Reviews for I'd Be Yours, If You'd Be Mine
AriCat-Hg chapter 80 . 6/25
TnT noooo
I'm better going to sleep, my heart has been broken a lot today.. and it just 2 am! What a long Sunday.
Stupid feelings, I have this stupid chicken heart ( you know, here in Mexico means like a weak heart, like you have "corazón de pollo" cuz' you cry a lot because of nothing, to be so emotional or sensitive...) so my little poor heart need a break.
AriCat-Hg chapter 81 . 6/25
I wanted them together, though... but I think I will let my mind to create possible scenarios, I like aus so much.
AriCat-Hg chapter 82 . 6/25
Just what I needed to warm my poor heart. Aaah.
I totally omitted these news chapter, hum, I have to read them.
Thaaank you for writing!
Ekun-Asha chapter 82 . 6/22
I'm yours...
You're mine...
Like Paradise~
I don't know why, but your title automatically sets me in a "Sade Ade" mode whenever I see a notification. And what's more, you drabbled a music theme!
Great job, Love.
Guest chapter 82 . 6/19
A new chapter! Thank you for posting this for us readers! This was beautifully written!
Guest chapter 82 . 6/19
I love your AU's, I love everything you write!
Guest chapter 82 . 6/18
Huge fan of your writing. I've gone back to read a lot of what you have written, and you have made a huge amount of progress in both your long stories and one shots. I look forward to every single one!
IheartSasuSakuIta chapter 82 . 6/19
Mycophenolate chapter 1 . 6/19
this is so sweet. somehow, this reminds me of murakami's book (norweigian wood)
LePengwen chapter 82 . 6/19
This is super cuuute XD I love ittt
lilacwrath chapter 1 . 6/19
This was too sweet 3 I love AUs where Sakura is notably older/more mature than Sasuke, just saying XD
theClosetPoet7 chapter 82 . 6/19
Words cannot describe how fond I am of this AU... I don't usually read a lot of them. This was a really really good read. :)
ILoveSxS chapter 82 . 6/18
i love this au it was so cute
irenebijay86 chapter 82 . 6/18
Too cute..
activist4anime chapter 82 . 6/18
SO NICE TO HAVE YOU UPDATE, WITH AN AU THAT I ENJOYED TOO! You should write AU's more often, I really enjoy them. Always love your work! 3
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