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LordVulpericBlack112 chapter 16 . 3/29/2015
I'm going to take a wild guess here and say the Rei is the one that released Shinji from his cell and may have... Done something to him? She said she had found what she was looking for, so, I'm going to guess that's Shinji.
Rennerd chapter 16 . 3/29/2015
Methinks Rei will be getting replaced. Or maybe tried to. But it sucks to be Shinji right? Fights unit 03 and still gets dummy plugged. Wondering how Asuka will react from here. Looking forward to it.
Seeking Professional Help chapter 16 . 3/28/2015
Thanks for the new chapter, I enjoyed it.

The Kaji shower scene got a laugh. Spies are busy, and they don't have the time to pick up chicks whenever the urge hits, HA!. Although doing it in a public shower stall is something Prisoners and homeless would be more likely to do.

I get the feeling that the plan was to have rei being obsessed with Shinji. That plans all good, but it's pretty much that's what rei is in your other stories, "Orders, ect". So i'm glad that it's drifted a bit. I don't think you portrayed Rei's free-love activities, as well as you could have. Most of the times it was mentioned was in past tense or charcters remembering rumors and stuff. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter and what happens when Shinji is absorbed in his eva for a month, assuming he is absorbed that is.

Thanks for the story.
Dark Machine chapter 16 . 3/28/2015
McGee spelling mistakes here and there. Otherwise bloody fantastic. Doesn't seem overly angsty like it was before too. Have we hit bottom yet?
reality deviant chapter 16 . 3/28/2015
i eagerly await to see what is next
Unwanted Empathy chapter 16 . 3/28/2015
simply put , amazing!
Unwanted Empathy chapter 15 . 2/18/2015
A lot of things to focus on, but for some reason i can't stop wondering about rei's adventures!
dylanredefined chapter 15 . 2/9/2015
Wow! A spiral of doom and gloom yet I can't wait for the next chapter.
Seeking Professional Help chapter 15 . 2/8/2015
Thanks for updating this.

I like it when you do darker stories, I can tell it goes against your writing style.
I enjoyed this chapter, but I do find Ritsuko's attraction to Shinji to be out of place.
With all the stuff she been doing behind the scenes at Nerv, She most likely wouldn't be checking him out, she probably have trouble even looking him in the eye. But that's just a minor thing in my opinion and it doesn't take away my enjoyment of this story.

Thanks again for updating this, and I hope the year starts treating you better.
And I'm looking forward to seeing what that Momma's Boy Story you have in planning is about.
RealRemainder chapter 15 . 2/8/2015
HEY HEY HEY! I was wondering where this had gone!


-I'll have fifth body on standby then - This Ayanami is the third, and you forot the 'the', so it should be: "I'll have the fourth body on standby then"

-a loaded question if their ever was one - In this case you use 'there': "a loaded question if their ever was one"

-"Kids these days just go to fast." - In this case you use 'too' -"Kids these days just go too fast."

-weak as to need this, yet she did. - YIKES! forgot the question mark! - "weak as to need this? Yet she did."
-You to, both of you - Should be 'too' in ths case: "You too, both of you"

-Oh you feel right to. - Again, Should be 'too' in ths case: "Oh you feel right too."

-Quite the opposite in face - In this, by context I think you meant "Quite the opposite in fact"

-Was he to much for Ritsuko and you - Again, Should be 'too' in ths case: "Was he too much for"

-And their they stood - it's 'there' here I think: "And there they stood"

-their will be light at - again, it's 'there' here: "there will be light at"

-just those. And a few other forgottn comas. Good work

Sorry real life is giving you crap.

Um... I don't think Ritsuko was ever awere of the Events of future(the dead sea scrolls)... wouldn't she have done anything differently? I don't think she'd want her species as a puddle of orange goop. However, the way she belittles herself is totally in character...

Man, it's interesting to see this Shinji could pretty much bang every girl that meets him if he had the pre dispositon for doing so...

had to google 'trolop'... poor Asuka... Saddest thing is, her 'I need nobody' skit is what hurts her most... Amzin how a few changes in the large scheme of things can make Asuka assault Kaji... and of course it ends the only way it should... Poor Asuka again...

Hey! Maya's development! Lol she has a ferret, haha. Somehow that's fitting. Again, I think Shinji could totally have had a threesome with them if he wanted...

HOLY CRAP IT'S REI! gee I Wonder what she wants with Shinji... And I still feel he'd have gone with her if Asuka hadn't barged in...

Aw man, Kensuke lost his virginity off panel? I would have wanted to read it... You do't see much Kensuke action out there... Especially a nice interection like his and Chidori's... lol Kensuke doen't understand jealousy...

Man Shinji keeps getting hit. I supposed he's still doing better than in canon because he has people at least but, damn. At least he didn't seem to get mad at Kensuke.

Huh oh. You messed up Misato... Oh boy I so wanna see she coming onto Shinji and Shinji actually accepting her... I love how you analyze the character feelings. How everybody is still in character.

Looking forward for more!
miguelangel chapter 15 . 2/8/2015
really good really good chapter not surprised abouth that sakura girl out of the picture, liked the scene with shinji and maya and ritsuko nicely done, poor asuka she has a lot of shit to deal with and it is only going to get worse, wonder what way youll go with pilot of the unit manga in which touji dies or anime in which he gets hurt or select a new victim, like always i took my sweet time to read this and i really enjoyed it like always take all the time in the world for the next one looking forward to it
reality deviant chapter 15 . 2/8/2015
good chapter.
looking forward for more, and appreciate your twist on it all
RealRemainder chapter 14 . 12/27/2014
AAAaaand I'm caught up. At the start up, right below, there are the mistakes only of the latest chapter, 14, and as I mentioned before I'll put one of these in every chapter from now on:


-wrong information to somebody and the talked - forgot the n: "wrong information to somebody and then talked"

-she winked at Shinji and hoped smiled - Um... what? I think you meant "she winked at Shinji and smiled" or "she winked at Shinji and hoped for a smile"

-but he had Ritsuko? - In this case the verb has to be repeated: "but he had told Ritsuko?"

-Rei sneered as he prey escaped - forgot the R: "Rei sneered as her prey escaped"

-Supper was eaten alone as Asuka too hers to her room forgot the K: "alone as Asuka took hers to her room"

-Shinji-kun is a soldier and times soldiers - SHould be "Shinji-kun is a soldier and some times soldiers" or "Shinji-kun is a soldier and in war times soldiers"

-but for now was just hate - forgot the 'it': "but for now it was just hate"

-He was just to happy - in this case, shoud be 'too': "He was just too happy"

-to lost in his mind - by context I think this one should be "too lost in his mind"

-Was it about Rei, Misato, or maybe Asuka... - forgot the question mark "Was it about Rei, Misato, or maybe Asuka...?" or if it wasn't a question: "It was about Rei, Misato, or maybe Asuka..."

-You're to forgiving, Shinji-kun - In this case, should be 'too': "You're too forgiving, Shinji-kun"

-That is all. You also forgot a few comas. I didn't point them out because this chapter has been here a while and they were kind of nippicking.

I call bull crap on Shinji not freaking out more than he did when he saw the third Ayanami(she was like, cucu nuts, swearing and stuff...). That should have set him off a lot more. I also call bull crap on Chidori not facing... 'military' consequences for drugging Shinji. It's nice you saved some of that face on the folowing chapter but still.

I like your subbtle inuendos at intimacy between the chars... Still prefer full lemons though. Especially with Toji and Rei, would have been nice, you don't see that pairing often. On that same note: Misato goes back to Kaji instantly since the weding in episode 13? That's a reasonable interpretation I think...

Also: AUGH! Asuka refers to herself as misato at one point... Some other little errors also persist, but now can make one review per chapter, pointing them out, like I did with this chapter.

HOLY CRAP! A call out to Motoko of Love Hina LOL! And it seems in this Universe, SHE married keitaro instead of Naru Haha... love hina characters aren't goig to show up are they?

This is indeed descending into pretty depressing shit... Oh well, that's evangelion for ya.
miguelangel chapter 14 . 12/25/2014
it just keeps getting better and better the story characters, plot etc but at the same time it keeps getting worse and from now on shit just got real, like always i took too long to read it i enjoyed it a lot sorry for the late review but i am extremely glad this story is so alive, thank you for your hard work and keeping this alive
Squally35 chapter 14 . 12/23/2014
Great chapter, really enjoyed see a adulation that is more closer to the original series rear her head. Interesting seeing Sakura becoming less of a doormat. Still hoping that misato can relise what's she's doing. Can't wait till the next chapter, Merry Christmas!
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