Reviews for A Red Sun Rises
Bella-swan11 chapter 110 . 11/27
Katherine got to be smarter than the Frey, must find the weak points in this celebration. By now you have to get Roob see your point of view, otherwise you will lose more than you think.
Katherine know accounts with the help of Damon, although he will not admit it wants him as a brother. Now the important thing is to get Damon follow the plan.
Sansa have to accept what you prepare your destination, you're a wolf but if you get pregnant love your child or children, and you think they have the fault of being a Lannister.

Bella-swan11 chapter 109 . 11/17
Elijah can not let this madness, if you care Katherine have to warn what lies think you owe after all your brother destroyed his life.
Jaime was happy with Sansa, as it is your wife for something as fate would have it be your wife. Just think if you can give her children, which if you can claim as your own and raise them.

Isabella chapter 109 . 10/28
Yes! elijah will finally leave the Freys! Great chapter loved the dynamics between Sansa and Jaime
DayDreamer2796 chapter 109 . 10/28
Guest chapter 108 . 10/26
Update pls
Bella-swan11 chapter 108 . 10/15
Sansa and wife Jaime are now only thinks he's a lion but Prove you're a wolf and as such you'll behave.
Jaime can say whatever you want to Cersei, yet you are married to a beautiful, beautiful woman who is very likely that you suddenly many children, just follow the story as Lady Catelyn had 5 children do not be surprised fertility your wife.

Greetings, this is a lesson to you Theon you should be more humble your sister I rescued not think it's time to change and if you respect the Stark tell sent a letter to Robb that says his brothers are alive after all were your family.
Boomer1125 chapter 108 . 10/11
Are you going to make Jaime and Sansa fall in love?
Bella-swan11 chapter 107 . 9/15
Sansa has to prove that you are not a toy, it's time to take out the claws wolf you have. Sansa Teach your husband will not be the submissive wife will say yes to everything, you have to teach him to respect you.
But what makes you you will return in the same way as you do, now you are his wife starts to behave as such.

Bella-swan11 chapter 106 . 9/11
Sansa Prove to your future wife that you are a Stark and will act as such.
Jaime you to take all the surprises you with Sansa, after all in his blood runs the blood of wolves. Caroline let time decide whether Daemon can actually be a good husband or not.
Daenerys have to admit that Klaus only you like selfish and look for your own happiness who says if life gives you a surprise, it's true you can not have children but Klaus is a hybrid which if you could have children with him.

Bella-swan11 chapter 105 . 8/29
As Daenerys think you can deny that feelings for Klaus, it is a miracle that no sexual tension between you is tapped; since all have realized it.
Caroline must follow through with the marriage, it's too late for you to run away from this, just he thinks a decent man Daemon just think that at least get along is.
Katherine know you should be careful with Roose Bolton, you know you want to betray. To make it look good would you do with traitors give a show that scares so he and Ramsay, show him that may be the biggest killer in all realms Ripper, your torture can never be overcome.
Katherine Robb have to protect their ingenuity, now you dedes take charge of everything. Now you have to Damon know he loves like a brother Robb and help you in your plans.
They're good teacher Katherine, small Arya is forming feared someone can secure when he grows up, it is sure Damon will fall for it when it is greater.

Regards .
Quindecim chapter 105 . 8/24
hahah Daenerys and Niklaus playing good cop/bad cop, brilliant.
hmm so I take it if Caroline knows about Niklaus being in Essos, than the rest of the Mystic Falls gang in King's Landing does as well? What about the North? I imagine word takes a bit longer to reach the North, but Katherine is a resourceful woman, so I remain unsure if she would know as well. I'm sure she would be freaking out if she knew Klaus was not nearly as far away as Katherine would like ha.
It's going to be torture waiting to find out what happens next ha ha. Thank you for sharing and all your hard work on this fic, awesome as always.

Next Chapter: Caroline: Runaway bride? xD (ha I doubt it, but I like the idea)
sortakindamaybeperhaps chapter 105 . 8/24
yass for caroline thought about running to klaus for protection but wait how did she know klaus is in essos to begin with?
Guest chapter 29 . 8/12
"...and Klaus is terrorizing villages in Essos and just gloating about it."
I can imagine Klaus having the time of his life lol
Guest chapter 28 . 8/12
"What's a 'normal vampire'? Does it sparkle?" LOL
Guest chapter 87 . 8/12
Arya and Damon would be awesome! You know nothing Robb Stark
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