Reviews for Legendary Tamers
Culu chapter 3 . 4/3
Please update!
ShinShiKitsune chapter 3 . 3/5
Please update soon it's really good!
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 3 . 6/15/2013
Yay! You updated! Can't wait until the next chapter!
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 3 . 6/13/2013
Oh wow! I think you could go easier on the Digidestined since they were kinda set-up themselves for the Millenniummon debacle as well. Still, this will make HUGE double reality ripples that I can't wait to see how you play them:)
NatNicole chapter 3 . 6/13/2013
Musically Correct chapter 3 . 6/12/2013
I'm really enjoying the story so far! Can't wait to read more!
Fired Feathers of a Pheonix chapter 2 . 6/10/2013
This story is amazing! There aren't many Ryo stories to begin with, but the idea od this is just FIZZALICIOUS! Keep writing! I'm looking forward to chapter three!
Rogue2k7 chapter 2 . 6/5/2013
Wow, that was pretty good. You definitely went into the psychology behind Ken wanting to go with Ryo quite well. I look forward to see what happens next.
Rowena Raven chapter 2 . 6/4/2013
Excellent premise, curious to see where you go with it.
Rogue2k7 chapter 1 . 6/4/2013
Wow, this is an interesting idea and looking at it, your writing's pretty good so far. I look forward to anything else that you may cook up. AUs have always interested me.