Reviews for All That Remains
Black Eye-Patch Pie chapter 31 . 5/19
This is so infuriating! I really want people to find out about Legolas but I understand why they can't know! I'm glad you are the writer who is dictating the events of this story because I feel that only a select few have the self-control to keep an audience in suspense for so long. Great chapter, great story and I can't wait to read more ;)
Black Eye-Patch Pie chapter 16 . 5/17
I glad you said Legolas was not going to be paired with anyone, I agree that it doesn't seem to fit with his character. He cares for people but not specifically any single person, he protects everyone so giving him a mate would have skewed his priorities.
Just what I thought ;) tell me if I'm completely wrong XD
Black Eye-Patch Pie chapter 3 . 5/16
Awe Ciaran! :'( I really liked his character (though I thought he was going to die, maybe not so soon but...). Anyway, great story so far, can't wait to read the next chapter! ;)
P.T. Tucker chapter 41 . 5/15
Absolutely wonderful! Your fic is amazing! I actually managed to get through all 270K in the span of a couple of days - considering I have a tendency to get bored of published novels halfway through that's pretty impressive! I didn't get bored at all & was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. Unfortunately that's not something that happens often in fanfic since not many people have plots that are that great. I love the fact that yours does! It's wonderful to see something mentioned back in the BOTFA with the arrow come up at the end of the fic - wonderful plot planning!

I honestly don't think Legolas is *that* strong. Though I too watch anime & also read comic books, so maybe my definition of "normal" is a little skewed as well. I thought it worked really well cause in the movies we already see how well the elves fight, so I think it'd be silly to claim he is "the Hidden Guardian" and so awesome yet is only marginally better than the average elf fighter. Just wouldn't make sense. Either way, even if he is too strong, it's nice to see a fic in which Legolas kicks major butt. He does seem like the one to always get captured in fanfic, doesn't he?

Also, I can't thank you enough for having a fic that does NOT involve romance. I was a little leery of the 270K since it almost always happens that at least half of that, often more, is all about the MC falling in love & what they do later while in love & blah blah blah. I have seen many a wonderful story completely ruined by the introduction of a pairing, thus turning what was an action/adventure, drama, what-have-you into a romance. (Whether the author realizes it or not.) So, truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for not having a wonderful plot ruined. Gen fics like yours are so, so hard to find.

I look forward to starting the sequel (only 3 chapters so far? T-T). And now that I know you're not overly fond of romance, I'd be interested in any other fics in fandoms I follow!
Celestinasong chapter 18 . 5/9
I'm frustrated that there's no romance at all. :(
Celestinasong chapter 12 . 5/9
Celestinasong chapter 8 . 5/8
Is this slash?
Celestinasong chapter 2 . 5/8
So good!
qwerty chapter 17 . 5/4
When Legolas was yelling at Bereneth, he maybe shouldn't have used the words 'way out of your league'. I don't think they had that phrase in Middle Earth?
Sol chapter 41 . 5/3
Ciaran. I think it was Ciaran...

Words can't describe this story. I hope one day you finish the sequel. Until that day, I bid you a very fond Farwell. Thanks for writing.

SarahDrav3n chapter 42 . 5/3
6th re-reading! I can't get enough! :D
Sol chapter 38 . 4/26
Wow all this ties back to the very beginning so nicely. I love that line though-what is this, tell Legolas he's special day. Great job :D I hope beyond hope you will finish the sequel on day.
Sol chapter 31 . 4/26
Ahh! that's so frustrating! He knows but can't do anything about it! ahhh!
Sol chapter 29 . 4/26
Poor Thranduil will never trust again at this rate.
Sol chapter 24 . 4/24
Floppy... :)
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