pannech chapter 42 . 7/13
Hmm... This is useless. I'm quite disappointed. What's the point of Bonnie being there is she cannot do magic? Really? In a place that is thriving with all sorts of them you would have expected that it would be easier for her.

And Damon and Elena? You're telling me that vampires don't know navigation? Really? What is taking Damon and Arya so long to get to where they need to be? Vampires who can't use their senses. Well, isn't it just wonderful.

Plus Katherine, I don't think she would be so reckless as to start burning religious figures and kill allies.

This story had potential in the beginning, it's becoming a disappoinment now.
Fils chapter 2 . 6/22
wait are there no dire wolves in your story?
Naruto9tail chapter 116 . 6/21
Great to see an update after so long, and hopefully wildfire doesn’t have any inate magical abilities that could pose a threat to an Original like Elijah
Guest chapter 39 . 6/16
Pink only became a feminine color deep into the twentieth century. It was somewhat more common on women before then, sure, but that was more a matter of practical concern and style than any particular gendering of the color.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/14
...CHALLENGE for a story: Fiction M: [Bran S., Daenerys T., Margaery T.] Romance / Aventure
Bran, arya and Sansa and go back the time is back right after killing the deserter from the night guard and recovering the wolf-baby,
thanks to the power of bran stark helped by the ancient gods to save all their family is the world of the white walker!
ps: bran and fall in love with daenerys the first time who saw her in the first timeline. couple: Bran (10 years old) x daenerys (15 years old)

Bran takes the power with daenerys after saving him from his brother to pentos before the marriage of khal drogo and recovered the dragon egg
Bran s will attack the stepstone with 200 men to retrieve the pirate treasure, his cover to recover daenerys a pentos during King Robert's visit to winterfell. ps: ned refuses to become the king's hand!

The Stark family will secretly train Daenerys in Winterfell for a year to govern and fight, before sending him to essos with bran and his powers to help him forbid slavery and conquer the nine free cities : Qarth: New Ghis: Astapor / Yunkaï / Meereen/ volantis /Lys / Myr / tyrosh. she makes her possessions,
as well as Vaes Dothrak killing all the khals with his dragon and the Old Valyria which still has many treasures before the Scourge, like the blades in Valyrian steel and items of magical power!
His army will be composed of 8000 immaculate and 100,000 Dothraki and three dragon, as well as 2000 soldier-guard in training for each city of essos !
ps: bran will be betrothed to daenerys to avoid any pretender who is attracted by the power.

During this time north the stark family will fortify winterfell, moat cailin and build a fleet of 200 warships made of ironwood and 50 commercial ship built by the manderly family, with the stark emblem on the veil ,
and create a permanent army of ten thousand soldier with armor, weapon and shield in Valyrian steel, bran discovered the secret with its power !
all his grace to the gold of five millions gold dragons, as well as the ancestral sword of the lannister and targaryen which was the treasure of the pirates, that brandon to recover by attacking the stepstone with 200 men, its cover to recover daenerys has pentos during King Robert's visit to winterfell. ps: ned refuses to become the king's hand!
Bran will give both swords to Jon and Daenerys, and will sell the ancestral sword of lannister to tywin lannister.
the stark fleet asserts its supremacy at sea and devotes its time effectively to the fight against pirates, and slavery that has infected the sea.

The family stark will kill the traitors that are: bolton, frey, lannister, greyjoy, Alliser Thorne, Janos Slynt, Ilyn Payne, ect...

Ned stark reveals the truth to jon and all his family when brandon and sansa going back time and tells them about the future .
Ned will negotiate with Lady Olenna Tyrell the engagement of : Robb x Margaery and sansa x loras
Ned also informs Stannis and Renly the true kinship of the children of cersei to the death of robert.
Ned informed of Baelish's actions by visions of Bran's past, confused him with the lords of the North and the Val and executed him !
Ned orders his bannermens to conscript all valid men and boys aged 10 to 60 for combat training,
it also orders that all women and girls in the Northern population be trained and equipped to fight the White Walkers.

Jon will send behind the wall to make peace with mance rayder is the people-free, and make them pass the wall. ps: couple jon x ygrid
Jon does not want to become king but becomes the queen's hand. jon will inherit dreadfort from ned, the twins will give to bryden tully.
Bran will inherit harrenhal who will rebuild him to only half of his greatness for him and daenerys
Syrio Forel becomes Arya Stark's Master of Arms in winterfell hired by eddard Stark !

In the crypt of Winterfell at the last level there is: the sword Lightbringer, the throne of the kings of winter, 2 dragon egg, ...

The king robert dies in port-real, and he is going to have a new war between the kingdoms.
Viserys targaryen angry at daenerys for running away and khal drogo going to send jorah Mormont looking for him.
couple: Robb/Talisa M : Sansa/loras T : Rickon/lyanna Mormont : Jon/Ygrid : Arya/Gendry: Bran/daenerys/Margaery

Lives except: Stark family, Tyrell family, Shireen baratheon, Osha, Myrcella baratheon: tyrion lannister: family sands: Roslin tully (born frey):
mance rayder, Tormund, Karsi, ygrid, all the giants, the children of the forest, women and children of the people-free, ect ...

Death of: family Baratheon, Family lannister: Bolton, Frey, Fer-born, gregor clegane, Mestre Pycelle, Viserys targaryen, Petir baelish, lisa arryn:
Viserys targaryen, Daario Naharis, the great sparrow his disciple is their destroyed temple : The Thenns and 10 000 savage men : 65 000 Westerland soldiers,
20 000 ironborn soldiers: 20 000 soldiers of the reach: 25 000 stormlands soldiers: 35 000 dothraki warrior: 60 000 white walker: 20 000 golden company,
tens of thousands of mercenaries of pirates and slavers and criminal ...

The Sithspawn chapter 116 . 6/14
Was very happy and surprised to see an update for this! :D

Glad to see this continued. I can't wait till you get to the character interactions in the aftermath of all the secrets getting out :D

Though why did you kill Arya?

Anyway, please update again soon!
Guest chapter 13 . 6/13
Edmure, at least in the books, is very capable at administration but had more questionable judgement. As heir, but without any formal authority he was able to quickly assemble a sizable army, roughly on par with the Lannister one, but made the dubious strategic decision of spreading them out to face the Mountain, which let the Lannisters defeat them one by one. This is with his father, when he was able to, blocking his efforts, and men like Frey completely ignoring him. And his plan to defeat Tywin seemed to be working, until Tywin got word of the Tyrell alliance and retreated before Harrenhal was captured.
fantasywind chapter 116 . 6/13
Well, well look whose back :). That was a really, really red wedding hehe. So the foreshadowed events came to pass in full, now what. I'm curious where this is going. So much already altered and so many ways it could go from here. And a quick look confirmed that Telcontar Rulz updated one of her stories too, that's interesting, :) and now I just must ask, is there possibility of her continuing Chance Encounter series? I would really love that (also could you tell whether ever was she interested in writing a Game of Thrones and Lotr crossover? That would be something interesting). So...congratulations that team is back in business of fanfic writing hehe? Anyway it's good to know that you're still going, the sheer terror of the fighters facing vampires was well conveyed through your writing, so we'll see what's more in store I guess :).
DayDreamer2796 chapter 116 . 6/13
Oooooo the long awaited chapter was totally worth it! The drama and action was unreal! Are you gonna be updating soon?
Gentle Blossom chapter 116 . 6/12
Omg, no! I hope Catherine gave her the Gilbert ring by some chance or at least make her a vampire but then again she is still too young. Thank you for updating. I cannot wait to see what happens next to the Starks, Damon, Elena and Elijiah.
Bella-swan11 chapter 116 . 6/12
Damon when things are quieter, then talk to Robb you have the right to feel betrayed; but if he does not try to understand the situation then he will lose his wife.
Because if he does not accept that Katherine is a vampire, she can finish getting tired and go with Elijah; with whom he still has feelings for him.
Katherine hope you've predicted this, giving Arya a Gilbert ring; because she is too young to be a vampire. Elena you must talk to Jon, he should support his brother and help him understand that there are vampires.
Now if the truth will be exposed, there are vampires because the survivors; they're going to tell what the vampires on Robb Stark's side are capable of.
Blackwidow713 chapter 116 . 6/12
Hey. About time we got a new chapter
Kingofclubs8129 chapter 116 . 6/12
Happy to finally see you update. I love this story. Can't wait to see more. Hopefully the next chapter will be before the end of the year lol.
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