Reviews for What it takes to be Hokage
GreenTea4062 chapter 32 . 10/1
Liberal use of 'hai' makes it difficult to concentrate when reading this story
Yukipolet chapter 32 . 9/22
N ice Story
Kalacakra108 chapter 32 . 9/15
I've been reading this story since a long time ago and I'm glad to see you completed it! The ending seemed a bit rushed, but I can understand wanting to finish it once and for all, and it was still pretty interesting. Thank you for writing this!
Ferocious Nightfury chapter 32 . 9/11
OH COME OOONNN! YOU CANT JUST END IT LIKE THAT! WE NEED A SEQUEL! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! Though you should give a list of all the clans in konoha maybe. Idk...
Mr.Easy chapter 32 . 8/31
this was good, the ending was something I realized after seeing the number of chapters that it won't be something explosive, but it was beautiful!
writerofshow chapter 32 . 8/24
Love the story keep it up and please update soon
Guest chapter 32 . 8/22
Congrats on finishing the fic
KyuubiDragneel chapter 32 . 8/20
Just started reading this today, was a good story, some unexpected twists and turns. I guess it's up to our imagination what happens with Zetsu then.
jarrettfuhs1 chapter 32 . 8/19
you dirty slut there's no ending for zetsu lmao I need to know
VP4444 chapter 32 . 8/18
Great great great story. Glad to have been able to read it.
RV-Xrd chapter 32 . 8/18
This fic is brilliant. Well done sir!
CandyBurst chapter 1 . 8/9
You are an incredible author. I can’t imagine how much work and effort went into smoothing everything out with the plot—it’s so long and complex! As I said on The Pain of a New Day(which, is a beautiful story by the way!), I love how original your stories are. All the characters are so lovable when they’re meant to be, and they’re all in character too (disregarding the new “presentI even enjoyed the new characters you added, and that’s pretty rare for me. Some people complained about Naruto telling them everything at the very beginning, but what was Naruto supposed to say? He literally fell out of nowhere, in a time where anyone can be an enemy. And he didn’t tell them everything—just enough to prove his story. Besides, Naruto has always been rather open.
The ending was very bittersweet, but I’m happy with it and the fact that there is even an ending. I wish that Madara stayed a little longer to help Naruto settle, but I can understand that he’s probably tired. This is a wonderful, amazing, and AWESOME story. It was a pleasure to read, thank you!
isawthesunrise chapter 32 . 8/8
Wow. You really are an amazing writer. I was recommended to your page by a friend, and I absolutely don’t regret it. You made what should have been a standard Warring States-era fic, enjoyable, engaging, and well-written enough to stand out—and then you _completely subverted the genre_ by making him come back.

I’ve never seen any fic quite approach what you did with your Second Act, and it was extremely refreshing. It constantly bombarded me with twists and surprises, and really made me feel for Naruto’s loneliness when faced with people who were so close to the precious people he once loved, yet at the same time completely alien to him.

Great story. A bit rushed towards the end, but I’m immensely glad you pulled through and finished. So many writers set up fics with so much potential/plot threads running around, they’re too intimidated or exhausted by their own work to bother ending them. I’m so happy you didn’t give up—I know it isn’t easy! (Of course, I’d love to see an epilogue.)

To be continued?
QueenLinear chapter 32 . 8/5
absolutely amazing. I wish I had reviewed every chapter but oh man this was amazing!
Kel000 chapter 2 . 7/10
Really dude , why did you have him tell them EVERYTHIG. Just ruined the story for me. He wakes up in the past and has this great idea of telling Uchiha fucking Madara and Hashirama EVERYTHING about the future . That’s gotta be the dumbest shit ever really ruined the story for me there
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