Reviews for The Collar
TeddyBearD0ct0r chapter 94 . 10/16
I binge read this story (again) over the entire weekend, it's so addictive to read.
I absolutely love the way you write, especially with Emma and Regina.
Really can't wait to read more!
Guest chapter 94 . 10/15
Just binge re read the whole story! :)
RougeSeductress chapter 94 . 10/14
looooovvvvvveeeeeeee this story! I have been following for so long. really looking forward to more updates. I think I have reread it about 3 times.
Swen23 chapter 1 . 10/13
Update? Pls!
jeanyoo1 chapter 94 . 10/12
wow finally had the time to read it and loved it k reaally hope ther will be another update soon
Guest chapter 94 . 10/11
So what now? Emma married to Regina. Drink poison and kill yourself Emma. This what happens when your spouse is a homicide criminal. lol
Living with Regina? Lets just say no one can live with her besides who wants to live with a psycho bitch who only thinks about herself.
I appreciate Emma's surviving skills but no amount of skills can save her from Regina. Emma you better run girl. There are lot of beautiful women out there even better than Regina. Don't fall for looks Emma. other than being beautiful Regina does not have anything.
caitlynalove chapter 1 . 10/11
Ugh so good! Xx I’ve reread your fic about three times now since you’ve started 3 thank you for the update!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/10
You are quiet clever actually. They way you update every chapter readers seems to forget what happened in the Last chapter or what happened in the story so far. But I can't forget the torture Emma had gone through when she was in the amazon for no reason. When will Regina finally really her mistake? Even now she is behaving as if she had done nothing wrong, behaves as is she enlightened Emma's life. Annoying little bitch! Every damn chapter Regina irritates me to the core.
d'evilregal chapter 94 . 10/10
What!? Holly hell please update soon xx
AngelGem chapter 94 . 10/10
I have finally caught up! What a read! I am hooked and can't wait for your next chapter!
anne.issa.calil chapter 94 . 10/9
Thank u so much for that chapter and for this awesome fanfic. Please when Regina will finally open up? It's coming? Can u tease me a little? Pretty please?
carolm007 chapter 94 . 10/9
Wonderful chapter, I figured these two were permanently bonded, but marriage? Now that's going to freak everyone out! Lots of interesting hints here. The oath retaken in Emma's world is a little odd. I assumed Emma lost the wager outright, yet Regina promises to send her back saying "when our wager expires and I release her". Maybe I'm reading too much into that. Braxas' intel on the Whites kingdom's 'rot from within' has awesome implications. Maybe Emma and Regina can eventually unite their kingdoms down the line, stirring up all means of chaos first.
I'm guessing Regina already knows they're married and wants to ease Emma into accepting it. Why else would she so abruptly leave her kingdom to see Emma's world and change roles while there. Can't wait to see where they go in the city or soon!
Blob chapter 94 . 10/9
Awesome! I liked it! It was cool! They’re very close, and married? Awesome twist :P
Guest chapter 94 . 10/8
Great chapter. I am so glad you came back to it. It is an addictive story
Areseya chapter 94 . 10/8
Married...hahahhahaha great! God for them...someone should tell them! Are you starting to cut the smut scenes? Just a thought...
But I love the development! Hope for more soon...
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