Reviews for Mythos Effect
MidwestGunfighter chapter 27 . 21h
I'm overjoyed seeing this story is still alive and being updated. I'm so excited for the next chapter!
Crimson Tide chapter 27 . 11/29
Last part is very chilling, this is by far most well developed mass effect crossover i have ever read.
Do work and please keep posting and continuing the story
gdog1 chapter 27 . 11/29
This is like my favorite chapter so far. So fuck you for the cliff hanger because now I have to wait for the next chapter.
Dimension Distorter chapter 27 . 11/28
This is always going to be one of my favorite Mass Effect stories. The eldritch horros having made contact with humanity first really paints just how bleak their outlook is on the universe aned Sparatus trying so hard to one-up the Federation is just bringing the rest of Citadel space closer to seeing it for themselves.
aesir21 chapter 27 . 11/28
Thank you so much for updating this awesome story. When I saw an update I reread the entire story to catch up again.
Well Turians when you stare at abyss beware of it staring back.
Can’t wait to see what happens when Pandora’s box is open and how much damage it will cause.
Guest chapter 27 . 11/26
I've read enough 40k to know where this chapter was going and its brilliant.
Armiture chapter 27 . 11/27
Damn, well it sure looks like the Turians have lost yet another planet but not to the human federation.
fooplaya chapter 27 . 11/27
Great new chapter! I wonder what the Turians have unleashed...
Demonic goat chapter 27 . 11/27
cant wait to see what happens, keep up the amazing work!
rats10 chapter 27 . 11/27
I cannot wait to see what horror you have in store.
I wonder though Is this gonna be?
The end of a b list marvel movie good or end game bad
Touhoufanatic chapter 27 . 11/27
I believe the trains have now officially f ed around and now found out.
linx007 chapter 27 . 11/27
Well... Fuck... The Turian's about to take it up the arse so hard you could park a double decker bus up there SIDE-WAYS! Can't even begin to imagine the shit show that's going to unfold on that planet let alone the rest of their species. If I was a betting man then I would say this would be the start of Saren going down the path of the moronic asshole. Always glad for an update and can't wait for more!
nushadir chapter 27 . 11/27
Well, can't say I am surprised by this turn of events, after all, Turians are hardcore materialists in this universe

But what I am surprised by, is that the NEF ships that can be taken over by the Things from Beyond, don't have fool-proof self-destruct mechanismsafter all, the ship Sparatus pulled from his ...hat (do Turians even have the hats?) was described as intact, thus, most likely, it should have had the systems working. It might be explained in the next chapter, but we will see.

Nevertheless, I really enjoy this chapter (and whole fic as well), and I am about to re-read it from the beginning, at the very leastto refresh my memory.

Appreciate your work!
Guest chapter 27 . 11/24
Since the Cthulhu tech universe is basically evangelion and Cthulhu mythos placed into a blender. And that the author is so great at creating a working crossover between mass effect and Cthulhu tech, I was wondering if they will also create a evangelion x mass effect since no one ever seems to finished one before.
Fyr RedNight chapter 27 . 11/26
So, Event Horizon meets Mass Effect. Oh you delight us.

Thank you for this excellent chapter! I look forward for the next one!
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