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Megami Tensei Emperatriz chapter 101 . 12h
first of nothing i Say YES! i want a Lemon and i thank this Brave soul for her help! go on girl, the fools deserve a bit of happiness too.
okay, now... i laughed my ass of in the first part hahaha poor Minato, he got no acction at all and only beat up Sho! hahaha i love that stupid Redhead! oh boy, it was hilarious, with Sho saying bullshit and Hamuko furious squeezing his throat!
and what a "date"! good thing they got back the damn mask but sure it was hard to do so. OMG! i love that hawk cold stare of Minato's yaaay! (i'll do whatever he wants if he looks me like that *blushesand that psychopatah laugh, geez! Flying in the back of Seth with Minato holding you tigh... (where do i sign for that?) lucky Hamuko!
talking about her... She was angry as hell at first, good thing she calmed down, geez, the girl only wants a goddamn moment with his heandsome, cool, badass Psycho, super hot boyfriend! i could not blame her...
but, that thing with the mask... ugh, nothing good comes and i'm wondering now... if... she has something related to the mask. nope, i rather not to think.
awesome chapter! funny too, congrats! you took your time with this but hell, no complains!
you're the best around, you know? i'll check the fics you recomend, maybe one Catch my eye, please keep going, i need to know what happens with the goddamn mask!
tons of kisses and cheers for you! ah, and that cute girl who is helping, thank you darling! some fans want a Lemon for si long but he is not good with that (or so it says) hope you could change it, please go foward!
bye bye
jason wu chapter 101 . 17h
Sho at it again lol
GrimReaperJr1232 chapter 101 . 22h
Grim : Ah, Sho, may you never change.
Makoto : Holy shit, you just got an advertisement.
Grim : Holy shit... Also, don't jinx it!
Makoto : You don't believe in jinxing
Grim : I believe in precaution.
Makoto : Whatever. So, now they gotta deal with an evil mask that apparently has mind controlling/hypnotizing abilities and mother... They're fucked
Grim : They're always fucked, just not literally. He he, problem in his pants.
Makoto : Also, let it be known that I vote yes to the lemon
Grim : Really man?
Makoto : Shut up. What about you?
Grim : Eh, don't care. You'll just have to hope your vote counts.
TsukiReiCC chapter 100 . 9/1
Ah I'm a bit late, but congratz for finally at 100 chapters! And good luck with bills.
Guest chapter 100 . 8/21
I loved this xD
Megami Tensei Emperatriz chapter 100 . 8/20
thank you!
thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this! i loved every single word! this was the best chapter ever!
hahaha i was laughing like no tomorrow! omg! Sho! hahahaha i love Sho even more now... but i must say it was pretty hilarious too hahaha just imagine the faces, Minato specially, when he said "i don't swing that way" hahaha it was like "hell no! what's wrong with that readhead dude" and then Yukari and Jumpei suffering and thinking how in hell they will do with Minato's request, but since what happened the other day Minato better took care to avoid been interrupted with his "love life" i loved how Hamuko was playful and seductive, and Minato blushing and hidding his face! that was cute
aah and "that scene" wow! i didn't imagine you will write something like that soo good! i enjoyed it at the most! Hamuko was hungry for some love i must say... (and with a boyfriend like hers, wow... me too) she really took the lead in a way, oooh but Minato! oooh Minato! omg! the kisses! the way he was taking of her clothes, his teases! yaay... he was sooo hot, and sexy, and gentle... always caring not to hurt her, not to be so rough on her... but that smile of his! that Psycho grin, that cold glare... i mean, i can understand why Hamuko was moaning and shivering... Minato was beyond hot and sweet at the same time! i loved when he started touching her, first thinking what to do, trying to remember how he did when other girls but no! Hamuko is too special for him! owww when he said she is beautiful! awww i couldn't stop sighing and blushing! my own face was flushing red! that Psycho foul mouthed prick! i love him! i missed his shit talk so much, i'm happy he is back! hope all of that stupid haters in the school will pay for mess with him...
(you little... i fall for Minato one more time and is all your fault... but thank you xDbut, like always they were interrupted in the best part (screw the fucking zombies!meh, Hamuko has bad luck as well as Minato, everytime they want some intime time together something happens... but now i wonder what's going on with the losts and that strange mask... Nyx has a mask so, is it conected? bah! it doesn't matter! i'm too happy to think about it! this cap was damn funny and hot at same time, i was worried for Sho at first! hahaha when he said that about light clothes and strip and go to the room i... i... omg!blushes like an idioti am not into yaoi things but hell, my heart was punding too damn fast... then i was laughing and rolling on the floor hahaha (i scared my mom i swear!) Sho really needs a class about how to talk with people, because, as a matter of fact he knows about sex, didn't he?... but his lack of vocabulary doesn't help him and the poor guy ended up thinking they were trining... and that about the marks! hahaha omg! "he is mine" hahahaha i can't handle this yet! Hamuko was angry as hell! poor Minato, at the end he got nothing, just a mark in his neck and a problem in his pants, hahaha i supose cuz after all that happened, oh but wait, that zombie attack and his room messed up plus that fight with Sho... nah, that kill the mood badly...
still i hope the two fools can have some time for them and finally make love like god says to do it. they deserve it at least... because nothing good comes next... and one last quest, if Minato doesn't want nothing from Ryoji even thanatos... what about fusing Messiah? oh boy, you did it great! the best cap!how many times i said it alredy?but you always go further, you are amazing! i love you! thanks for this, you promised something good and you did it better than only good! you cheer me up just like the other day, thank you for it too! abd thanks to you i'm myself again, no more bad mood and no more depressed faces! you're my hero! (but shhht, it's a secret xD) tonos of kisses and a big one specially for you! keep going! don't worry, i'll wait, college is pretty tough but you can handle it, good luck anyway.
clevernameeh chapter 100 . 8/20
did not see this coming. never thought you'd ever take the dare and actually write, let alone write such a long scene regarding my favorite but thank you! I love you so much for this. this is probably my most favorite in the story with no angst and horror to ruin the thing. it was top notch funny and hot.
starting off, i love how minato still has an edge about him, cursing and getting angry like his old psycho self. in some ways, he's even better than before, more controlled but still a foul mouted psycho. i don't know how much you make him appear so hot even during normal interactions. his staredown with sho at the start was hot XD dont ask me i just love that guy too much. after reading that minato told junpei to keep the others away i was thinking that you'll skip the scene and get to the end but i was wrong, sorry for doubting you!
the whole scene from the starting to the end was so hot and sexy, especially minato. i mean hamuko was pretty seductive and teased minato but man... when minato took control it was next level hot. he sure knows how to please a girl hehehe. i loved how they marked each other and how slow minato was in removing her clothes... i can go into a lot more detail but i won't do that. nutshell that scene was the best one in the story, although i should hate you because every time they tried to do something major something happened and they stopped but that didn't broke the flow at all, the last scene with minato hovering over her was just so... enough said. thank you for the scene. these two have suffered a lot and they needed this moment. also yikes, minato wanted to break and chew her fingers? happy to see he has come a long way. i was expecting hamuko to pass out when he started giving her psycho smiles.
i know they never went far but the sweetness and hotness made up for it.
AND SHOOO! XD oh my god, i've been converted, i now ship minato x sho right after minato x hamuko. that scene was so hilarious and cute, especially how sho thought minato belonged to him. hamuko was angry but i can get her, this is like the 3rd time they failed and got interrupted by freaking zombies! XD i laughed like mad during the whole scene, especially when she shoved minato into sho and sho started tossing around innuendos without knowing the meaning.
his last exchange with minato was so funny, my sister was looking at me like i was mad that's how hard i was laughing.
in closing, thank you! i love everything about this chapter, from hamuko seducing minato to them cuddling against each other and the hilarity in the end. i should be worried about the mask and the force but screw that, no tension for one chapter i'm super happy that you did write this. rare to se a popular author listening to his readers. my soul has been healed after what i saw in the crossover in the past few chapters. I love you!
good luck in college. I'll be waiting~
Hanae Kokoro-chan chapter 100 . 8/20
Wow! There are so much minato/hamuko moments here! And wow! I cant believe their make up session failed. I pity minato. Poor guy...oh, I like how you wrote the details for their love session. It's a new thing but you did it nicely.

And zombies as their new foe/threat. You never cease to surprise your readers.

Oh, I laugh and face palmed so hard at Sho. Geez that dude! Anyways, I'm glad you update it! Keep up the good work!
Unknown af chapter 100 . 8/19
Sho is the cutest little shit I've ever seen
SolidShinji104 chapter 100 . 8/19
Oh Sho you and your 5 year old mental outlook you make things too funny.
xaxiel1572 chapter 100 . 8/19
Oh my god seriously that was hilarious especially with Sho using innuendos without understanding knowing it XD
Aira Aura chapter 100 . 8/19
Pills? What pill?
GrimReaperJr1232 chapter 100 . 8/19
Grim : Wow...
Makoto : Talk about a cockblock.
Grim : ... Not much to say other than..
Makoto : Goddamn fucking zombies! Someone oughta disembowel them and offer their guts to The Reaper...
Grim : Um... Yeah, that'll do. No one robs Makoto of his fap material.
Makoto : Don't judge me
Grim : We're all judging the fuck outta you
MinaxMina chapter 100 . 8/19
OH MY GOSH! Never expected this but thank you, thank you so much. The hotness of Minato did not stop at all, love, love, LOVE that scene like you have no idea. This went from absolute hotness to absolute hilarity with Sho and Minato.
Rare to see an author who cares and listens to his readers. Thank you for this gift and I hope college goes well for you.
"Love me lots, Minato." has got to be the cutest line ever.
Going to re-read this 10 more times. Bye Bye!
Guest chapter 99 . 8/18
Incredible ending to the Ryoji saga. Minato was beyond amazing to read in the past three chapters. Can't imagine how he kept his composure and focus with so much hell going on.
His speech, taunts and fights were top tier. You nailed everything in regards to him. Well done!
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