Reviews for Year X
kay82764 chapter 10 . 7/25/2016
Oh my God! This made me cry. Thank you for the beautiful ending.
DashBoy47 chapter 10 . 4/11/2016
What a lovely story,glad Kal and Diana ended up together. You could have at least showed the wedding :)
Blue720 chapter 10 . 1/27/2016
In life, many experiences are waiting to be discovered. And the reality is in the discovery. I will not mention the treasure of your stories nor the genius of your characterizations. I will submit that your art is a divine experience. It is an honor to be able to be a small part of the discovery.
Arcane Charmcaster chapter 1 . 1/24/2016
kind of randome but could you please write a story with galatea as one of the main characters, Galatea from Justice League Unlimited not the greek myth.
RecklessBaka chapter 10 . 8/24/2015

I sure do love a happy ending.
Soul93 chapter 10 . 9/29/2014
This was wonderful! It wrapped up everything from the prequel rather brilliantly.
Warden Valdr chapter 10 . 4/28/2014
As always you have a way with words that manage to bring forth emotions from every sentence. This was truly a wonderful story that brought perfect closure to your Year Zero story. It was gripping and most importantly realistic in the portrayal of the relationship. Another magnificent masterpiece of fiction and I hope you continue to give the world your emotional and gripping tales.
IceBishop chapter 6 . 3/18/2014
OMG your im batman pick up line joke almost made me fall off my chair i laughed so hard thnx it made my day
julzbobbibroun chapter 10 . 3/2/2014
These are just such beautiful stories. That is the only way I can think to describe them.
bigfan22 chapter 10 . 1/2/2014
Well that was just...right. The letter was truly touching and for this story...perfect. Thanks for writing this sequel...I was a little bummed with the way things ended in the last story, and this one gave what Superman is known for...hope. As always...fantastic writing to a phenomenal story. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write this fic for the rest of us to read!
bigfan22 chapter 9 . 1/2/2014
Damn...only one chapter to go, but at least they're ALL IN. Good chapter.
bigfan22 chapter 8 . 1/2/2014
That was a great conversation between them...I'm glad they decided to give it another go. They answer to the reporter's question was...perfect. Good chapter.
bigfan22 chapter 7 . 1/2/2014
Always practical Bruce...I'm a little nervous about what the conversation between Diana and Clark will entail. Good chapter.
bigfan22 chapter 6 . 1/2/2014
Nice and steamy. I'm surprised Clark came back after he kissed her goodnight, but I'm glad he did. Hopefully this time around these two can get it right.
bigfan22 chapter 5 . 1/2/2014
Good for them. While I'm rooting for them to get back together, it would suck if they weren't at least friends. Good chapter.
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