Reviews for Ghost, Ghost, I Know You Live Within Me
squigglysquid chapter 11 . 9/24
Not without omni-gel - *snort* Sorry, buddy. Omni-gel doesn't work on bras ;)

He'd been taking care of physical requirements, nothing more. - I gots dis headcanon too. Hurray for shared HC's! :D

Even though you have a separate piece with the mature scenes, this flows easily enough that you don't have to read it to insinuate and know what happens. I keeps it light while also letting people know what happen without having to completely use their imagination. The after banter helps too. lol And then there was the sweet pillow time of comfortable silence in each others company. Always a great way to end da sexy times.

I really enjoy Shepard starting to use his hums. I know the reason and the part it plays, but it's good to see its development again. :)

Can I touch it? - Hasn't he been touching it all those times he pushes it behind her ear? Although, I guess it's not quite the same as running fingers through it, so I see his curiosity.

part of a kakliosaur fossil - Damn, they could have used this later on in the war. lol

he coughed in Zel's face - *snort* I always thought this was the funniest way he killed someone, but now it's even funnier!
squigglysquid chapter 10 . 9/24
him choke on his own teeth. - I had forgot to say this last chapter: At least he was injured by his weapon exploding instead of at the hands of Garm? I just figure it will be much, much worse than shrapnel. Hell, much worse than choking on his own teeth, too.

Damn, that grenade was awesome. Can I have some? :P

With how mad Shepard is now, I can only imagine the hell she'll give herself when Garrus decides to supplement his diet with rockets. He take a hit, I'll tell you, but she seems much more fragile to the emotional damage seeing him hurt causes her. I don't know if he understands the pain and self-hate she carries when she sees him hurt and can't do anything about it but patch his wounds. With her mention of being a leader to not get his team killed, it only makes one see how much she still thinks of this as her duty to protect him from beyond grave. It's a heavy burden.
squigglysquid chapter 9 . 9/24
I can tell you're building up Sidonis for the big event, but you're making him hard to hate. It makes his reasoning that much worse, but who knows what he's truly thinking in that moment until he is forced to say it. Still, though, it'd be different if he was the quiet one, but here he's more concerned about Garrus than a reader would want considering what happens in the end.

Just promise me not to do anything stupid. - *sigh* I know what he's going to do from my previous reading, but I still shake my head at him. Bad Garrus!

Stupidity's contagious on Omega - hmm... Nice little reference to the plague unleashed in 2. ;)

Garrus taunted him. - Oh, Garrus... Taunted a krogan never really pays off. Especially when they're still breathing.

I like how much hell you give Garm in this chapter. It really fits the story Garrus gives of the fight he had with the krogan with Shep gets to his base during the merc attack.

Garrus facing three krogan and vorcha. *sigh* You definitely have a way of finding trouble. Must be a jinx passed on from Shepard or a residual one from his time on the Normandy. lol
squigglysquid chapter 8 . 9/24
I like how you write in a way to add division between scenes or thoughts that don't happen all at the same time. It really cuts out the time in between that is like watching paint dry where the characters aren't doing anything conducive to the story. And your usage of the time frames helps to keep track of just how far ahead you jump.

I can't imagine how she must feel knowing that there is no trace of her body to follow. Just imagine what she'd think seeing Cerberus running experiments and tests in an attempt to bring her back without being able to do a damn thing about it or else it'd send her 'over the hills and far away'. Still, it makes me wonder what will happen on Alchera when Hackett sends her to collect tags. Will it still be a shock since she's already been there or will she be able to focus? It almost makes me think it will hit just as hard, if not harder, once her death, missing body's explanation, and resurrection all fall into place.

using his own weapons to blow him away - Yay! Another reference!

Maybe Liara took my body/I don’t think she’s the type to keep bits of you scattered around her apartment - Eh...she kinda is, Garrus. I still think of her keeping Shep's battered armor like some trophy as creepy. I mean, most of her apartment is art or Prothean artifacts and then, bam, dead Shepard's armor. What would that be like if Cerberus wasn't around?

Her breasts were covered by two cups of fabric - I had a giggle at an unrelated thought. What if Shepard was in her laundry day underwear? lol Can you imagine being stuck in that for however long? Eternity probably? XD

Oh, the wonderful timing of an interrupting team. ;)
squigglysquid chapter 7 . 9/24
salarian in charge wiped out the scouting parties - Go Mordin! Ahem... back to the regular Ghost review broadcast... :P

This was why Garrus come to Omega - I think this is missing a 'had' before 'come to Omega'.

Sooner or later, every criminal who’d ever slipped past him at C-Sec would wash up on Omega, and his finger would already be on the trigger. - I love this sentence. Love, love, love it. It's the exact way I see Garrus' stint as Archangel. It just fits him so well.

You shot him in all his extremities and primary organs. - Yay! You referenced the Shadow Broker dossier on him! And I love the brutality he had against Kron, but that may just because he's so much like my own Garrus. Still, I love when writers give Garrus his own renegade streak. :)

I think you need a hobby, Garrus. Maybe painting - *snicker* Of course that would be mentioned somewhere in here. ;) I wonder if he'll ever consider it after the war since she brought it up. lol

krogans really are hoarders, aren’t they? - What a neat tidbit of your krogans. I likes it. It suits them. :P

A great hot swell of pride and love washed through Garrus - I'm glad to see him opening up more to his team and getting to know them instead of being the 'big bossman' only.

These people,” she gasped, “are amazing. - Dey is amazing! :D

Her boots were off. - I'm happy she can take off her clothes (and, no, not for the naughty reason :P) because it gives her a sense of normalcy. Plus, even if she doesn't sweat, I know I'd want to be able to get out of the same clothes, even if my only other choices are underwear or nude. It's the thought, dammit!

I want him to meet Wrex someday - Yes! I wish this even though she reconsiders! lol
squigglysquid chapter 6 . 9/24
Poor Garrus. This separation is getting to him. Even if he has a team, it's obvious that he's more attached to Shepard's company than any of theirs. It's sad and not all that fair to them when they try so hard, but I can't blame him because of his feelings for her. He's in a difficult place trying to balance his connection between the two without the team thinking he's talking to himself out of insanity.

But don’t stay in one place and hope they’ll show up. - This situation is almost worse for the fact that she *did* show up at his apartment all those months ago and, now, it's like a vacuum without her.

Monteague cleaned me out - *snort* Poor Sidonis. I get the feeling he was playing against the house in that bet.

but not bitter and riding rough-shod over all his self-doub - Being 'over the hills and far away' really left its mark on Shep and I can see why she's angry with Garrus. She warned him and had every belief that he'd trust her as he always had, but he was defiant and neither got himself or others killed. I know she's scared of what happened to her, but I know she's still more concerned about others. She always has been and always will be. It's just what makes Shepard Shepard.

They were better with action than words. - Daw. 3 I love how easy going their relationship is. It's still a bit awkward in true Shakarian fashion, but there isn't that oblivious angst that many like to write. There's no 'she doesn't want me because I'm turian' and it's like a nice spring breeze of relief to see that, while they are taking it slow, it's natural feeling and not at all a question of 'should I?'.
squigglysquid chapter 5 . 9/24
I really enjoy your action scenes. They are quick and precise with what's going on and the banter and call outs of orders adds life to it. It's not easy to do good action scenes that flow without having to be a movie, I know, but you did a good job at it. I didn't have to go back and mentality think out the field like I sometimes do in fics (hell, even my own because I am not too good at it), so props on that. :D

Unfortunately, I know what happened to the mechs from previous reading, but I won't say for other readers. Still, though, it shows just how much Shepard cares when she runs to his side when he gets hurt and the paleness of her skin in concern. Damn them for not hurrying up and spitting it out!

Also, I wonder how bad Garrus is going to feel now that the silence if deafening without her. His injuries and headache will be the least of his problems.
squigglysquid chapter 4 . 9/24
Gee, was that bottle shooting a lead up to the events on the Presidium in 3? ;)

They were my family. - Even without you coming out and saying it directly, it's so easy to see the distance here with this team as opposed to with the Normandy one. Perhaps Garrus is afraid of getting close to people in a situation where survival is not always guaranteed or, as I believe more, it's because Shepard is not there to pull them all together. Sure, Garrus interacts with her, but it will take work on his own to stand up and become the leader that pulls them together.

There won’t be anyone else like her. - I almost wish she were around to hear what he thinks of her, but, then, he probably wouldn't have been so openly honest for fear of what she'd say or do. Still, it's great to see how much he cares for her because she really needs someone to have not forgotten her, to actually care.

I just feel useless - I know it's more than that. She is alone and it's a frightening thing. She says she wants a fight, but that's just because she can't fight this fact of her death. She sees Garrus being surrounded by others and she feels like the 13th wheel.

When we’re done here - Again, sobby face. :(

Shepard's mention of sexy images of Sensat and Grundan make me snort. Always good to have a tiny voice in your ear putting awkward images of your team in your head, right Garrus? lol

Garrus, I want you to know - - Damn you, Sidonis! Gah! They were going to talk this out.
squigglysquid chapter 3 . 9/24
I know it's a small detail, but I like how you have been setting a timeline for everything. In the games, you're given two years that was unaccounted for in terms of what Shepard knows, so it's interesting to see how Garrus' (and Shepard's) time on Omega plays out day-by-day, so to speak.

Shepard prodding his bruise none too gently was so mean... Poor guy. :P

He wanted her company/I had your six/but a warmer feeling replaced it/You're not joining me. - 3 Just 3's all over the place. They are caring for each other so deeply and they don't even know it yet. I sort of want to see what Shepard is feeling in these moments since it's so obvious that Garrus wants and needs her company for his own sanity and comfort even if he doesn't know it. Although, the last statement I used makes me think she knows all too well what she feels about him.

his boyfriend - A small detail, but one I'm so happy to see. Too few writers have same-sex couples and it's a damn shame. Sure, I barely hinted at one myself, but I have plans in the future for a more prominent couple. It's great to read, even if they aren't the two main characters in Ghost. :)

Merc companies cooperating? - D: Damn you for reminding readers the end game to this stint on Omega. Shepard is all too right and it hurts because [spoiler].
squigglysquid chapter 2 . 9/24
I can’t sleep - God, I can only imagine how boring that is. Not only that, but imagine the effect it could have on the mind. Although, it'd be even worse to go crazy and not be able to die. Poor Shep. :(

What makes you so special? - I know... ;) Liara and Kaidan ain't got nothing on the magnificent gift to the galaxy that is Garrus Vakarian! lol

badly he wanted to punch her when she started running off at the mouth - Yes! I'm so happy someone mentioned this and didn't just make the crew deaf to everyone else. I wonder what Garrus had thought when and if he ever heard Ash's view on aliens. "I can't pick out the aliens from the animals" was definitely a huge no-no on the Citadel when one is supposed to be a symbol of what the Alliance can offer, nevermind what she said on the ship about dogs and bears.

Great HC on the Spirits and how you explained what they embodied. I don't really remember the games exactly explaining it, but this is how I see it too, as an embodiment of a whole, even if it's more a concept than physical object or objects (or person).

you can’t disappear without telling me - No matter how strange the situation or how devastating it had begun, I really like how he has taken to the idea and now looks for her, wants her at his side no matter the capacity. He cares about her even though she can't be harmed and it's wonderful.

Ah, Butler... Like I said before, I had read this on the KinkMeme long ago and, I must say now, Butler has always been my favorite of the team. I just love the guy. As unfortunate as it all ends, I have always wondered how it all would have turned out if he and Vega would have met.

Shepard had sounded jealous. - Aw, Shep. Don't worry. Garrus will still turn to you for everything in the end. He learned to trust and look up to you for your opinion since you first met in that Medical Clinic on the Citadel. :)
N7Tex11 chapter 22 . 9/23
OMG Shepard is Back! I am so looking forward to seeing Garrus and Shepard reunited. The marks on her shoulder are a little wierd. Definitely want to know those are.
So looking forward to the next chapter!
N7Tex11 chapter 21 . 9/23
Damn you Sidonis! Amazing telling of the story of Garrus on Omega. I am really looking forward to continuation. It will be interesting to see Garrus's reaction when Shepard shows up in the flesh... I wonder if she'll remember their time together over the past two years.
the death of the team and Garrus calling is dad almost made me tear up, I kid you not. Great job!
N7Tex11 chapter 20 . 9/23
Poor Garrus, and the visit from the 'burned woman' was just as creepy as always. Good work. I am really looking forward to figuring out everything and see what you have planned next.
N7Tex11 chapter 19 . 9/22
The connection between the members of the team is great. They behave like a military squad would., but they still have the distanced respect for Garrus. You really see that in this chapter, as well as how detached Garrus is. He seems so reliant on Shepard that his squad is really just fire support to him.
The end is a little creepy, but in a good way. I am really looking forward to the next one.
N7Tex11 chapter 18 . 9/17
Great guerrilla warfare tactic. I'm starting to see Sidonis showing his spy side a little. He's really trying to build his trust with Garrus. I am really looking forward to see what comes next.
Great job and excellent chapter!
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