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RealRemainder chapter 10 . 12/23/2014
I'm already almost caught up. Just 4 chapters to go. Very nice read!


YAY Lemons! LOL Just in chapter 7, after I reviewed asking for lemons, BAM: Shinji and Rei at Nerv's bathroom with a swim suit. And, as I thought, it did make the read more enjoyable. AND, you weren't any more graphial than you already were. Good job.

I know what you're doing, skipping the battles because they are shown in the anime and you focus more on inter personal relationships, but... I still would like to have read the battles stuff, even if it was just like in the Anime... And well, if the relations of the chars are different, I think the battles will be too. Hell I was kinda disapointed you didn't show how Rei, Asuka and Shinji sneaking back into the base while the power was out. Would have been interesting to see Asuka's reaction to Rei and Shinji being close.

Some important events were only grazed over rather quickly... Maya confessing to Ritsuko comes to mind. Didn't Rits say she didn't remember because she was drunk? If I'm not mistaken, in later chapters she shows knowledge of it... There were others too like Shinji 'funeral meal', the funeral for his relationship. Don't graze over importatn stuff dude.

On the other hand some of the REALLY important events, like Asuka telling the rapist jerk photo taker off were masterfully done... I was on the edge of my seat going "don't do it Asuka, don't do it Asuka, don't do it Asuka"... And when she did let him I was disapointed at first but then how she humiliated him was just soooo awesome and how he bared herself to SHinji after was amazing. Even more amazingly how Shinji stood up for her while taking a beating(that is SO Shinji...)

Do you realize how hard it is for a fic to make Asuka break down AND Shinji being brave and make it beliavable and in character? Kudos man!

Grammar and sometimes even Spelling still nags me also(here's another one I noticed often: "To" instead of "too")... But once I catch up I'll post one review per chapter, I will point each one of those out (I do that to all of my favorite fics).
RealRemainder chapter 6 . 12/21/2014

Hey, back again, this time stopped on chapter 7. AWESOME story! I mean it I love how you develop stuff and the events in general. Kaji the dog and poor Ritsuko and all that... More things:

-Another spelling\Grammar thing that happens in this is, I think some times you forget words and small indicatives like "a" and "so" and "her" by "him"... The of the stuff I mentioned in the previous review of chapter 3 persists (specially question marks)... Do you have a beta reader? I could beta read you if you don't have one. I already beta read for GamerJay and your story is awesome too.

-Another thing about paragraphs: when a scenario changes or when a course of action is finished, end the paragraph. Even if it's still the same character that will speak again.

-Hmmm... I could be mistaken about this but I thing the prefix 'kun' is used only with boys... This started in chapter 3 with Rei and Misato.

-You know what I think this needed? More first person narration lemons... Dont get me wrong, you get as graphical as I enjoy in these type of stories (not too graphical or too subjective, just right) but I think you should have illustrated the acts themselves as well, not just hinting at them or have someone wathing them, understanding what happened. Show the stuff more often then you did. First Shinji Rei only shows on chapter 6 and because Asuka was watching? Come on...

Again, wouldn't need to get more graphical than you can be but it would have been nice to see what changed, how Shinji was as a lover and all that, because that too, would have been character development. So I think, trully believe in fact, that these past chapters needed a little more lime in their flavor... even with events like a old perv coming onto Rei and Rei and Shinji talking and introspecting about themselves and Misato... you know, relieving herself(on that scene for instance, why not describe how she rubbed herself?)...

Hmm... maybe you do that in later chapters? Gonna keep reading and find out, because still good to read, still good development of story and characters. Wanna see how it goes.
RealRemainder chapter 2 . 12/19/2014
This has been around for a while and I never seen it? Probably because it has a coupling I don't apreciate...


Hmmm... Rei and Shinji is my least favorite Eva couple but this has caught my attention... I'll keep reading(stopped at chapter 3), see if it keeps my attention.

A few things:

-spelling and grammar errors(you switch 'there', 'they're' and 'their' and forget question marks quite often, among other things...)

-you're lying out the ground work just fine, I don't think events so far have been forced but... I don't know, maybe some paragraphs ar too big? Too big chunks of reading all at once can be distracting.

-Maybe the inner characterization is not enough for the changes we're already seeing? People usually need an external factor to change. Shinji had the dat with Rei but does that keep consistent through the other chapters? Guess I'll find out.

-I'm calling bull crap on Gendo mistreating Rei. She is essential to his plan!

-Good kiss scene. I wanna say it was a bit forced but I won't, because it kind of is how Rei would rect to such an event in such a manner... Ah, Misato, how your razor wit has befallen you...

See you next review(maybe only when I catch up, but maybe during the chapters 4 through 13 too).
reality deviant chapter 14 . 12/19/2014
depression IS hard to do subtle.
but is a part of the package for NGE fics
Seeking Professional Help chapter 14 . 12/19/2014
Thanks for the new chapter. I've noticed in your writing style that characters are in their heads quite a bit, not saying it's bad though, it's just something i've noticed. I know you're trying to get people to feel something for this Ritsuko, I personally don't for this one, I find her off putting for some reason.
I didn't like the Touji shinji scene in the hospital, I found it to be lacking in drama.
While I think SHinji wouldn't be as stupid or ignorant as Anno says, I don't think he'd be as observant, to deduce that Touji sleeped with Slut-Rei.
Shinji having some confrontation with slut Rei, or him seeing her with another guy would've been a more dramatic way to get confirmation to the rumors.
I've just started to get into Yandere characters, so I'm hoping to see some of Yandere Rei in the next chapter, And more of Slut-Rei's sexual exploits, they're alway entertaining to read;).

Thanks again for the new chapter.
Badgedbadger chapter 2 . 12/5/2014
I love how well you're showing different people's perspectives here. Toji's opinion of Chidori, NERV's reaction to Ritsuko, Rei's perception of the commanders...
Himp chapter 13 . 11/2/2014
Damm, this Rei is like a mix between Mogudan's Rei and a Sadako's clone, searching for something and never finding it, the question is that even if Rei catch Shinji there is big chance that even him can't satisfy her fantasy.
xyzinc chapter 13 . 10/31/2014
I'm going to admit that having Rei do the deed with someone other than Shinji feels dark as hell and she is trying to find the thing that is connected to the memory/feeling. I just hope she finds Shinji and they make up again.

But that last part of this chapter did get dark, I have to wonder how many men has she slept with up to this point.

On another note them not allowing Shinji and Rei to meet make me wonder just what they are trying to do.

On an end note I don't like overly dark stories that don't get better, I've read this story since the beginning and have enjoyed it. So if this ends with massive dark and an NTR ending happening I don't think I could forgive it.
miguelangel chapter 13 . 10/31/2014
so sad so dark so good poor shinji and poor touji what a lousy first time, good chapter enjoyed it a lot looking forward to more, i enjoyedthe apartment scene between shinji and asuka a lot and how she reacted to loosing kaji
Urdarum chapter 13 . 10/30/2014
Great Chapter as usual.

Nice little nod to Love Hina there.

The web of interactions keeps getting more and more complex and I can't help but feel a little sorry for Toji. His jealousy will probably bring him troubles and kinda reminds me of cannon Kensuke dreaming of something while denying the full picture.
Seeking Professional Help chapter 13 . 10/30/2014
Tough break, with the house thing. It's really hard over here too.

Liked what you did with Bizzaro Rei, having known nothing else, and suddenly experiencing the pleasures of sex, would make her seek it out everywhere. It would be like her eating a donut, finding out how delisious they are, and then gorging herself on them becoming a mega obese Rei. I'm glad you did the sex thing though, as 'Rei the Hutt' would look terrible in a plugsuit. I don't know if that theory is right though, as it seems she's hungering for Shinji's touch.

I would have prefered it not to be toji though, An Original 'senior student, character, or just some random guy she enticed on the street and conviced to come home with her. He doesn't even need a name, Shinji could of just walked in on her going down on some random guy, who we never see again. Having it be Touji does make it more dramatic, but since his actions were so similar in your other story, it kind of cheapens the drama. While i'm all for Shinji being a stud in the bedroom, It seems that all sexual encounters involving other males are mostly bad, and pathetic. I think this does hurt the realism and dramtic effect of the story.

I'm still hoping that something happens with Misato and SHinji, even though it might be too 'Off the plotline' now.
Thank you very much for updating this story and I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Darksnider05 chapter 13 . 10/30/2014
I'm not into cutting or anything lame like that so I'll give this another chapter to pick up as reading depressing things isn't really for me. Best of luck.
skywiseskychan chapter 13 . 10/30/2014
Why does poor Maya have to live so sad a life. Sniffle.
Neferius chapter 12 . 9/16/2014
I know it throws off the flow and ruins Kensuke's pairing, which you've done awesome with him, but you don't drug a pilot and nothing happens to you. Chidori should at least have gotten a tongue lashing by Misato. Global security and all.
I will miss yande-Rei, but me thinks something is up and well find out shortly what's going on.
Great work again, as usual. Looking forward to the next one.
dylanredefined chapter 12 . 9/14/2014
this is awesome as ever please continue.
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