Reviews for A Bonding Experience
OpalPrincess chapter 1 . 7/16/2013
Hi Kurt!

Oh gosh! I am sorry to review so late! I only realized that there was an update from you not too long ago! Work had been taking a toll on me and I don't really have much free time other than to eat and sleep but I manage to find some time to finally read your story!

As usual, your story is remarkable. The way your story flows is so consistent that allow the readers to be able to link the story to your previous ones.

I have to say, I missed Akira and Takumi staying together but in reality, they both had to graduate one of these days. Sigh.. However, I like how you introduced new circle of friends of Takumi and based on just the conversations, I can actually get an impression on each of his friends. Takumi is such a sweet guy to throw a birthday party for Izumi but too bad for Hiroki XD such a jealous and insecure guy. Serves him right for being pranked by Takumi XD

And the bet... I already had something in mind when you mentioned about the bet with Takumi and Akira. To think they had progressed to kinky stuff in bed! They grow up so fast ;) Would have love to know the aftermath of that. Haha! His friends would be so surprise at the bruises on some part of his body!

Well, just want to say it again, love your works and hope to see more again!


- Saffyopa -
Ai Akira chapter 1 . 6/10/2013
I really loved the introductory. It informed me of what was going on and the universities Akira and Takumi where attending.
The character 'Alex' is a very, umm should i say, unique character. I get he hails from America but the fact that he speaks fluent japanese is a suprising fact so i'm asuming there's a bit of an untold story there.
Also he reminds me of Hajime a great deal. I missed him in this chapter, his squabbles with Akira too. Its amazing how much his sense of humour is rubbing of on Takumi. Loved takumi's little prank on Hiroki.
I love the fact that you found a way to bring them together, takumi and Akira & Hiroki and Izumi i mean. That was really nice.
Ohhh did Takumi's reunion with Akira make me squeal with joy? Yes, Yes it did. So much so that the person i was sitting next too in the bus thought i was going crazy. It really was a nice way to "Spice up" their relationship. Lol
Overall it was a splendid story indeed. It baffles me how you are able to come up with something new each time. But then again you are Kurt Kieser so it isnt suprising.
Kudos Kurt!

Kintatsu chapter 1 . 6/9/2013
"Yuko-san and Kenji-kun"

Has it been too long since I read your fics, or was that a Katawa Shoujo reference?
Hallwings chapter 1 . 6/9/2013
What is it with your recent stories making me think impure thoughts? First, it was the HONEYMOON (I'm typing it like Benicio del Toro says it in "Licence to Kill"), and now it's Akira and Takumi participating in sadomasochistic activity...just saying.

As we saw in the previous story, Hajime's sick sense of humor is definitely rubbing off on Takumi.

Oh, BTW, what exactly are Risa, Yuko, and Ayumi's family names? (just asking)

Also, does Alex have any Japanese blood in him, or is he a full gaijin?

Anyways, this was a great story. I hope to see more soon, and I wonder when we're going to see the high school gang (Hajime, Wataru, Kyoko, and Hiromi) again.