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Kuro101 chapter 7 . 2/17
Sooooooo cuuuute! Please write more I want Kagami to be with Tet-chan and for the GOM to get all jealous already! Please please please please please please please update.
ame no itteki chapter 7 . 2/15
Love this! It was a beautifully-written piece! I can't stop reading it again and again . The angst is quite delicious too. Hmm.. I wonder what would happen if Kise is the one to leave. He kinda gets really down here so I thought he'd look forward to get away from others...
Belanore chapter 7 . 2/13
NeXT ?
Loveyourstory chapter 7 . 2/8
Firstly: I hope you're doing well and enjoying your studies :3

About your writing...

This story is breaking my heart.
At first I found the first 4 chapters at Ao3 and read them all at once. Imagine how thrilled I was when I found you had posted up to chapter 7 on this website owo

Again this story breaks my heart. For every chapter I read I can feel Kuroko's heart breaking a little bit more and it's killing me inside - I never felt this much for a fic before - extremely well done job, I applaud you.

Your writing is sinply beautiful and very detailed. I love the symbolisms (you had me on the edge of my seat during the moment with Kise and the insanity moonlight) and I would love to read more of this story. It's probably one of my favorite fics so far. And I just wanna say - you made me ship couples I never shipped before (w)b

I do hope that this will be continued 'cause I would hate for this story to be unfinished with Kuroko in this state.

I'll be hanging around searching for your updates :)
LOL chapter 7 . 2/2
Ahomine is an absolute butt-face. DX I feel so sorry for Kuroko throughout this story because it seems as if the others don't give a shit about him and it's heartbreaking to read. I love the pace of the story and I must admit that I stayed up to 4am to read this story because it's just that addictive.

This story is perhaps my favourite Kuroko no Basuke fanfiction by far. Your writing doesn't have too many mistakes and each chapter is satisfyingly long. I have one word for you: AMAZING.

I noticed that you haven't updated for quite a long time and I sincerely hope you are not planning to abandon this story. Please continue to write more because I will cry a river if you don't. Please update soon (I can't wait for Kagami to officially appear).
Everlasting Snow Princess chapter 7 . 2/1
This is a true work of art... :) Every chapter, my heart breaks so much for Kuroko. He does everything in his power to make his brothers happy, yet all they do is hurt and crush in return, unknowingly. How could they :( This chapter only breaks my heart more as him being shattered into pieces. DONT GIVE UP BABY! im guessing the school he'll be going to is Seirin haha :)
Jay Lightning Strike chapter 7 . 1/31
Oh my, the story is coming to an important part and yet it has not been updated since May! I don't suppose That this may be continued one day...? Maybe...? Cause I really love your writing style and this story itself! . Plus Kuroko's gotten into quite the mess and I need to see the resolution!
Haha, hope to see yu soon!
lovekagakuro chapter 2 . 1/28
am back with another review. .. its simple

bring lots of kagakuro and make the gom jealous. except maybe midorima. cause he and Takao are as much dear to me as kagami and kuroko. though midorima also deserves it along with all those idiot kisekis !
make lots and lots of kagakuro pweaseeee?
update the next chap please !
EnigmaTwilight chapter 7 . 1/26
Omggggggggg it's finished! -cries- whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? ? I haven't read enough yet -sobs- guess I just have to reread again xD
Author san, just one word for you, "splendid"! Actually, your story can't be even described with words bcuz it's so amazing. While I was reading, I was like wanting to know what would happen next and then on the other hand, worrying whenever I reached a new chapter since it meant nearing to the end :'(
your writing is just so beautiful. I love that you never rushed things and portrayed every character and every kuroko's view beautifully. I just felt like it was me who was in kuroko's place while reading, you know, with all those frustrated feelings of his brothers when wanting to confess badly but couldn't and just being able to watch them growing away and changing more and more :'(
I just couldn't stop reading and I finished the whole one in one go xD
Poor kuroko. I just wanna choke all those rainbow headed creatures to death for treating Tetsuya like that omg. Unforgivable. How could they do such a thing to that little angel? The most infuriating thing was none of them really stopped what Akashi was planning to do! Sending him away! Omg! Ok. Except Midorima and Kise, but still! They should protect him :'( those bad bad brothers already forgot their little promise and Tetsuya was the only one who was still trying to keep it. It's the most heartbreaking thing. I can't omg I can't. Oh yeah, Kagami is coming in the next chap right? Then, I will sit and watch the Gom bawling when they realize what they have done! Let's make them jealous! Yoshhhhhhh! XD (Tetsu! Just forget those idiots! I have a very kindhearted and cute brother! I will introduce him to you, my little angel! XD I will chop him if he dares to bully you, so no worries at all! X3)
The last thing is thank you very much for this chapter. You don't know how much it affects me. Please just let me live in your brain so that I can read all the remaining chapters TT and thank you very much for putting so much effort in it. I can really see your sincerity in every one of the chapters. Thank you so much for writing such long chapters too TT I will be waiting for your update! Fighting! (Sorry for my bad English. )
lovekagakuro chapter 7 . 1/25
OK I think I am on a review marathon today for all the amazing stories and their authors. This study is beyond amazing and I love the concept. Please make kuroko and kagami fall madly in love with each other ! Kuroko can use that as he has been neglected enough. Author-san I am begging u please update. I shall not give up hope on u so pleaaaasseeee update !
Kyuu-Hime chapter 7 . 1/19
Please continue this story. I think you should make Kuroko fall for aomeone else and then the GOM is jealous.
QM HyoJin chapter 7 . 1/18
I am just crying because when I finished reading, I caught this: Updated: May 15, 2014
The story is too painful, I cried just by seeing Kuroko suffering.
I don't know why I really dislike Momoi here /cries
When are you going to update, I want to read more . . . don't leave me hangin' after reading this story for hours /uglysobs
I love your writing skills, really T_T The way you describe things and emotions, I'm just like...speechles T_T I hearteu u
amu000004 chapter 7 . 1/16
When will you post the next chapter?I can’t wait!
Matt143 chapter 7 . 1/11
You brought tears to my eyes I love this story
It's full of great writing, powerful emotion, gripping storyline, touching lines, and of course amazing charaters
Please give Kuroko a good ending and have a touching brother scene where they come all together I would love it!
Please say your not done with it yet I would die truly
KurokoTetsuya101 chapter 7 . 1/4
AWESOME! ENTER KAGAMI! Plz make Kagami appear in the next chapter. I need him so bad! Save Kuroko Kagami plz! Awesome story! And... I LOVE HOW LONG THE CHAPTERS ARE! LOVE YOU FOR THAT! *patiently waiting for the next update*
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