Reviews for Never Trust the FBI
Never here102 chapter 11 . 8/16/2020
Please finish the story I’m loving it so far.
Dee474 chapter 11 . 4/23/2020
this is a a good story. Hope you finish it one day
Nzie chapter 11 . 6/4/2019
Just revisiting this... still so good. I am in no position to critique an unfinished story, but I do hope inspiration strikes and you're able to take this up again, as I really like this remix.
EverydayClumsy chapter 11 . 4/18/2018
Christ is this good! I'm at a loss for words tbh.
I hope you're well and will continue this one day :).
Child of Jon Snow chapter 11 . 4/11/2018
is there going to be more?
i really enjoyed the other story but this one is more suspenseful please tell me you are countueing!
Flo Jo26 chapter 1 . 12/31/2017
love it! please write more!
Elvenlaughter chapter 11 . 10/27/2017
Okay, this story is brilliant. I mean it. The suspense is chilling, the plot is gripping, you tell it so well and using words that keep everything moving forward at a pace that's not too fast, but still manages to leave me breathless. The details that Tim has thought of to keep himself and his sister safe are heartbreaking. Everything about this is marvelous, and I sincerely hope that you will return to it. Please return to it. Please please please. This story is too perfect to leave hanging.
BYE C U NEVER chapter 11 . 10/2/2017
I absolutely love this story, I hope you come back to it.
The characters are all very well thought out and the situation is intense I am on the edge of my seat the entire time I am reading it. I love Tim and Sarah's relationship and I love Tim as Toli, and I really like the way you write Gibbs. Basically I just love every single thing about this story.
I really want to know more about Tim and Sarah's life growing up on the run, I think their coded language is a brilliant detail.
I am really want to know when the team will find out about Tim, when Gibbs starts to suspect.
Thank you for writing this even if you never finish it, it is very inspiring and creative!
brendafay chapter 11 . 9/1/2017
more please
stareagle chapter 11 . 7/14/2017
I hope you finish this. Wonderful story. Believable and original. Thanks
Gina Callen chapter 11 . 2/6/2017
please tell me you will be finishing this one. I totally love it one of the best ncis stories I have read for a long time.
1sunfun chapter 11 . 1/27/2017
NCISFan chapter 1 . 1/1/2017
Wanted to read this but see it's not only unfinished, it's not been added to since 2013.
Melissa chapter 11 . 11/22/2016
I like this story; you've REALLY sucked me into it. But this can't be where it ends; there's too much left to be done. I hope you have time to get to it soon. Perhaps Tim should tell his team, at least then they'd be prepared for what's about to come there way. Maybe have Tim explain, & them understand, include Fornell, in on that conversation. You could also have them face Toli's father, somehow. Other details definitely need figured out, but I hope you are able to spare some time (soon) to finish the story. I'm really enjoying it, where you're taking us (transporting us, by means of the story) & especially all the details.
Locket1 chapter 11 . 8/5/2016
Just re read this. Please continue. Wip's are so sad. This is great, so much could happen, would love to see where this goes.
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