Reviews for Dissolve
Listelia chapter 1 . 5/11/2015
I just read it again. And again. I absolutely adore it. Both in characters and the angst and the subtlety of your writing and the friendship and the atmosphere... gah. I'm dead in love with the fic.
Thank you soooooo much !
Listelia chapter 2 . 3/5/2015
I reallly really really liked it *squeals*
thank you so much !oh please write more ! These two are just so wonderful alive AND in character under your penship, it's a pleasure to read !
guardianofdragonlore chapter 2 . 12/4/2014
Arthur is a prat 98% of the time, but he does have a heart of gold underneath all of it.
Guest chapter 2 . 11/22/2013
Asdfghjkl I've read this like 5 times, I really like this fic :) keep up the good work! :D
Guest chapter 2 . 10/8/2013
Asdfghjkl :')
This was amazing! Please please pleeeeeease continue with your Merlin fanfic's! :D
Guest chapter 2 . 10/2/2013
Asdfghjkl brilliant! :')
Qwerty616120 chapter 2 . 8/31/2013
Aw :) The Bromance survives! *throws confetti happily* Yay!
EmrysTheMerlin chapter 2 . 8/25/2013
Loved it
unobtrusivescribe chapter 2 . 8/13/2013
Oh! Those two are adorable! It was great to see genuine care from Arthur- hopefully it'll stay!
Jay-magic- G chapter 2 . 8/2/2013
nice, sort and sweet. quite lovely and the guilty arthur is good because i sometimes think he takes merlin for granted.
cyber anderson chapter 1 . 7/27/2013
Arther you foolish soul
natcel chapter 2 . 7/25/2013
YES! I enjoyed it very much, thankyou.
Blue Turtle of AWESOMENESS chapter 2 . 7/16/2013
I like it!
abitherabii chapter 2 . 7/7/2013
This was amazing! Lobed it :D
Tanks for posting xxx
abitherabii xxxxxxx
Sahba chapter 2 . 7/1/2013
Aww sweet;))
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