Reviews for Spiders in the League
Manuel01 chapter 4 . 11/19/2014
I'm happy the all health problems are solving themselves, our best wishes from here (Your reader's) and go on.

Don't forget about this story too, it's a very good one
korben600 chapter 1 . 10/20/2014
I agree with jay, this story has great potential and I hope you don't abandon it
Jay Eddon chapter 4 . 7/27/2014
I hope you havn't abandoned this story; it has a lot of potential. I really like the idea so far.
JAy eddon
NobodieZ chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
Nice start.
naruchan84 chapter 4 . 5/28/2014
Good fic. keep up the good work
Deathmvp chapter 4 . 3/16/2014
Great work going on here. I so look forward to the next part. I also think Jessica with batgirl or with wonder womans sister would work out very well.
DBZ Stargate Ninjawars chapter 4 . 3/2/2014
Good story so far. Like it when clones are used for Spider-Man stories instead of peter-harems. Maybe add a little bit of Cadmus later and maybe we'll see Kaine with a villain pairing? Or maybe a fully matured adult Ben Reilly able to pair up with one of the older heroines? Seems like a nice and enjoyable read either way, good job.
manuel01 chapter 4 . 1/31/2014
I imagine the presentation, so Doom I bring the villaisn of DCV to you, toyman, chetah and giganta, of course marvel have their own group of lame name villains, but toyman, really it's meh (spider man worlds in other story.

I'm happy that your mother's health it's better, we can't leave to chance with this kind of thing, good luck and welcome back
greg.campos.1466 chapter 4 . 1/10/2014
Love the story cant wait to see how you develop the supergirl/spiderman relationship. And i want to see how you introduce the spiderwoman/batgirl relationship, this is probably one of the most interesting justice league/spiderman crossover and i cant wait for more
HaywireEagle chapter 3 . 12/25/2013
I loved the Ultimate series Peter Parker. He went through a lot more hurt than his standard universe counterpart.

I cried like a bitch at the end of that comic book run.
DaWolves2 chapter 4 . 12/21/2013
Great story do far please update soon! I love the spiderman supergirl thing
ravenshadow452 chapter 4 . 12/18/2013
Always wondered what happed to Jessica in the Ultimates universe. This is a nice take on it. Please say there is a chance that Jessica might end up with Wonder Woman couse that would be...there are no words to discribe that. (Spelling errors are all mine) can't wait for more!
NeoTyson chapter 4 . 12/16/2013
Dude its great to see you back in business, nice update and looking forward to next chapter and i don't believe that you was rushing since 2 years seems like enough time to get over that lost.
K0nflicti0n chapter 4 . 12/15/2013
so glad you updated! I was afraid you had given up on writing or at least on this story. Please update soon
doubledamn chapter 4 . 12/15/2013
Before you send Peter anywhere, you must ask yourself; is the DC Universe ready for Peter's level of sarcastic battle banter?
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