Reviews for Shinobi no Ashikabi
bigfan22 chapter 15 . 14h
Another amazing story done to completion. To be honest, until yesterday I only read one Sekerie/Naruto crossover that I actually liked. Then I saw your Juubi No Ashikabi and this story. I have to say they were both an outstanding read. You have some of the best stories in the Naruto crossover section, and I thank you for taking the time out of your life to write these amazing stories for the rest of us to read. Great job!
DKa heinze chapter 2 . 7/28
Fuck this story! Especially you put the hyuga bitch girl in this you moroon!
dominhkhoi33 chapter 3 . 7/20
Question. why did naruto have to say hiraishin to use it
Ace of Spies chapter 15 . 7/11
I really enjoyed this story and I think it was very well done! Looking forward to reading more of your work!
INTHEDARKESTNIGHT chapter 2 . 6/28
looking forward to Naruto taking this twat down a peg, /(or) fifty
roger9481 chapter 2 . 6/1
why'd you have to ruin this series by adding that bitch hinata into this
burrelldaron4 chapter 6 . 5/25
burrelldaron4 chapter 1 . 5/24
Naruto and Hinata are going to turn the world upside down.
Kyuubi16 chapter 7 . 5/20
When you put terribly written bashing like that, it kind of makes what a lot of people say about you justified.
Citan chapter 15 . 5/20
Great wrap up. Nice to see a another "normal" Sekirei fic completed. The only thing I dislike is Tsukiumi. Never been a fan of her character... the annoying Shakespearean english and only wife crap. I like tsunderes btw.
Zaralann chapter 15 . 5/10
"Happy Ending" indeed...
PedoWRITER chapter 9 . 5/8
And the only reason she allowed Natsuo-chan tp become her ashikabi is just because they both just want to see the world burn
hakon2feb chapter 4 . 5/2
Ok, so Naruto now has a new sekirei, although his own sekirei was closer to preventing it than enemy sekirei...
Mikogami should probably get the hint by now, but knowing you/him right, he'll keep doing what he does until Naruto decides to kill him :p
Got to wonder how long it takes for Hinata to seriously harm Naruto for bringing in sekirei though...

hakon2feb chapter 3 . 5/2
Ok, so Akitsu has finally gotten her wings. With that, comes training in using her powers, as well as her first mission.
Saving Kusano worked out nicely and ended without much bloodshed, so that's nice.
Not sure what Miya will do when she finds out that Akitsu sleeps without any underwear though...

PedoWRITER chapter 5 . 5/2
Poor Kazehana, seems like Hinata's oppai was more than enough for him at the time that he rejected her.
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