Reviews for The Collar
mirajane knightwalker chapter 36 . 9/24
I'm surprised Emma didn't ask how this messed up time flow would effect her trip back to her world. why didn't see ask how long she has been gone from her world since time works so differently? that seems like the smart question to ask.
Guest chapter 98 . 9/7
I love this is it ever getting updated again tho? I really hope so!
6477A chapter 1 . 8/31
I feel like this is not over. It was an awesome story all the way up to the last chapter and then it just ends. I felt I was brought to a climax part and got left hanging.
Guest chapter 98 . 7/22
Great chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
Kurojistou chapter 98 . 7/22
Regina Regina it’s not what you think! ..I hope.
Guest chapter 98 . 7/18
Please write more. I love it
zannika02 chapter 98 . 7/12
So omg it took me all week to get thru 98 pages and want to congratulate u on this, it's amazing
MIROjrsygrl chapter 98 . 7/11
Good chapter. So much going on. I'm particularly looking forward to the next one. The tease at the bottom of this chapter just isn't enough. Again, thank you for writing.
WolfAlpha13 chapter 98 . 7/10
As always this story never disappoints and is always refreshing and exhilarating story! Cannot wait for the next chapter!
LISTENallyouneedisLOVE chapter 98 . 7/10
You are just so spectacular at side plots and their addition to main plot growth. You have EF to disappoint with this story and I get giddy with excitement whenever I see there has been an update! I’ve been here since the beginning and it has been such a delight!
sydnyyy chapter 98 . 7/8
Interesting new chapter. I look forward to the development of Regina and Emma's relationship, especially dom!Emma and sub!Regina. Can't wait for the next chapter, almost to 100!
Sydney18 chapter 98 . 7/8
Excited that there's a new update. I hope to see more of the development of Regina and Emma's relationship, especially dom!Emma and sub!Regina. I can't wait for the next one, almost to 100 chapters!
MiDushiNoSushi chapter 98 . 7/10
Ooohhh, I love Emma the savior. I fully expected Regina's panties to drop with that kind of white knight behavior. Really wish they did... But now, I can't help but feel like maybe there's an emotional buildup taking place. I'd really love to know what Regina is thinking witnessing Emma in so many different environments, or just seeing how multifaceted she is. Also reinforcing how much of a survivor- and thriving- she is. I can't wait for more. This chapter felt a little shorter than your usual.

Nonetheless, thanks for sticking with this fic
Lexi-TheEvilRegal chapter 1 . 7/10
Okay, but Regina calm down honey. If you can’t handle this, how are you going to process the information that Red just got when you and Emma get back? There’s so much tea about to be spilled and I am READY for it. I’m also requesting, if you can, some little floofy heart stopping moments in the near future? Just to give me hope that these ladies will not be thick skulled for forever? XD Seriously Emma, take a chainsaw to the bush just like you did Regina’s tree. YOURE IN brain the entire time during this. Haha. Thank you so much for updating, I really do enjoy it. I wish you all the best inspiration for future chapters. Cheers, have a lovely day!
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