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Steven Cold chapter 71 . 19h
You guys will have to wait a little while to see the next update. Our lead author is kind of out of commission right now. Sorry for the delay.
Cherry Cherry chapter 71 . 7/29
Guest chapter 71 . 7/29
RockyRua chapter 71 . 7/28
Wow that told a lot about Takaya and his powers. I was thinking that he'll fall over and die when his body started turning blue and red. He was smart and cold as usual, nice touch.

I definitely liked Sho here. He was relentless and even managed to kill Takaya. Too bad that he's immortal. I wonder where did this come from. Man, it would be epic if Minato still had the ability to come back from the dead. The two would keep fighting for ever but only Takaya is immortal now, wonder how Minato will deal with that. Minato has stronger magic that Sho so I guess he'll be able to respond with elements with his own, especially with his new personae.

Can't imagine how the final battle between Minato and Sho will go. Sho is trying hard to dislike him but he's firmly in Minato's side against Takaya but still needs his answer. Can't wait.

Takaya ruins everything, even a social link moment. LOL, Minato actually passed out before all that. Kinda hard to believe but it was funny. The two finally get a moment for themselves, something tells me its the only calm before the storm.

Keep it up guys.
MatildaOsb chapter 71 . 7/28
I thought Sho was gonna die hahahaha lol. He's alive phew! Takaya knows now that Minato is in full health, they're gonna have to find a weakness sooner or later. What is gonna happen when death leaves him? I hope he'll be okay. Minato is warming up to ther other dorn residents, that's perfect! So that end of the chapter was like oooh wooow. They did have sex right? I'm pretty sre they did. And yeah they do deserve this! Those two are just the cutest ever! Usually its the female that gets all shy and becomes a blushing mess but it was the guy here! Haha. Aww. If they did have sex did the dorm residents hear the screams and stuff :p Hahaha can't wait for the next chap. I'll be waiting :)))
Guest chapter 71 . 7/27
Wow. Nice one
Megami Tensei Emperatriz chapter 71 . 7/27
What an epic chapter we have here! That fight Sho/Takaya was brutal! Ow i really enjoyed, ir was amazing!... Jin is worried and he is right, Takaya is a goddamn monster right now. Those plumes sure give him power but man, it costs too much. Now i can say only minato can fight back with him, also is ugly as hell now hehehe... Btw Sho is powerful but even him is not rival for Takaya...
Minato is trining Jumpei, hope he improve as muchos as Hamuko xD actually muy blue demon boy is happy with it, he smiled!
Oh boy i totally loved the scene when Minato and Hamuko "spend a long time together" xD yay! They finally did it! Poor minato, he passed out just for thinking about it... Oww that was so cute hahaha i almost faint for laughing so much xD at the end he take out the nerves and show his lo ve to her... They de serve it i swear, just love it!
But always takaya is the spot, geez... He was all happy and then he saw the scars in Hamuko's back... OMG. Now he is more pissed, i can wait until the final battle! I want Ryoji, i'm a little worried about Sho, i miss Pharos and i want Takaya be Mauled ripped bruised and killed in the most horrible and painful way posible...(ok my dark side shows again hahaha xD)
I need more! Oh Boy i could fall for you! xD (haha just kidding) i love the way you write, and your co-writers are amazing too. I'll be waiting for the next! Is exciting!
Keep going! Cheers to you guys! You are the bests ever!
Guest chapter 71 . 7/27
Aha yesss! You probably know why I'm saying that right? :p that scene at the end of this part! AH! Totally Cool! Loved it! I'm super duper excited about the next chapters too! I'm equally pumped like everyone else is! Can't wait for the Ryoji part! :) Waiting for the next part then!
PoodsGf chapter 71 . 7/27
Woah. Woah. Woah. Woah! They finally did 'it'! Right now! This is the chapter I was born to read! Alright! Feeling extremely happy you got no idea! Will she get preggers? Oh my gawd. Nah, just kiddin' Hamuko can't get pregnant right now OBVIOUSLY. Aww loved how Minato was all cute and shy! Lol what if someone heard them. Hahaha, fab chapter guys! Waiting for the next one as usual :)
Savanna chapter 71 . 7/27
Literally Awesome
Sherry chapter 71 . 7/27
Woah! That fight between Takaya and Sho was like fucking intense and major brutal! I could barely read it, it was like really really brutal! Ack! Imaging all that blood in my head. Sho is a fucking badass by the way. I love him~ hehehe its meant to be :')) Is Takaya afraid? Well he better the hell be! Run like a sissy bruh. :D I'd love to write a fanfic but i cant because I just suck at everything basically xD You guys are an inspiration. Honestly. Writing Goals ya know. So the training is going great! Wonderif Minato is gonna train the others like Akihiko, Fuuka and Koromaru etc. He might I guess. They're getting stronger and stronger! Yaaaasss! Fantastic. Oh my gosh. I was like totally reading carefully and a bit like a pervert when I had read 'pushed him backwards'I was like' Oh God, yess, please let it happen, come on, do it' Then he kinda passed out. I totally punched the wall xD I was like Nooo! But then. Oh God, yeah. Yes! Keep it going. Do it! Do it! Yayyy! They finally did it! Wohoo! I was waiting for this day! Oh yeah! Uh huh! :'))) So can't wait for the next part! Update soon~~
clevernameeh chapter 71 . 7/27
aww man. i felt sad reading this when takaya was beating sho around. have grown to like him (not as much as minato but still) was real happy when sho killed him but jin interfered and takaya came back to life and now hes back to eating more plumes. oh dear, doesn't look good, minato was not at full health but sho isn't that much weak compared to him.
sweet sweet scene with minato and hamuko CX was waiting for this forever too. it was so cute how minato passed out at first and then tried to redeem himself XD God i love Minato.
too bad takaya had to ruin the moment. i hope minato gives him a very cruel death. death to takaya.
loved this chapter (mostly because of the last part, hehehe) keep it up.
mocasiotorres27 chapter 71 . 7/26
Damn it I wanted Sho to win!
Sachiko chapter 70 . 7/25
Really Awesome Fic..Just read it all in one go..can't wait for next chap..! I ship only MinaxMina! Love the story so far.
PoodsGf chapter 70 . 7/24
Awesome! So Junpei being trained by Minato :'D Haha usually I would've said this doesn't look good for Junpei but now its okay as Minato has changed :''))) Sho might die. Its a feeling I get. So love the fact that Ryoji is gonna be badass! Woho! So im guessing Ryoji is gonna be like the way Minato was before, the cold and easily pissed off guy demands personal space kinda guy. He might be all flirty towards Hamuko but I doubt it a bit, i thinks he's just gonna be all cold. So then I can't wait for the Ryoji part! Welp, excited for the next chapter!
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