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Mxxyy44 chapter 19 . 7/13
This story and Timeless are so incredible. omg, I cried a lot while I read them. I really love them. Thank you so much for these amazing works.
Lumin chapter 19 . 2/28
I read both Timeless and Changeless, and I think they were really good. Loved the concept and back n forth with Klaroline. To be honest, I half expected you to make Caroline pregnant with Klaus' child when she was still human. Although this ending is still nice. Glad I picked this up.
Meg chapter 19 . 2/13
This is the first fan fiction that has ever resonated with me so much that it’s made me cry. Superb writing, better than that of the show! Thank you so much for writing this x
Klarobass chapter 19 . 10/8/2017
I didn't think it was possible for me to love a story more than I loved Timeless from you, buy buy was I wrong. I loved the realism of the ending here. Not everything was rainbows and sunshine. Klaus got Caroline back to the land of the living, but it came at a cost. Bonnie is such a great friend to Caroline, making the ultimate sacrafice so she could live. I love that Klaus was the one. who got to turn Caroline and that it enhanced her powers compared to when Katherine turned her. I think it was realistic that you didn't have Klaus and Rebekah make up. As much as he may miss her, I think it's difficult for him to forgive her when he could have lost Caroline for good. This was the best ending I could have pictured for this story. I'd like the imagine that Kol and Bonnie continue on in the other side, watching over Caroline and Klaus, so thank you for delivering this amazing story to us. I enjoyed it too the last period. It made be sad at times, but it made the good moments all that much better.
Vangogh92 chapter 19 . 10/7/2017
I loved this. I hated this at times, but those heart-wrenching moments only made the good moments that much sweeter. I cried, I rolled my eyes when Kol was being Kol, I laughed and mourned. You wrote the desperation of the losses very well, I felt them tangibly. I also like how it wasn't all tied up with a happy little bow at the end. Klaus and Rebekah didn't make up, Kol and Bonnie weren't miraculously saved. I liked the reality of the ending. The end game goal of klaroline was maintained but it was very obvious how much destruction was necessary for that to play out. Overall, good plot-line and good execution!
Klarobass chapter 18 . 10/7/2017
Yes, finally Silas is dead and he didn't get what he wanted. It's ironic, all Silas wanted was to reunite with his one true love and find peace only to learn that she was never dead to begin with, Quetsiya had outsmarted him. It's the ultimate punishment and suffering the way he was killed and I couldn't have imagined it any other way. Go Bonnie! I love that it was Klaus that got to have his revenge and be the one to kill Silas. That'll teach him not to mess with Klaus! I love that Klaus got to spend one last night with Caroline, for prom no less and got to say a proper goodbye to her. It's sad that in the morning he might never see her again. I wish they did find a way to bring her back, and maybe they can, but if they can't stleast they got to share one last night together. You could feel their agony of his they're feeling, understanding it might be their last night together forever. Making it all that much more painful for both of them. But in that moment, they tried to not let it hinder their last night together. Also enjoyed the Kol and Bonnie stuff. I think it's one relationship that had a lot of potential that never got explored and I love how Bonnie revered him as her friend and what could have been more. I look forward to seeing how this story will conclude.
Klarobass chapter 17 . 10/4/2017
I think it was interesting to read this in Bonnie's POV. Poor Bonnie. First having to deal with the grief of losing Caroline, than having to deal with Silas hounding her in her head. A party of be doesn't want Silas to get what he wants, but I know Bonnie has something witchy up her sleeve planned. I appreciate the fact Bonnie attended Kol's funeral and even have him something of hers. It just shows how close they've grown and how much closer they could have grown if it wasn't for Silas. I wonder who else is in on whatever Bonnie's plan is. It was a nice change to read a chapter from Bonnie's POV rather than read Klaus wallowing for a whole chapter. Though I wonder what he's up to. It makes sense Elijah Wood send him away so he would start a rampage in mystic falls in anger. Glad Rebekah and Matt are about to do Some research to know the enemy. I'm wondering what Quetsiya's fail safe for Silas was. The town seems so different and gloomy without Caroline's presence. Looking fists to reason these final couple of chapters.
Klarobass chapter 16 . 10/3/2017
this chapter hurt my heart. This chapter was incredibly heart wrenching. I've never read a good that was this heart breaking. Caroline can't be gone for good, can she? And Kol? Not Kol, noooo. Even if they somehow find a way to bring Caroline back, will Kol be as lucky? If only they trusted their instincts and not trusted Marcel. I know they didn't fully trust him, but they shouldn't have trusted him at all. Know the two people Klaus cared about deeply are gone. I do expect him to retaliate against Marcel and co. They better watch out, because Klaus is out for blood now. If Klaus was ruthless before, they have no idea what they're in for now that he has nothing left to live for. He'll be more reckless and dangerous than before. Reading Klaus so helpless and powerless to do anything to save the woman he loves and Kol was so devestating to read.
Klarobass chapter 15 . 10/2/2017
I love how Caroline doesn't cower to Marcel's threats, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. That's the Caroline we all know and love. And yes to Klaus finally telling Caroline he loved her face to face and not only that, but he said it when she's still human. In a way they proves to her it doesn't matter if she's human or Vampire, he'll still love her all the same. Loved that Elijah showed up. I always wondered ether he had gone to since the end of the past Chapters in timeless and be even ended up with Katherine. Love that pairing. I loved his pep talk with Klaus. Elijah just carries this kind of maturity and nobility with him. He knows how to get through to Klaus. Luckily him and Elijah where able to save Bonnie and Caroline. Don't mess with those Klaus cares about, because if you do he may just rip your head off and they he just did, creating a bloodbath in their wake. It will certainly put Marcel in a difficult situation with his comrades.
Klarobass chapter 14 . 10/1/2017
I like the for a little while Klaus was starting to trust himself a bit more about temporarily being Hoban when near Caroline, but I guess in the long run it was starting to affect him so he ran away, afraid of becoming human, seeking solace in the darkness. I hope he'll be able to save Bonnie from Marcel's Hobbs or they'll find some way out of it. I'm interested to see Klaus and Elijah's reunion, it seems like forget in timeless since we last saw then in a scene together. I think you made the right decision on your shut scene with having them be careful with both of them being human in that moment.
Klarobass chapter 13 . 10/1/2017
I love that Klaus started to trust himself around Caroline more in this chapter with skin to skin contact. Yes, it makes him human, but that's not necessarily a bad thing when they're alone together. Even their surrounded by enemies and acquaintances that's one. I think this was a step forward for them. They had been so distant around each other lately, so it was nice to see them gain back some of their intimacy in this chapter.

Looks like Klaus is good at being the deal maker and only half falling through with it. I'm glad him and Marcel were able to come to some sort of an arrangement when it came to magic use, though I'm not sure offering Bonnie to barter a deal with the witches is the smartest idea. What happens if they catch on that he never intended to offer them Bonnie and then try to stop them from leaving. But I trust Klaus has a plan to make it out intact. Klaus and Marcel seen to be getting more suspicious of each other and I suspect that'll come to a head in the subsequent chapters
Klarobass chapter 12 . 9/28/2017
Loved this. If I were in Klaus and Caroline position I'd feel weary of Marcel too. Behind that charming and flitirous smile he's harboring a deep secret. Malt how he conquered the French quarter of New Orleans. Of course Klaus wants they he can't have. Does he really need a city thigh when he has Caroline and a home in mystic falls? He probably feels he was robbed of the city he helped build, but will it really be worth it all for Katie? I love how you've ingrained Cami into this story and have not made he a love interest of Klaus. In fact, they don't even seem interested in each other. I think the spinoff would have been so much better if it played out this way.
Klarobass chapter 11 . 9/27/2017
nothing is ever simple. Looks like they've bit more than they can chew by coming to New Orleans and involving themselves in the field going on between the witches and vampires. I am glad you didn't bring hairy into this story or any pregnancy arc. I have nothing against those kinds of fics, but in an AH setting or at least if it doesn't involve Haley and is written well. So I'm glad we don't have that clusterfuck of an arc here. And it just makes this whole New Orleans arc flow that much better.

In curious to see the backstory you've created for Marcel's character. In the show it was always so back and forth between the two. I hope one side is chosen on where they stand with each other by the end. Not the constant back and forth the show does. Stefan seems so unsure if him, as does Kol. I'm starting to think Marcel is acting with civility until he can find a way to strike against Klaus, knowing he can't kill him. When he discovers Caroline, will he use her as a weapon against Klaus?

The witches looks like they will help in exchange that Bonnie gets involved in whatever feud they get involved with. But hopefully the outcome will be worth it in the end. Looks like things are about to get messy.
Klarobass chapter 10 . 9/27/2017
Looks like Silas is trying to get to Caroline b through he dreams. I'm guessing in this fic he can also take the appearance as anyone he wants, which in he'll do to get what he wants from Caroline. Poor Caroline. Having to live through her worst nightmare of losing her mother. It's interesting to see that Klaus's kiss send to snap her out of it. I did love her conversation with hey mother. I love how optimistic she can be. Reminding Caroline they some good can come from changes. It's just too bad they Caroline can't find many pros of being human.
Klarobass chapter 9 . 9/24/2017
This was great. Loved Klaus and Caroline's flirty banter. The thought of a road trip to New Orleans truthfully seems fun to read. They could experience a lot of the cultural experiences of New Orleans. The food, the art, the music, all things Klaus loves. I think your explanations of potions was in point and well articulated through Bonnie. She may be a novice, but she knows the basics of magic, including potions and elixirs. The research of the topic shows in your writing.m, and that just shows how well your writing flows. I'm wondering if the witches will help Klaus, with Marcel know as the king of the French quarter of New Orleans, and as we all know, has sometimes a contentious and sometimes a fatherly relationship with Marcel. It's off and on. The question is will be be on Klaus's side or a thorn in his side with whatever Klaus is planning.

I love that you made Kol Bonnie's mentor. Before Kol became the wild, and boisterous vampire we know of him now, he was a witch. So him teaching Bonnie magic seems like the logical direction to go. I also sense some attraction going on between the two, even if Bonnie doesn't realize it yet. I like the idea of her gradually learning magic. I think her just learning all the magic at once is improbable. I like that you have her sharpening her magical powers with the guidance of Kol of course.

I bet the hunter didn't see that one coming. Messing with your regular vampire is I've thing, but even you cross into Klaus's Lane, an original hybrid and hurt the one he loves, you will face his wrath. Klaus happened to find the perfect punishment too, where he ultimately won't bother them again and it won't been he died at Klaus's hand, meaning no curse for Klaus. That's very ingenious thinking on Klaus's part.
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