Reviews for Quickly and Deft chapter 1 . 6/7/2013
The whole idea of this one-shot is literally genius, brilliant. Like how you turned that idea of an old Austin dancing, or, trying to dance to impress Ally, into THIS. Again, this is literally genius. Oh, and quick other thing, for some reason, I really love the summary and the title. Don't question it.

Again, for some reason, I love how you made AUstin go parking with Ally AND her dad, Idk, like, I've read enough of Austin teaching Ally how to drive, and it's nice to change things up a little bit, and with Lester around, it was more funny than cheesy ( not that I don't love cheesiness ), like the whole scene would be cute with Austin in the backseat, and since he got his license he tried to, like, show her, but his nervousness got to him with her dad around, and he tried too hard and didn't get it. And I also like how you didn't start right away with their relationship, like, you throw in this part like two or three lines about hims thinking about asking her out, Idk, I jujst really liked that. "Not perfect, but they're getting there. With the car, or their relationship, he's not sure. One step at a time." This right here was A plus, and great way to, like, get more into their relationship.

Also, I LOVED how you jumped straight to a married Austin and Ally and with a child, somehow, I just loved how you didn't mention how he asked her out nor how he proposed to her nor when she had the baby and all that, like, you liked to show this other part of their life, even tho those things that you didn't mention are pretty much important in the progress of their life, still, it didn't affect the story you not mentioning them, in a way. I don't even know if I made sense with what I just said, but anyways, I loved this thing you did :). Again with the names, to be honest, I've never hear them before, but, they caught my attention, so that's a good , and that thing Austin does when he makes up a lyric depending on what situation they're in, that was A plus, and how he would make a mistake in the sentence just because of the whole rhyme thing and how Ally and his daughter would correct him and it's just so cute. "What else is Ally going to grab onto when they make out? Oh, nevermind. He just thought of about a dozen other options. A dozen other, really, really nice options." I literally died right here, I laughed so hard and omg, it was brilliant.

I also like how you made both of his children daughters, and showed how he dealt with their problems, first heartbreak, the whole fat thing.. You don't find it much around, so yeah, I really liked those parts. And I can just imagine being that kind of a dad and be so good at it and aaaaah, this is painful.

And that was the perfect way to end this one-shot with, their daughter's wedding and all that. ""I know. It'll just be a lot quieter around the house without her." "Not necessarily." He growls seductively in her ear." being sexual, I see. Seriously, them being old but still acting like teenagers is literally the only way I picture Austin and Ally in the future. And the ending, as usual, was perfect.

Great job (y)
LoveShipper chapter 1 . 6/5/2013
Ohh some sexual innuendos between Austin and Ally that no matter how long they have been married still makes Ally blush. Piper seems more like her mommy, which is a good for Austin cause we all know how much he loves Ally
APlusAzian chapter 1 . 6/5/2013
I loved it so adorably cute :) best part

"What else is Ally going to grab onto when they make out?

Oh, nevermind. He just thought of about a dozen other options.

A dozen other, really, really nice options."

OMG I loved that part I laughed so hard :D