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LadyBritish chapter 113 . 6/17
That Katherine/Elijah conversation was great! Haha, Katherine's definitely too snobby to turn down a compliment. ;P

God, I would love it if Katherine meets Tywin Lannister. I really would.

Literally, keep going this story is so good. I only watched Vampire Dairies up until season 4, then was disappointed after seeing the whole plot plummet and drop in quality - everybody was so out of character after season 3! Then I switched over to the Originals, which is amazing.

Speaking of Originals, what is Klaus up to? I'm really enjoying reading Bonnie's character development! I wonder who is going to find out that she's a witch - I am SO excited for the Red Wedding chapter, you don't understand how much I want everyone to see Katherine in badass!bitch mode. Ohhhh, sweet holy mother of vampires, I want to read as Elijah does his signature 'rips heart out of body' move - I. AM. SO. PUUUUUMMMPPED! *wheezes*

I want to see the vampires in action SO. SO much - SLAUGHTERING the Freys! Shit, poor Robb! He's so naive, well at least he won't have a humiliating death. I guess, he's just...going to...potentially find out that his wife is a 500 year old blood sucking immortal, is not pregnant like she told him she was, and also has to deal with the fact that all of his new friends are also blood sucking demons of the night. Wow, poor guy. Would LOVE it if Nadia shows up at some point during the plot, that'd be great you can sort out that trainwreck for sure. She'd basically be Robb's step daughter, right?

Pfft, Arya won't be intimidated though I bet - I hope she'll stick em' with the pointy end! No, no wait will she die? *heart breaks* Actually, I think it'll be awesome if she's a vampire. Damnnit, she'll be a baby vamp. Poor girl. Even in this story I still say it - poor Stark family. I have no idea what you've got up your sleeve, guys. I really don't.

I love your Damon so much! Ah, this is the Damon I've missed since the beginning of season 1! Then he was bending backwards for Elena, or was moping over her or Katherine. Nawww, dawg I don't want that. I want snarky, insensitive, immature and impatient, brash Damon who's quick to lose his temper.

Also wondering what will happen next in Essos with Klaus. Intriguing idea! I hope you make Daenerys' storyline less boring than it has been in the show. Would love it if he reunites with some other TVD characters and meets up with other canon GOT ones.

p.s - I am really confused about the whole mind control thing, does compulsion work in Westeros/Essos? If you have demonstrated someone like Damon using this ability then forgive me, I've forgotten because there are so many chapters. But I can see why, though if you've omitted compulsion from the list of what they can and can't do in this story - it's a scapegoat, an easy way out and if it is allowed, then I am guessing you'll be using it only minimally. That was my issue with Dany being revealed to be completely fireproof. Too easy, like with the dragons helping her out all of a sudden when they've been rebelling against her - it makes no sense.

Anyway, you should both be incredibly proud of the work you've done so far! Keep up the amazing work!
Naruto9tails chapter 113 . 6/15
So Katherine has Robb, Niklause will have Dany, but those are the only pairings that I really like in this fic. Not that I don't absolutely love this fic, it is one of the longest and greatest I have even read, but the other pairings, Jon and Elena, Rebekah and Jaime, and especially not Caroline and Daemon. Let me go into more detail about each one.

Jon and Elena: As a character Jon is the solem and serious guy that aged to quickly, he needs somebody to liven him up, make him not only happy but free. His red haired wilding woman does that for him in spades. But the thing about Elena is that she is just about anybodies dream girl, she has it all and could mold herself to any guy that she likes. But when I imagine her and Jon they just don't click like characters in love are supposed to, they seem more like teenagers who can get along and have lots of great sex, not exactly the foundation of a long and happy life.

Rebekah and Jamie: Now that Jaime didn't get his hand cut off(wanted it to happen so badly) he is still incredibly arrogant, self centered asshole. He needed the hand cut off so as to remind him that despite being strong, handsome, and rich he is(at least not yet) immortal. And while Redekah likes that kind of guy I was really hoping for some character development towards guys like Steffon or Daemon Lannister. Jaime just has all the luck with three beautiful women that have sex with him, one out of duty(Sansa), one out of love(Cersie), and one out of lust(Rebekah). I want him brought low.

Caroline and Daemon is just so wrong you know it has to end, either Tywin will find out that he is talking with Katherine or Steffon will kill him because he really cares about her. I can really see her and Steffon getting together in this fic and being happy.

Another thing, I will give you my first born if you I troduce Haley, not only as pregnant with Klaus's daughter but attracted to Elija, she would be instantly accepted by the Starks for her wolf powers, and she could be introduced as the leader or part of Nymeria's pack in the Riverlands either during or after the red wedding.

As always thanks for the update and I eagerly await the next one, until then.
patrishis chapter 112 . 6/1
We're getting close the what showed at the begining of the story... can't wait to see you guys' turn on it.
patrishis chapter 113 . 6/1
I love this fanfiction so dearly, and it honestly surprises me how much other people are blind to the sheer genius this story is! I think of stuff like this all the time, but this is the only fanfiction that truly does this idea justice! Can't wait for the next update!
FantasyChic chapter 113 . 5/26
Nice chapter. glad you guys are back
sagar hussain chapter 113 . 5/25
Awesome chapter.
Sonzai Taz chapter 113 . 5/24
Robb and his trusting. Ugh. 2 weeks to figure out how to stop the Red Wedding, but if your trailer is anything to go by, it will happen, just that this time they will be able to fight back.

I've not watched much of vampire diaries but it always seemed to me Katherine and her scheming was hated by all. Nice to see her trust someone and for someone to care for her. Ans Jon just got some shocking revelation! Will there be a fight before the big day?

All the best to Telcontar for her novel! Though I am super glad this story is active again. It's getting very exciting. Hope to see you guys update soon!
Destrark chapter 113 . 5/23
Nice to see this back :)
FantasyChic chapter 112 . 5/19
plz update
Sonzai Taz chapter 112 . 5/16
I don't really review much but in this case I have to. What you, and your brother, have created with this story is epic. I was re-watching the earlier episodes of GoT and a couple of episodes of VD and... well some of my favorite characters who never got the treatment I thought they deserved in the shows are getting it here. Let me just say how much I love your version of GoT. It's gone a very different way than what's going on in the show now, but it's marvelous and I have enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed the episodes (and believe me when I say that this is the highest compliment I can give you, especially after todays episode! Have you seen it?).

I adored Robb, so ofcourse I adored this. But leaving that aside, all the characters and storylines you two have created, from Danys' to Sansas' to Daemons' to Jons', I have eagerly anticipated reading them all. It's so complex and interlinked, it must take a ton of effort and planning to get each chapter out and I can only be thankful that you do get the chapters out coz I love this!

Robb and Katherines storyline is my favorite, simply because he was so brilliant but his trusting got him killed and if only there really was a Katherine to warn him in the show. I won't ever get that but here I get to see what might have happened if he learnt to not trust so much. And Kat is such a delight through All the chapters, she's perfect and subtle and just right for him. I wonder how her influences on Daemon will end up?

I can't wait to read more of this! I'm genuinely surprised this doesn't have more reviews because this is truly the best GoT fic I came across. I hope you continue and complete this. Till next time!
patty.clark.792 chapter 112 . 4/29
I love this story so very much. I've been riveted by your characters for 112 chapters and never wanting it to end. Please. Please. Please keep writing.
TrentBttl chapter 112 . 4/27
I've just caught up and i really enjoyed this story, please update soon
Destrark chapter 7 . 4/27
Ah crap... Klaus is awesome, but I really would not want to be anywhere near him in the early seasons. Or as much in the later seasons. Poor Dothraki. Although if Dany gets Klaus on-side then everyone else is fucked even more than when she just had 3 dragons.
Bella-swan11 chapter 112 . 2/29
Bonnie is true that things have changed, even if you think Theon might have a chance to redeem himself. You know the experience of torture, Ramsay is giving change to anyone.
Also he thought you were intimate with him, but are cautious consequences could have it.
Katherine will have to do what it takes, you know Robb confidence can cause a lot of damage. It is better to talk to Elijah on the plans of Mr. Frey.

LadyBritish chapter 112 . 2/26
Great chapter!

I'm currently writing an RP, and my character's Robb's cousin via Benjen and a brat. He doesn't like her a lot because she doesn't have very Stark like qualities, but she tries to use his compassionate/trusting and family oriented side to manipulate him. Well, he develops more leadership qualities along the way and starts to put war first before family, but this is all before the shit hits the fan in Winterfell.

I LOVED the section with Bonnie! I'm a little confused on how everybody's abilities work in your crossover...I mean, if she can use magic, then the vampires can use skills such as compulsion, right? If you have scratched out the vampire's talents I can see why, because it gives them far less obstacles to work with and as a result, the plot becomes less interesting if you're not sure and a bit skeptical about it. Could you please just clarify on all this for me, please? Either via PM or one of the next chapters would be nice.

And OMG Damon, I died when he gave Robb that comeback whilst he was eavesdropping - it was a cruel but very good point. XD :(

He always has to be inappropriate, doesn't he? :p

Katherine and Elijah's interractions were great, too. Wonder how Stefan, Jon/Elena and the others are doing? I liked the Sansa pov. She's so underrated! Just because she doesn't go about swinging a sword and was a victim for the past few seasons - she was THIRTEEN when everything started. Jesus, I think because of the actors people forget the real ages of the characters. She was eleven in the books.
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