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Megami Tensei Emperatriz chapter 86 . 3/20
owww! oh my god! hahaha i love it
i laughed a lot with this one. hahaha just imagine Sho kicking the poor vending machine was almost hilarious. and Ken! he fainted! hahahaha! ( i must say i love Sho and i love even more he is still alive! thank you so much! ┬┐do you know how much i love you for this? hahaha just kidding ;D ) but... just a quest, is it for the bond between them or maybe is he obsesed with Minato? well, i like the idea of Sho as a bodyguard for Minato but i think Hamuko dont like it at all.
about Ryoji... hmmmm... i like him when he help Hamuko but i cant see him like an asshole or a violent guy at all, since his personality in the game is very diferent. BUT still i like the idea. thinking as your way, since he is the incarnation of Death itself and Death is a demonic entity full of rage bloodlust and hate... its very logic that Ryoji-kun has to develop a diferent personality in this fic. well im willing to see how is gonna be this final arc with those changes. i really enjoy this!
Minato is back to the school... that was totally diferent, geez... how much anoying can the people be? those girls talking about how he looks and the guys disrespects him... ough! i was like: "hey you assholes get away from him! and shut up alredy you stupid bitches!" glad that Hamuko do it for me!... well i guess minato was not very friendly before and thats the reason for the guys hate him but girls?, maybe he played a lot with some of the girls but still they follow him... ( thank godness he still has his friends AND a beautiful girlfriend like Hamuko (she totally fall for him aand nobody can take her apart now)... it makes me sad to think that my poor minato has more pain and suffer to deal with in the future.
amazing as always boy, i really enjoyed this cap, and im sorry for the late, i had a little accident and passed some days resting but im ok now. please keep doing like only you can do it )
cheers to you and your team, amazing job boys!
bye bye
Guest chapter 86 . 3/18
Waiting since forever :(
xaxiel1572 chapter 86 . 3/4
Good for you Minato.
xaxiel1572 chapter 85 . 3/4
Fricking beautiful!
RockyRua chapter 86 . 3/1
I see tough times ahead for Minato but I like this direction. Really shows that Minato suffered a lot and is not the same. Considering the torture he went through I'm not surprised and he isn't fallen Minato who can still fight. In fact I have a question, who is damaged more, this one or the one in fallen messiah?

Sho was hilarious and I can see some bits of bromance between him and Minato. Hamuko isn't going to like that and given the way Ryoji is acting towards Minato, won't be surprised if he ends up pissing Hamuko too XD I also cannot wait for Sho and Ryoji to interact, Sho won't back down from him, like Junpei did.

The last scene with Minato was powerful. He's running away from his past and that will come back to bite him. Ryoji is awfully nice to him... can't see how he'll be able to torture Minato but this is you we're talking about XD Off to the next story.
Yuki-Infel chapter 86 . 2/27
Now, let's hope the fluff isn't just a distraction for more fucked-up scenes *crosses fingers*
clevernameeh chapter 86 . 2/27
yaaaayyyy! i needed the opening scene, no excessive fluff but it was so well done, especially hamuko sleeping on minato's stomach, that was cute. it was also cute to see hamuko doing the checking and protecting this time around which makes sense because minato is pretty damaged :[ damn you Makoto!
that vending machine scene was hilarious. i can see a fight happening between sho and hamuko and wont be surprised if they are fighting over minato XD still nice to see sho forming a bond with minato, he even saved him from falling from the steps and dayum, he's the son of ikutsuki, i did a little browsing about sho on the wiki and he has one rich backstory poor guy though, ikutsuki ruined another life.
i liked the makeover scene and the little bits about minato and hamuko talking about their past. aww hamuko searched for him too? their bond has grown beautifully, at this point it does seem like that they're like childhood lovers, hahaha.
don't know why minato lost his fanclub because he's so adorable right now X3 post-death minato is cute as all hell even imaging him with those clothes and eye patch is cute. he should get more fangirls! and again, hamuko was the one shouting and covering for him, she finally realized that minato has given enough and now its her time to take care of him.
ryoji finally gets a proper introduction and he's just like i thought, angry towards everyone else other than minato. take that haters, minato tamed death on his first day back! also hamuko seems to be getting jealous, first she warned sho and now she pulled him away from ryoji. can't wait to see more of him, i mean his glare was enough to shut people enough and his interactions with his fanclub are hilarious already. minato has like 3 bodyguards now but i'm worried about his damage, maybe Elizabeth can heal him? but you told me before that this damage is different from the one he got during the strega and theo arc.
cried a little during the last scene. ;_; minato has grown through hell and according to you, the next one will be the hardest. he's also trying to run away from his past and in anime/stories that's not a good thing but i can understand, he's still disgusted with himself.
loved the last scene, I'm sure they snuggled on the couch after that X3 i feel as long as he has hamuko, minato will be fine.
three cheers! now update soon my favorite author.
GrimReaperJr1232 chapter 86 . 2/26
Makoto : Oh yeah, knife. Add that to the tally...
Me : Let it go!
Makoto : Fine. So Minato was just "revived"
Me : And he's probably gonna die soon... Probably. Why must Minato's life suck so much?
Makoto : Who cares? Breakdowns are awesome.
Me : So, this Minato looks like he was mauled by a bear now? Which means...
Makoto : He lost the fan club. Hey didn't you have an actual fan club once?
Me : It was annoying, Minato should be very happy now... Once he gets over the whole killing hundreds and having his childhood stolen thing.
Makoto : Sho didn't even know how to use a vending machine lol
Me : And Minazuki is apparently gone.
Makoto : And Sho cut up Ken "training" him. I like that guy.
Me : You like anyone who tortures people
Makoto : Of course! Now it's Sho v. Hamuko... LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT!
Me : *sigh* You're out of control
Megami Tensei Emperatriz chapter 85 . 2/19
amazing! oh thank you!
Sho is Alive! omg! i can believe this! the battle was fucking awesome! Hamuko was awww! i cant even find a word to describe this...
thank you. is all i can say for now. wow, Minato is safe, Makoto is dead, Hamuko has the best fight ever, the SL are complete... or most of these. and Finally Minato remembered that night in the bridge.
SHO IS ALIVE! i cried like a baby.! oh! he is a teamate now, hahaha yay! i cant wait! i need the next cap very soon.
oh but threre is one thing i couldnt understand. why Hamuko is not kissing his boyfriend like there is not tomorrow? oh well i guessthe fluff comes later but, hey, he is ok, she and the others saved his ass... so what are you waiting for, girl? go for it! XD
geez, keep going please, ill be waiting.! cheers for you!
and sorry for the late but my job is quite bussy right now. still i follow you so... go to write!
drashaan chapter 85 . 2/19
I been reading this fic for the last few days all of the junpei beatdowns had me rolling
sense i hate his character in general. this has been very entertaining to read through
heres hoping you manage to finish up the story
RockyRua chapter 85 . 2/18
Wow I was waiting for the time when Minato would remember that night and it was well done. A lot of stuff happened, the battle was awesome as usual and wow, there were a total of 10 social links maxing up. Sho came back and joined the team. Yes. I can't say much but I'm really happy at what happened, how everything went down. I loved the fact that Hamuko fought and never stopped, encourage Minato and even saved him so many times and finally, the two get together again. XD the shipper in me is finally happy. But that dream... tells a lot of how brave Minato is and shit, imaging the sealing was brutal. These two are super tough for surviving something like that. I can't wait to see how the new Minato interacts with the team, how Sho fits and how they go from here. Ryoji is the demon in the fic huh? Can't wait for that. I don't think Minato can be fully healed without a miracle. 10-15 more chapters? This has been one hell of a ride from start to finish and its finally going to end. I'll be sad but I'm impatient to see it end. Impatient on how you deal with Ryoji and Nyx. Keep it up.
Guest chapter 85 . 2/16
Bloodlust Forever :') Love this so much!
Anon chapter 85 . 2/15
This has been one crazy rollercoaster ride with pain, hate, angst, heart-ache and evolution. I loved every minute of it. Thank you!
clevernameeh chapter 85 . 2/15
yes yes yes. this was all that i wanted and more. finally, finally minato is back to normal, back to his feet and more adorable and badass then ever XD i loved everything in this chapter (like usual because i'm a crazy fangirl) hamuko's relentless battle was amazing. awww at the vision and advice she got from minato which definitely helped her beat makoto down. she didn't back down or shy away and just kept kicking the hell out of hamuko. i loved it even saved minato so many times. 'i do this because i love you' awww.. best ship ever and it has finally returned.
i knew the team was going to end up helping and help they did. the bonds managed to pull him out of the despair and i loved how everyone poured their heart out to minato and begged him to come back, even sho. EVEN SHO! XD im glad he is back oh my god i loved that so much, he came back from the void just like minato did, just to cheer minato on and he's in SEES at long last. this was teased for so long and i'd be sad if sho was left all alone. good on ya sho!
but then the aigis social link happened and minato remembered. the flashback was chilling, tells volumes about how horryfing death is but it also tells how courageous minato is, with and without death even as a child. the fact that it was told in 1st person added to the awesomeness. and aww, little hamuko bowing at minato for saving her, no wonder she fell for him. the ritual looked pretty brutal, like limbs twisting, blood out of her mouth and a hole in her chest... eeesh again tells a lot how death is...
when minato slowly rose up i cried. xD then badass minato happened and like usual, his speeches were awesome. 'stay in my shadows' wowzers. and finally the ultimate fusion spell killed off makoto. i had to wait a few hours to completely digest the chapter but everything from the brutal battle to the bonds forming to the vision and sho returning, it took a while to digest.
love the little moment with the two fools in the end. hamuko let those tears loose and now they are finally back together again. i said it before but these are star crossed lovers, hell is coming for them because death... yeah, this wil be painful but like always i will follow the story.
you outdid yourself again this was the best chapter so far but i'm sure you'll blow our minds again. loved the ship and the story and you guys too. XD great job. i'll cry hard when this story ends but i must see the end, no matter what.
jason wu chapter 85 . 2/14
Hah in the morning the sun will rise
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