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Impstar chapter 11 . 15h ago
I have to do some suspension of disbelief for these negotiations. Now, I understand that even smart and experienced people make mistakes, sometimes even incredibly stupid mistakes that they should have seen coming from a mile away, and thus I'm going to label this incident one of those for the Asari diplomat. That said, that was STUPID. At the very least she should have explained first, and they in turn could have refused. These guys are already on edge, so let's do something unknown to their leader's mind. I give her slight leeway considering that it's probably not a big deal at all in the "known" galaxy, and in fact is a way to establish trust, and it probably didn't occur to her that it might not be the case here. That said, it was a major political blunder that someone of her age and experience shouldn't have made.

I do eagerly await the next update though.
shiva1 chapter 11 . 23h ago
This was a good chapter until the mind meld thing.
There was no reason for it, they already understood each other, they spoke the same language. Also the fact that the diplomat didn't even tell the humans what they were going to do to him, When they could have. Also if they wanted to show them their culture they could have just given them a codex. Which wasn't even the point of the meeting, the meeting was for a cease fire and try make peace.
You made the Asari act like a bunch of idiots for no real reason.
carcturus334 chapter 11 . 4/18
Culture shock fuck of a genuine effect of friction of culture really made the most wondrous results! Thank you for giving me a good night
Xazero2 chapter 11 . 4/17
I love the premise of this story, and most of the developments you've made so far are very interesting, but are unabashedly skewed in the favor of humanity, with the other races seeming ridiculously weak by comparison. But, with the technology acquired during their very near victory in the last war, it is entirely believable that humanity has risen to such heights.

However, in this chapter I have to wonder why you showed the Asari matriarch who was very likely chosen for her political aptitude, I'm assuming, as a political novice? You're portraying a race whose bread and butter is diplomacy, as being willing to throw out all social decorum and mate with the representatives of a possibly hostile race right from the get-go when war is a genuine threat. I would have understood if this was a closed doors meeting, and the Asari representative pulled a move in desperation to form a connection, but to lead in with a mind meld in the middle of a fully threatening environment complete with hellishly frightening creatures, and soldiers is a tremendously stupid idea that even a novice diplomat with even a modicum of social intelligence would see as a bad idea. The fact that the perpetrator was an Asari matriarch with centuries of experience completely killed my suspension of disbelief.
Shinkicker chapter 11 . 4/7
Cool story, bit on the RAR HUMAN side of things, but they do have eldritch abominations on their side, sorta. As for the Asari contact that was pretty stupid, usually the meld is only done to impart language. But in this case they already knew hoe to communicate so the meld was useless waste of time. To me that part just felt like a way to keep things tense, or get rid of the Asari for whatever reason, and awfully contrived. Personally I'd say rewrite that bit to be less face palm stupid.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, thanks for posting.
McPoopin chapter 1 . 4/7
I've just made the connection that Mass Effect's villains are a bunch of gigantic, mind warping, tentacle faced monstrosities that are unfathomably old, spend eons sleeping, and wreak apocalyptic destruction when they awaken. How very appropriate.
McPoopin chapter 11 . 4/7
Very nice.
Mack006 chapter 11 . 4/6
Oh god, I hope the Turians won't screw this up. The fate of the galaxy stands on their shoulders.
tpx1 chapter 11 . 4/4
interesting story so far
please continue soon!
Barabass chapter 11 . 4/2
Hey, look everybody, Council Idiot-Ball! Seems to be the most played sport in Mass Effect fiction.
If they keep this up, the Reapers can kiss their harvest goodbye.
Guest chapter 11 . 4/2
Ho dang son this'll probably lead to years of human prejudice and suspicion against the asari after that blow up cuz c'mon what are people going to think when they find out an asari a matriarch no less just did what equals to mind rape to one of them on the first peace talks that has to be the WORST way to start anything
D3ath Mess3nger chapter 11 . 4/2
Holy Hastur. Wow. Eldritch Cultural Bungle: Strike Two, and Sparatus' Immovable Anal Pole Strike Three coming up next! Will Salarians be doing Strike Four next chapters, or will they actually not screw up for once? XD Can't wait for humans to confuse Hanar for Mi-Go, or when the Krogan get in with the humans and get some Tager symbionts. Imagine what a Krogan Torment, or Inferno will look like.
I don't even want to guess what will happen when the Mi-Go and the Deep Ones show up, never mind the Reapers, which I'll guess will be Nyarlathotep's creations because he's Outer God of Evulz!
Please, keep going! I have a Lovecraftian Horror Itch that needs scratching!
SpecH82 chapter 11 . 4/1
Nice chapter, now what kind of a stupid person thinks that invading someone's mind is a show of trust... That's just stupid, especially for an old Asari to think that way!
Still lets see what you do with the negotiation's, I think humanity has done their part in wanting peace!
Gorbad Ironclaw chapter 11 . 4/1
Oook... shit has officially gotten interesting; I don't think I've seen a single ME crossover fic (or at least, a fic WORTH reading) where the turians have to negotiate peace on their own instead of just falling back on the Asari covering that for them.

I wonder who the Turians will send, and what form the negotiations will take... negotiations-by-duel? Nah, that'd go over like a lead balloon covered in dumbells.
Perfect Carnage chapter 11 . 4/1
To put things into a fun perspective: Imagine the Asari having to actually have sex to do their melding. She basically pounced on the guy and began spelunking down his throat. No wonder he felt she was coming on too strong!

That could have led to major disaster. A colossal fuck up on the diplomats' part. The Turians had better have better luck next time.

-Perfect Carnage
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