Reviews for P3: Bloodlust
IzanagiPicaro chapter 108 . 3/6
Stupid Fanfiction, not telling me when you update. Anyway, almost there Nightlyy. Keep up the good work.
Megami Black chapter 108 . 2/6
OMG! was awesome! god! Kamisama, Odin budha or whoever, please send me one boyfriend like Minato! please i beg You!
this was the best Lemon i've readed in life! the best ever! it was so touching! i loved everithing! all the feelings between the two wild cards, how they feel empty, how Minato was ashamed about what happened with Nyx and Hamuko trying to fix things... i love it! when she though Minato doesn't like her body anymore and after the battle with Nyx, Hamuko crying and Minato cleaned her tears, that was beautiful! all of this!
i shed some tears too! oww Minato-kun is so sweet when it comes to Hamuko! i never get tired of Say that, btw sure thing Minato knows very good how to please a woman! christ! Hamuko can touch the heaven in his arms! makes me blush xD his smile, his devotion to her, his sweet talk, the way he cares about Hamuko, only thinking in her feelings and her pleasure, don't minding about his own... that was beautiful! i mean, i don't care if my boyfriend is a Psycho or whatever if he loves me so much as Minato loves Hamuko!
and She is really a determinated girl, dragging Minato in the room, trying to rebuilt their Bond and make him feel good, pouring her soul out for him and thanking all Minato did for her... it was adorable! i loved when she called him "my Messiah"... oh god!
the Lemon was excelent romantic, but hot and sweet, sexy and rough! Even with social link, which one Will be? Universe? i dunno but who cares it was too perfect!
i can Say another thing! i just LOVED EVERITHING!
and i laughed too seeing Jumpei chained to the bed and Minato yelling in phone! Elizabeth is so cute!
thank you for writing this, i know it is not your best write Lemon but You did pretty good! awesome job! and thank you those cute ladys too! for helping You to write this! You are great too girls!
now i'm ready for Nyx, also i know i'm gonna cry, because this is Persona 3 but doesn't matter, and i Say again, this is the best Story i've readed! the fucking best ever!
so... keep going! thank you for not stop, it means a Lot for me! i'll be waiting for the Next chapter! good luck with college and tests, take care and see You soon!
cheers and Kisses!
Guest chapter 108 . 2/5
Minato is such a sweetheart
clevernameeh chapter 108 . 2/4
... i was told that this would be a lot better than the other lemons but i disagree cause this is the best lemon i have ever read! omg thank you so much. i'd hug and kiss you if i could. thank you thank you! XD
i knew the chapter was going to be amazing the moment i read the first line. lol, minato talking with Elizabeth was so hilarious and cute and lol, what he did to junpei was even funnier. dunno why but i loled him calling the fortune link a 'fucking dork' that had me rolling. the rest of the chapter went pretty well and you did a good job of putting in the tension between the two because like you said, it's hard to be the same after the battle like that and now...
man i can't say much about the lemon but i will say this, that lemon was everything this fic is. a rollercoaster of all emotion with perfect flow. it had cuteness, hilarity (get on top of me and the evoker jokes had me rolling XD) feels and just unbelieveably hot and sexy all the way. i loved every word of it and holy shit, minato and hamuko kissed for 8 paragraphs! loved that wild card but the flashback was emotional and damn minato is a smooth talker at times XD 'just love you way too much' who wouldn't blush at that? also, got to say, he is the best guy ever when it comes to hamuko. the devotion and care he has for her is amazing and so sweet, especially when he kissed her about a hundred times when she felt pain. so cute. and wow, hamuko was rough at times with him but hehe i can get it. XD her internal thoughts about wanting to see him happy were very sweet too. the end was amazing and so hot and the aftermath made me happy and terrified at the same time. :c i can't imagine hamuko living without him if he does die in the battle... aaaahhh plz don't let that happen. and wow a social link? can't wait to see where this leads to.
overall, this was the hottest lemon ever and goddamn, it made me blush. XD which is new because i have read a lot of smut and very few make me blush. matter of fact, i am still blushing since i can't stop looking! no joke when i say this was the greatest lemon ever, it was hot, had everything and still classy and cute all the way, with enough detail to imagine everything and not make it tmi. XD again, minato is the greatest guy ever and this is my OTP, don't care if this doesn't happen in the game but wild cards together are just the best, them being opposite adds more charm to the pairing.
and liar! you lied about not being able to write a lemon and then you went ahead and wrote the best one! i feel sorta empty inside right now because i can't imagine them without each other after the sweetness that happened here... good job on that.
again, thank you! i love you! a lot of hugs and kisses because you are the best author who also listens to his fans. best of luck in college and come back soon! will always be supporting.
Raze Olympus chapter 108 . 2/4
Tis gud. Can't wait. Gg nub
Proxy's saga chapter 108 . 2/4
A lot of "oh my" was said while I was read this, but this isn't to say that it wasn't sexy- I-I mean, um...! I was very, umm...turned off, that's right, turned off. Definitely not turned on, because why would I be, that would be some crazy shit! Okay, but in all seriousness, this was some fine as stuff, if I do say so myself. And hopefully, the next chap will have Ryoji up Nyx's ass... But, we can only dream, we can only dream...
GrimReaperJr1232 chapter 108 . 2/4
Grim: *claps* congrats, the lemon didn't suck!
Makoto : Oh, but she~ did.
Grim: snrk, sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway, it definitely got the emotions they're feeling across well enough.
Makoto : Hmm... That was certainly something to see.
Grim: Oh, TMI Makoto. Anyway, it's definitely better than that Minato-Junpei BDSM crap or the one where Yukari binds Minato and rapes him until he can't hold it anymore.
Makoto : Congrats! It's not shit!
Guest chapter 108 . 2/4
Best lemon ever. Thank you for this. I love this pairing and the special bond they have. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. Minato x Hamuko is my OTP even more than before. Best of luck on your exams and meanwhile I will read this nonstop X)
Megami Black chapter 107 . 2/2
oh yes! finally she is back! and fuck Nyx! i hate her! OMG! poor Minato, that bitch hurt him so much! and yet she dared to scar Hamuko's beautiful face and body! glad Minato back to his senses and save her...
and Sho! i alredy told You i love him but man, he took the beating this time for sure, if wasn't for him Minato and Hamuko could lose this battle... i loved when Sho and Minato fought shoulder with shoulder... it was so cool and sexy! i love both of them, but is your fault i liked bad boys like them, dude.
yay! i'm waiting for the promised day too, just to see Minato kicking Nyx's godess ass, hell yes!
the battle between those two was brutal and spectacular, they really wanted to kill each other, glad to see Sho bring Minato back. u loved when Hamuko cried in Minato's arms and he comforted her, aww he is so sweet when it comes to Hamuko.
ok, to put it simple i loved all the chapter! great job it was amazing! i cried in some parts but i loved everithing! seeing Minato become an animal hurts but Sho fixed the things, it was no Lemon but it's ok, i can wait! this was fucking epic!
btw, how are You doing? are You feeling Well? i hope so, please take care and be good, i hope You are fully recovered, college must be hard but You can do it!
lots of Kisses and hugs! thank you for your efforts and keep going! i'll be waiting for the Next cap!
cheers! bye bye "little boy3
clevernameeh chapter 107 . 2/2
oh yes! YEEEES! hamuko is back! XD thank you. this was another amazing and holy shit the battle was epic from start to finish even if i cried at certain parts. the starting was pretty sad and brutal with minato and hamuko trying to kill each other and it was pretty emotional as well with minato remembering his dead parents and omg, nyx is still a bitch still taunting and insulting his parents. i can't really blame minato for losing it pretty sure anyone else would have but his breakdown reminded me of little of bl minato in the crossover... was that intended?
and wow! sho! XD i was so happy that he was the one who ran into his the graveyard and him telling that the only three people alive in the world were him, minato and even hamuko! aww so he does consider her a friend. loved sho in this chapter, especially him repeatedly throwing himself to save minato and talk some sense into him. it was nice that he still considered himself for responsible and yes, i love him and he is a better than the guys of sees... cept for minato but then again, that depends on the story since he doesn't really have a personality in the game. XD
and the mirror came to use. did not see that coming but thank god and after all, usual minato badassery followed and he was amazing as always. haven't seen a real minato fight in a bit i mean he didn't really fight against the gods and stayed away from harming hamuko. here he went toe to toe with nyx and even beat her around. found his yelling of 'give her back' really cute and ahh, that circle attack made its return and it was well done. also! i loved the fact that hamuko was fighting nyx too in her own way.
the ending was pretty emotion with minato and hamuko. poor otp of mine, they don't get a rest (screw you for that) but at least they are together again. it was cute they both apologized when it was not even their fault and sho... man, that was an amazing scene, with hamuko and minato hugging him. i like junpei to be minato's best friend but... sho works better here since he was pretty similar to minato at first and just like him, he finally changed.
great work and ooooooohhhhhhh! bring up the lemon chapter! XD i can't wait to see it since ive heard good things about it hehe. you did great like always! hoping you don't make me wait too much and upload it quickly!
Reader chapter 107 . 2/1
Such a freaking amazing chapter with everything, even sweet fluff at the end! Well done. I loved that Sho was the one who set it right and Minato, badass as always.
Looking forward to the lemon. Keep up the great work.
Aira Aura chapter 107 . 2/1
Now I just notice you use Kotone as Minato mom name...
How about Sakuya?
Guest chapter 107 . 2/1
Holy shit that was epic! Damn man you keep getting better and better!
GrimReaperJr1232 chapter 107 . 2/1
Grim: Welp, that arc is finally over.
Makoto: Mother... you're a bitch. The bitch of bitches!
Grim: ... Right. Bigass fight and a bigass chapter, so... eh, I don't have any real complaints. Lemon is next eh?
Makoto: Oh boy... This is going to be fun.
Grim: uh...
Makoto: What? I meant seeing THEM review the lemon and everything.
Grim: Right~. Eh, I'm sure you did good. Can't be any worse than that one where A Shadow Minako has a dick and screws Yukari followed by getting a BJ from Mitsuru.
Hanae Kokoro-chan chapter 106 . 1/28
NO! NO! It was getting good too! I hate you for giving me suspends every time! Why? oh well, looks like I have to wait as usual for next chappie.

the battle between two lovers more like nyx and minato but still count as hamuko. geez...What happen then to both of them? It's kinda tragic. They are not supposed to even end up like this. I hope minato isn't driven by his rage to actually kill hamuko.

anyways! lots of hugs from me and do what you do!
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