Reviews for Dead ever After re-write (Sookie and Eric)
randomaok chapter 1 . 11/20/2019
Loving this story. I hope you return to it.
padfoots-angellover chapter 23 . 8/18/2019
More please!
ncmiss12 chapter 23 . 2/7/2019
Awesome story! I just sat down and read the whole thing! I wonder who the mystery woman was and how Eric and Sookie will handle her being the queen of OK. I also wonder what powers she has now. Can she pop like Claudine and Niall? Will she be long lived like fairies? I can't wait to find out. I hope you continue this awesome story!
randomaok chapter 23 . 1/30/2019
Great story, but we need more!
Guest chapter 23 . 1/12/2019
Are you going to finish this?
severus.snape's.widow chapter 23 . 11/14/2018
I just re-read this again. I nearly forgot how much I enjoyed it the first time and this time. Hope you update soon.
Gapch chapter 23 . 9/26/2018
did you write more after this chapter? because now Im jonesing!
Gapch chapter 8 . 9/26/2018
thank you for the right ending to this story. my heart feels better now. it's amazing how everyone knew Ms Harris characters better than she did by book 12.
jackie69 chapter 23 . 7/1/2018
Just found your story and I'm loving it sooooo much!
You left us with two major cliffies ...
I wish Sookie does not use the Cluviel d'or on Sam, hopefully she will save it for herself ( yeah Eric isn't forced to marry Freyda anymore but their situation isn't crystal clear either
I really want to know who is that mysterious woman!
Please update soon
Take care
Tynee23 chapter 23 . 6/21/2018
Great story
Looking forward to an update
ahfeckted chapter 23 . 5/26/2018
More please!
ahfeckted chapter 20 . 5/25/2018
Gods love this! Was heart sore after CH 'ending' great writing!
Kyeager6 chapter 22 . 4/5/2018
So delighted the story is back the way it should have gone... A by thingy want to do us grand! K
tanseynz chapter 23 . 3/24/2018
Definitely a fascinating rewrite of the disaster CH made of the last books. This Sookie is still dizzy but with more resolve. I like that she's working on making things happen rather than just reacting (or overreacting) when events occur.
My only real criticism is the lack of chemistry between her and Eric. Yes, they had sex, but it seemed like going through the motions, and they don't seem to talk or even show much affection.
It'll be interesting to see where you take this now, given the scenario in Merlottes.
Kyeager6 chapter 4 . 3/20/2018
Fairplay! Best chapter ever and you had Jason say what CH always should have in her books!
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