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Molotov chapter 3 . 5/11/2014
So what lingering effects has Sarah gotten from TWO Intersect uploads?!

Also, I forgot to mention in my Ch. 4 review that I enjoyed your take on the Season 3 finale line when Chuck asks Sarah if she could love a normal guy. You have her correctly point out that Chuck is definitely NOT normal. Dig that so much.
Molotov chapter 4 . 5/11/2014
So Morgan's hands got messed up from attempting to fire a too-high-a-caliber pistol? Cheesy, but very realistic. TV and movies lie - firing a pistol as a newbie is incredibly difficult.
Molotov chapter 2 . 5/11/2014
Oh hell.
Molotov chapter 1 . 5/11/2014
Eve is alive. Chuck is flashing something fierce. What's Orion's play. How the helk is any of this going to resolve. It's like you've got a counter of vegetables and meat, and now you gotta try to make gumbo out of it.
resaw chapter 4 . 9/13/2013
OK. Back to reading this episode now that work has ceased to rudely interrupt my enjoyment.

Ah, so the "holodeck" is The Ring's Intersect upload room. Sorry, I'm not sure I'm following. My understanding is that the Ring upload intended to make Sarah into Leader's slave. However, Sarah was - more or less - immune to the upload, and I am guessing that may have been due to the inadvertent upload from the glasses. So, in this context, I'm not sure what you are getting at with the following: "Daniel Shaw, five years of obsession and vengeance and longing wasted, his rings close to his heart. The cloak obscured Sarah's target, the suit took the damage and the helmet absorbed the power of the blows, but Sarah was tireless and Leader had nowhere to run." Why do you refer to Daniel Shaw here?

And Chuck, thanks to his amazing Intersect knowledge, was able to control his breath, heart rate, etc., so as to *appear* dead. I gather Sarah was not using her full strength to strangle Chuck, since she was faking being under Leader's control. I didn't think you would actually have Sarah kill Chuck but hey, this is fanfic, you can do anything you want.

Thanks for making Daniel Shaw a hero in his dying act... again. And for the touching act of Sarah telling him that he had saved his wife.
resaw chapter 3 . 9/13/2013
A holodeck? So, close to the end of this chapter - a lot of balls in the air! I feel a little like I need a flowchart to know where each of the scenes is playing out and how they relate to the other. But the overall suspense is great!
resaw chapter 2 . 9/13/2013
Intense chapter. Lots of events in motion.

OK, so both Chuck and Sarah think that the glasses have been spent. Big mistake!
resaw chapter 1 . 9/12/2013
Wow, Sarah's behaving like Chuck did after his father was killed by Shaw. So full of despair.

So, Daniel Shaw knows that Sarah killed Eve because the Carmichael persona got mixed up into the Ring Intersect that was given to him, right?

I'm sorry to say I'm a bit confused about the glasses. I thought Orion's intent was to remove the Intersect. It sounds to me, the way you describe it, that it resolves the flaws in the Intersect that interfere with the proper functioning of Chuck's mind, and now the pain is gone and it works better than ever.

Great chapter, though. I really enjoyed it.
ProjectOrion chapter 4 . 6/25/2013
Great finish to a great episode. You're a magician with the banter even after all these chapters. The Carina, Morgan, Casey and Alex segments were thoroughly amusing as always.

The new features the updated intersect seems capable of are really cool. I can only imagine what other surprises it has to offer. The way Chuck and Sarah worked so well together because of the uploads also makes me wonder if Orion hadn't somehow always intended for Sarah to receive the second upload. Hmm.

Shaw was definitely a heroic figure in your story and it worked because of the way you developed it.

Looking forward to the wedding. Wish I could help with music choices but my tastes run on the metal side, not exactly wedding material.
PeterOinNYC chapter 4 . 6/24/2013
Great chapter. Great ending. I for one am thrilled you made this a little longer. Still not sure I understand how all the threads got tied up but that might be my problem.

First lets start with the description of the Ring intersect deflection by Sarah. I speculated last chapter that Orion's Upload #2 might block any future intersecting and it looks like that's what it did - unless there is more to be revealed. And it did sound like Leader/Eve was planning on assuming Sarah's body. I would love to know more about how she lived and what the mechanics were used to keep her alive and "functioning". Seems like most of her body was mechanized except for her head. All very Darth Vader, including the electrical shock she gave Sarah. All told it was very cool imagery. And Sarah sold it - I wasn't sure at first if her attack on Chuck was real or not. What I liked best was Sarah's attack on Leader/Eve - it seemed very cathartic, like letting go of all the shackles that have weighed her down for so long - like Marley loosing his chains in A Christmas Carol. Sarah Walker finally died there and she is the new birth. Fantastic!

And then Chuck's resurection was cool too - loved the line "She shut him up, giving herself some much-needed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation." Great line!

I didn't think anyone could/would do it in FF, but you made Shaw a redeeming character. His inability to voice any one of three names correctly. His understanding of how fortunate Sarah is to have Chuck. Saving Sarah. And Sarah's acknowledgement of what he did - it was the first time I heard her call him by his first name in any medium where I didn't gag. Well done.

And Chuck choosing to be what Sarah deserves - himself. And then apologizing for letting his ego create so many issues. So very Chuck, through and through. With all that has happened over the past few chapters, I almost forgot his discussion with Dr. Dreyfus. I'm ;looking forward to my series re-read to pick up the pieces I missed.

And finally, Beckman able to explain Carmichael through using Shaw, protecting Chuck and Sarah and setting up a more permanent partnership. It took me a couple of reads to understand it, but once I did - well done.

So looking forward to the wedding. Ought to be fun - they do deserve it you know. And who knows. we might get some further details that clear up more questions.

Thanks for sharing this with us.
garnetflint chapter 4 . 6/24/2013
I am continuing to enjoy this story. In my heart I hope there are a few more chapters in it, but I know that we are nearing the end. You have done a great job with this retelling of a difficult season. I appreciate your hard work and dedication to finishing a great story. I know a story has to have an end, but I am left hoping for more. Thanks again!
phnxgrl chapter 4 . 6/22/2013
I loved this chapter. I loved the way Grimes and Casey teamed up. I loved how Sarah was faking the upload. I loved how that chased Leader out of the imaging chamber. I loved how Chuck found Sarah. I loved how Shaw got them out of the chamber then set off on the hunt for Leader. I loved how both Leader and Agent Carmichael were killed in this attack. Please continue.
garnetflint chapter 3 . 6/17/2013
I'm not hating you yet...but if memory loss and an evil Sarah are in the cards, I might be a tad upset . :)

You are doing a great job of the story, I liked the terrible trio and their rescue attempt. Awesome shooting himself..."Not awesome dude" least for Awesome, I found it funny. Not quite clear as to what Ellie actually did, but I suspect that I'm not supposed to be clear at this point.

Thanks for another great chapter.
PeterOinNYC chapter 3 . 6/17/2013
I don't hate you. I hate I have to wait a few more days for all of this to be cleared up.

Great chapter. The Morgan/Devon/Alex scenes were just great - action and some comic relief. And Alex's response to Morgan was good fun.

The action between Chuck and Shawmichael and Ellie was also great. The action combined with the heart was such a well balanced contrast. And Upload 2 - is Orion's sneak attack going to wind-up saving Sarah from what looks like the upload that is designed to make Leader a whole person again. Or am I just plain wrong?

And with that, we have one more chapter to this episode and we get to go to a wedding. I'm sure you'll tie all the strings together for us, and want to thank you again for sharing this with us.
ChuckFanForever chapter 3 . 6/17/2013
Oh my, Shaw as Frankenstein and Eve as Vader, they're a match made in the other side of heaven!

3 action packed chapters in a row! Not sure why Sarah would put on the glasses like that, was she expecting another upload?

Is Eve going to wipe Sarah's mind and use her against Team Bartowski?
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