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kokolicharoula chapter 1 . 12/11
moreeeee plzzzzz my soul needs it!
Jet Set Radio Yoyo chapter 48 . 12/6
This story is so interesting. I'm really enjoying it.
orangeflavor chapter 25 . 8/10
Dammmmmmn, this chapter had me sitting here with a hand to my collar, breath held in my chest, just fucking riveted to the screen. This was non-stop. Non-fucking-stop the whole ride through and I LOVED IT!

I feel like I tell you I adore your fight scenes in literally every review where there's a fight scene chapter but honestly? I LOVE YOUR FIGHT SCENES! Holy shit, woman, you can write action and pain like no other. This is the kind of shit I live for. Especially since it's angsty fighting. That makes this ten times better! :D I think my favorite part of your fights is the realism, mostly the realism concerning injuries and pain. I've always found it very unrealistic when authors have Shepard as this untouchable force, and ESPECIALLY when they have her take hits (sometimes some serious shit like broken ribs and shit) and then have her move on like nothing happened, like it doesn't hurt, like it doesn't pull at every breath and stab at every muscle as she continues the fight. Just, ugh, no. Give me some pain! Give me he real, the raw, the visceral aspect of fighting, of putting your life on the line. Your fucking life! That's what your writing does. I can't get over how absolutely satisfying it is to watch Eliza get beat the fuck up and still KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS! Because that's what makes her victories that much more impactful and amazing. The fact that she took some serious hits and still came out the victor.

Okay but then. BUT THEN. "Garrus, flinching from her. Garrus, ready to fight until he died. Garrus, alone." This was such a brilliant line. And it underlines everything she's feeling throughout this fight, this cold distance he creates between them. God, it makes me so anxious, because I have no idea where you're going to take them from here, or how Garrus is going to react, or anything! And then you give us that moment when he notices how much she's hurt and they very nearly embrace with their friggin' proximity and AGH! I can't take it. They are so fucking close, and yet so far. The tension in their interactions is just phenomenal in this chapter, especially since there's so few of them, and the focus is largely on the fight.

And that's another thing. Even though this chapter is very action heavy, it doesn't lose the focus, the heart. I never feel like you're taking us away from the pain conflict, the Shepard-Garrus connection. This was a beautifully crafted chapter. Super exciting! Oh, OH! And the woman! The burned, screaming woman! What the fuck! Seriously, I need to know what's up with her.

I was literally on the edge of my seat this entire chapter through. God damn.
AprDon chapter 48 . 7/26
Amazing! Please, more.
the-dandiest-of-lions chapter 9 . 6/3
maaann i fucking love the squad
"Butler folded his arms and did his best imitation of a mountain." i fucking spat out my tea

aw I love Garrus' reasons for wanting a break. So in-character and caring, and you write him taking command so well.

As well as some of them hid it, there was exhaustion in everyone’s features. He knew Monteague had used stims at least once on a mission, and that it was a matter of time before the rest of the squad gave in to the temptation. " oh GOSH he notices so much and cares so much and I'M GOING TO BE A SOBBING MESS WHEN YOU KILL THEM
(i mean i've already read this fic and i DID cry my eyes out in The Chapter With The Death but STILL)

"Sidonis balanced his elbows on his knees as he leaned forward. Garrus saw the way his plates were bunched and uneven from tension." fuckity shit man I love characters noticing moods and body language and tiny details oh gosh

"e laid his hand on Weaver’s head. After a moment, she leaned into him, her eyes closing."
i refuse to accept this
they're so beautiful
and it HURTS

“Don’t touch any of my stuff,” said Weaver at the shuttle dock. “Seriously. I’ll kill you and pee on your corpse.”
i want to marry her

“I can’t believe she said she’d urinate on my corpse.”

“Knowing Weaver, that’d be the least of the horrors she’d unleash."

"The base was quiet as a tomb after the squad was gone.
Garrus kept that metaphor to himself."
fuck me with a sledgehammer
(don't do that)
i just love your writing so fucking much oh my god
i'm sorry i'm swearing so much but i do that when i really like what i'm reading

oh gosh and garrus telling her to stay while he patrols
and the convo about the reapers
i just love this fic so much

"Stupidity's contagious on Omega" hahaha your dialogue is always so witty and funny and brilliant

"Of course, all his plans went out the window when he rounded a corner and found Garm taking a piss against the side of a wall.
Sorry, Shepard. I’m about to be an idiot, he thought, and lined up his first shot."
FUCK i love this so much

"Garm’s face cracked open in a parody of a smile." really chilling description!

God, I love the fight scene. It's easy in the games to just go "yeah okay, a krogan, let's just spam him with bullets", but you make him fucking terrifying!

"Finish it, said the dry, unimpressed voice in his head that always, always had Shepard’s face. He’s playing you, he’s not as hurt as he looks." god DAMN i love this

and fuck
blowing his garm's knees another time
the taunting
the cockiness

"Later, when he was on the Normandy again, Garrus would think of this moment and realize it was the beginning of the end.

Garm’s grin turned wide and hungry. “Nice shields. Your little tech princess cook them up?”Later, when he was on the Normandy again, Garrus would think of this moment and realize it was the beginning of the end.

Garm’s grin turned wide and hungry. “Nice shields. Your little tech princess cook them up?”"
and then WHAM

"Three months of work, fried in an instant. If Garm didn’t kill him, Erash and Weaver would." jesus i'm laughing and horrified
your action scenes are so fucking good
i can SEE them

and THEN
"Garm hadn’t been talking to himself. He’d been calling for help."

god i LOVE how you give us ups and downs in your action scenes
and all this built from a throwaway few lines of dialogue in-game

i just love this fic
fantastic chapter!
eurodox59 chapter 48 . 5/17
I must say: something about your writing managed to capture perfectly the sheer magnitude of perturbing abnormality. For a time, I felt as though I could *feel* what Joker was feeling.

There can now be no doubt that you've nailed everything I can see here, from mechanics to voice to execution, everything!

Wonderful work!
EvoKov chapter 21 . 5/13 know I've probably read a hundred iterations of Garrus and his squad, and this scene. I don't think I've ever teared up before. For that alone this story already holds an irreplaceable part of my heart.
MizDirected chapter 48 . 5/13
I love the comparison of the beacon and Shiala/Liara to what is messing around in her head now. It gives the voice a tremendous gravity, like a black hole pulling her in, the pull just gripping her more tightly as she goes under. Those entire passages are creepy and awesome, and they're right, a wolf needs its pack.

Holy cats, this chapter is freakin scary awesomeness. Shepard's one-sided discussions with the powers that be and Joker ... omg ... poor Joker. I nearly jumped out of my skin when he saw what he did. I feel faint. Just fantastic and horrific and egads, it feels like my guts are crawling inside mah bellah. And I love that EDI told him not to turn around. That adds a whole new level of good lord!

especially when part of him still blamed her for taking Shepard away in the first place. - yeah, he's in a weird place. Poor Garrus caught between loved dead Shepard and uneasy live Shepard. Just when he thinks things might start getting "normal", something really bizarre goes off. His realization that their ghost relationship wasn't sustainable is a start for him, but yeah, it's hard to keep focused on the realizations sometimes. Knowing something is so much different than believing it.

So ... wow ... excellent, horrific chapter. So scary. You are brilliant at the scary stuff. I feel completely reorganized internally. Kudos a billionty times.
Vorcha Girl chapter 24 . 5/1
Poor Garrus. His confusion in this chapter was so sad. He's so tired and heartbroken, and it's clear that he doesn't know if Shepard is real or not, or even if he can trust his own eyes. I really, really felt for him. Being alone and holding off so many mercs for so long would be so difficult. The sense of urgency carried over really well from the previous chapter, and you managed to cut through several scenes really seamlessly so that it was a pleasure to read and your writing really swept me into the final scene with Archangel and Shepard finally meeting. I have to admit, that is always one of my favourite moments in the game. Seeing his face and knowing that you have one of your teammates back by your side again is such a relief, even if the moment is tempered by the bittersweet knowledge that he's lost so much in the past two years. You did that so well, and you put your own spin on it.

This fight is always a big one, and we all know it usually ends with Garrus taking rockets to the face, so I'm keen to see how things go down, and if you change up more of this scene or if it plays out like the game. Awesome chapter! :)
Vorcha Girl chapter 23 . 5/1
I love the final line of this fic, and I adore the way you've written Aria. You really gave her a weight and an age which I don't see in a lot of fics. She feels ... menacing, but not because she's Omega's Queen, just because she's that old and has that much power behind her. It was a nice touch.

As always, your descriptions in this chapter were brilliant, but the scene with the ghost was outstanding, and how Shepard reacted to it afterwards. Her desperate battle to get away and find out what it was, and then to get control over her own mind/fear and her own body was pretty spectacularly written. There was a lot of emotional punch there that i enjoyed reading. The sense of urgency you built in this chapter was fantastic too - I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for her to get back to Garrus. Though ... will she remember her time as a ghost? Eeep. I love this fic.
Vorcha Girl chapter 22 . 5/1
Oooh - this was such a great chapter! I loved how raw and brittle Shepard's emotions were, and the change of POV was amazing. I loved finally being able to see inside of her head and getting an idea of just how alone she feels waking up with Cerberus at the helm of her life. So many authors just kind of throw you in there with Shepard accepting her fate and and being completely fit and healthy - I liked this. I liked that she was damaged and unfinished, that she was bitter and unhappy. It was brilliant. It gave me a real sense of how traumatic it was.

The added stress of her working amongst enemies ... or at least, not amongst friends, was also great. Then having Tali not entirely trust her, that was tough. I even winced at that. Shepard was just so hurt by that. Joker helped a little bit, but that sense of being out of place and time persisted. It made for a powerful chapter. I really loved it.
orangeflavor chapter 24 . 4/25
Oh man I just realized how much I fucking missed this piece. It was soooo good to come back to. Ugh, and what a chapter to return on - the reunion. I have so many things to say about this chapter and I'll likely be quoting back just about everything so brace yourself.

Okay okay, I LOVE Miranda in this. I mean, I already adore how you write Miranda, but her in this chapter, and playing alongside Eliza is just the best thing I could ask for. I mean, it's such a tiny moment, but when you write "Miranda stepped around a puddle, wrinkling her nose at the smell" I can't get over how, with any other character, that action might have come across as dainty or pretentious, but with Miranda, it's just perfectly comical. It's not so much 'eww' as it is 'ain't nobody got time for that' and I fucking love it.

You've got some gems in this chapter, I've got to say. "Shepard stifled the urge to run toward the gunshots." On first read, I took it with a note of hilarity given how she's speaking about Jaroth, but it also speaks to her urgency and so it can be read seriously too. And I think it's great that you can do that in such a simple line.

Also: "...prying Miranda out of her uniform would only happen when the woman was dead." This is so hilarious, because it's so true, and the placement of this line right here is just to perfect amount of levity in an otherwise somber situation. And then: "...Miranda let loose a chatter of SMG fire that blew through his shields like a scythe." Can you tell yet that Miranda is one of my favorite things about this chapter? ;)

"...the Pull's echo in her gut died." "Fighting was the only time she allowed herself to be graceful." "...the dizziness fell away, replaced by dry grief." "...rushing toward him as the air tore out of her mouth." These are just gorgeous, gorgeous descriptions.

But then this one really gripped me: "...the air heavy with old exhalations." Oh my god this is the perfect way to capture a 'home', a lived-in space. It's brilliant! With a perfect note of subtle tragedy when you know those breaths have been violently choked off only days before. Honestly, I think it's my favorite bit of description in the chapter.

But then the scene. THE SCENE. The reunion we've all been clamoring for but also dreading because she doesn't remember and it just HURTS so much because fuuuuuuuck the way you write Garrus in this scene is just...ugh, just painful in all the right ways. His distance and his tight-lipped fury and his disbelief and his cautious relief and his yearning and his needing and his emptiness. God, you get it all down so well in this whole passage. And I'm soooooo glad you took the time to really get into this scene and get those tiny yet immense details so deliberately placed. It all works so well, and it's wonderfully paced. In fact, this whole chapter is! And I'm so in love with the way you write fight scenes. The descriptions are crisp and energy-laden, and the details are just specific enough to give us a clear image but not so abundant that we get lost in the prose and bogged down. And the intensity of the fight leading up to the reunion leads up so well to the emotional struggle that happens once they're on the inside.

You had a great balance in this chapter of action and heart. I'm really excited to see how you bring them back together from this point. And I kind of love that somewhere inside, somewhere even Eliza doesn't recognize yet, her heart still knows him, and still needs him. And that small hope you give us is just beautiful. Awesome, awesome chapter!
thedandiestlion chapter 8 . 4/18
Oops I didn't finish!
I love this chapter! I love how in equal part heartbreaking and hilarious and touching and sexy this fic is. Your Shepard and Garrus are written so well and I love this AU! Fantastic work, as always 3
the-dandiest-of-lions chapter 8 . 4/18
so how the heck have i never reviewed this chapter before?

man I love this story so much

oh man one year since she died
shit man that conversation about her body

“I went to Alchera. It seemed like a good idea. First anniversary of being dead, why not go visit where it happened? God, I’m morbid sometimes. But I went. Worst trip I’ve made.”
god i love this
i love your dialogue
i love this conversation
so good

"The distracted way she kept shoving her hands through her hair, like she wasn’t sure what else to do with them, unnerved Garrus." fuck man i love this
i can SEE this

"Maybe Liara took my body" oh boy

and then
"You *are* morbid."
"Side effect of being dead." holy shit these two are fantastic

“I’ve never had to tell a guy to look at my breasts,” sighed Shepard. “Eyes a little lower, Garrus.”
lolol i love this
HAHAHA Erash interrupting them! oh my god hahaha

"I don’t want them seeing me like this,” he whispered. “You know, fondling air and moaning by myself.” hahahaha omg
Credete chapter 48 . 3/30
Got a chance to read the new chapter, interesting things going on! Excited to see how Shepard it once she is out of the "coma."

Also, that whole Jeff's sister thing was interesting, excited to see what other characters you do similar things with, if you end up doing so.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
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