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The King in White chapter 18 . 6h ago
I'm enjoying this, oddly. Even if it's more saccharine than I'd be used to. But I'd just point out that in terms of politics it's more likely that "Iagan" (which sounds extremely Dothraki and is probably not what you'd name a Prince of Westeros) would be delivered as a Targaryen.

Even if it's his father that's a Stark and even if traditionally he would be a Stark, I can't see Daenarys wanting to be the last of her dynasty - especially when she has a child of her own and it's not unprecedented for names to propagate matrilineally.
witch20 chapter 38 . 8h ago
Wow! You can't take too long to update next time. Keep up the work.
If We Burn You Burn With Us123 chapter 38 . 9h ago
Yay you updated. Perfect amazing chapter as always. Can't wait to see Dacey. Update soon
Shinkicker chapter 38 . 10h ago
Nice. Curious how this meeting will go, since it will probably be quite different than cannon... Especially with Rhaegal there. Looking forward to the Others.

Thanks for posting!
RHatch89 chapter 38 . 15h ago
good update
lee.yu.10 chapter 38 . 17h ago
Okay. Now let's hope that nothing bad happens to Robb or Dany. When Robb asked if she's going to go south or do something stupid she changed the subject.
Emerald Stag chapter 38 . 18h ago
Great story so far! I've spent the last few days reading the entire tale up to the current chapter and have very much enjoyed the ride. Robb/Dany was not a pairing I had put much thought into before finding this story but I've really come to love the dynamic and the premise you came up with having Ned offer the marriage. I've also come to like the use of the other characters in the story, and the growth of the dragons of course. Very fun, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next in store for them.
purple sky always chapter 38 . 19h ago
Great chapter. I wonder what Melissandre will do when she sees Rhaegal. A dragon is fire made flesh after all.
Lord-of-the-Dance-is-She chapter 10 . 19h ago
Ooh I hope that arya gets to ride a dragon, she is so adventurous and strong, it would fit her!
Honeyee chapter 38 . 20h ago
The story is getting more exciting! I love how you wrote and Robb and Dany's relationship. Can't wait for what will happen to their son and how the Jon and Robb will react when they see one another. Please update soon.
RosesInJamJars chapter 38 . 20h ago
Aww :3 cute chapter!
Forgotten Honor chapter 38 . 22h ago
Your updates can't come fast enough! I'm enthralled on every word you put down in this epic masterpiece. I don't care what George RR Martin says, good, and even great, work can come from fanfiction. Good luck with the next chapter, and if you need inspiration I recommend reading Jon chapters from the books or rewatching scenes from the show.

SuperYuuki chapter 38 . 22h ago
I literally have had this fic open in a separate tab for over a week waiting for an update and I got the alert immediately and was like "aww yiss"
Anyway. Really cool with Iagan potentially being the Prince Who Was Promised.
SuperYuuki chapter 37 . 4/13
Dear lord this fanfic is good. Canon divergence tends to get iffy in a lot of fics, but this keeps diverging while still sticking very close to the original plot. I like it. I like it a lot.
jollybelucky chapter 2 . 4/13
Your writing is astonishing. The banter between husband and wife is a delight to read. Robb's defending is wife against the lewd comments was admirable, but I'd expect nothing less from a Stark.
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