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Rio 2.0 chapter 18 . 2/27/2014

The drama and the subtle angst which is slightly tuggering away there but isn't so blatant it hurts. And your characterizations are great- and you don't just focus on a select few characters - you find ways to make more and more of them pertinent and I love that. LOVE IT.
Rapis-Razuri chapter 18 . 2/21/2014
(FF won't let me submit a signed review for some reason)

*like a drama queen*
Make us wait so long and then leave us with (another) a cliffhanger? T_T
*end drama queen moment*


Oh Chrom...He's lot more like his father than we thought, isn't he?
But on the bright side, don't worry about Thierry. I think he made a wonderful first impression here and I look forward to seeing him play out his role :D
AquaticSilver4 chapter 18 . 2/21/2014
Uhhh i don't know what happened but seems i cannot review with my account. Chap18!

Scrap or scratch...?

Whaaatt?! Oh heckers! This chapter is one hecka of a chapter!

True, Chrom married a grimeal yet he's trying to kill those other grimeal. Darn, for some reason this plot is playing tricks on my head. Anyways...why is Chrom not King yet i wonder...?
As for the new character, whoa cousin?! Well this is something unexpected!

almost mediocre chapter 18 . 2/23/2014
Knew Chrom would have to face up to this one day. I have a feeling Robin won't be too pleased once she knows the full story...
And, your OC seems great!
So, overall...
My favourite chapter so far! So, (yet again) update soon! :)
Strawberry Eggs chapter 1 . 2/21/2014
Okay, due to the merging of two of the chapters, seems to think I've already reviewed chapter 18. So I'll have to review the first chapter to actually review the latest one. :P

Anyway, OCs are a challenge for sure. I still haven't really created any beyond a one-chapter appearance by a few. I think you did a pretty good job of making Thierry interesting throughout this chapter. Before he was just a mysterious figure, apparently connected to both or either Robin and the Grimleal. Here we learn that Robin is made nervous by the man's presence, but isn't sure why. Later we see that Thierry is rather fanatical and willing to push people's buttons. Then we get a very interesting revelation: he's her cousin, and can tell her things about her life from even before she met Chrom. I can only guess where you will take him, but you divulged enough about his character to hold our attention, and this is only the beginning.

I first I though it was odd that the Grimleal would try to re-breed another Avatar, seeing as Grima has been destroyed forever. Now that I think about it, though, how would the Grimleal know about that? Not all of them would have heard that their "god" was destroyed by itself (or an alternate universe version of itself). They might try and create another Avatar anyway. That would actually be a really sad scenario: to have Morgan and/or Lucina's descendants used in an elaborate and possibly terrible breeding program in order to be the vessel for a demon-dragon-god that no longer exists (at least as it once did).

And poor Chrom and Robin. It's understandable why he wouldn't tell her about being the Heart of Grima, but to have it told to her like that is not going to help her. It's not only one more thing Chrom withheld from her, it's just devastating news all on its own.

The next few (maybe more) chapters promise to be very interesting indeed, I've been enjoying this story immensely thus far, but I'm quite intrigued as to what the future holds. This was an excellent chapter and as always, I await the next one.
super mario 675 chapter 4 . 1/30/2014
very good story i like it so for please continue
sanxian chapter 18 . 1/13/2014
The plot thickens!

I wonder if we'll learn what happened to Robin during those two years missing? I just can't wait shshdhshsh orz
AquaticSilver chapter 18 . 1/13/2014
What?! Cliffhnager! Nooo!

Author's note:
Haha lol :D
Oh yes i have! The only thing im regretting and still trying to get are FE: PoR and RD..i played a bit but i want it!
I would say FE: Awakening but no, this is a new FE game, gotta be other games besides FE:A. I wanted to say FE12 but noooo, they don't authorized to release it in overseas. So, I would say my old FE: Sacred Stones! I've most and played this more than my other FE games! Hey, Ephraim is such a cutie and HE IS MINE! And of course, there's Chrom too :3
Game777Guy chapter 18 . 1/12/2014
You leave us on a cliffhanger? Whyyyyyyy? Still, this is interesting.
Question of the chapter, I have played all the international Fire Emblem games except Shadow Dragon and one of the Japanese games. Awakening is my favorite, though.
MuatiniMartini chapter 16 . 1/11/2014
ok, if i could be any FE:A character, probably Cherche :) (all time fav character in the game)
Rapis-Razuri chapter 18 . 1/11/2014
Yay, an update! :D *reads* No! A cliffhanger ):
Anyway, love the Gaius/Cordelia/Chrom banter and the appearance of this mysterious stranger (a male!Robin expy, perhaps?). Plot thickens, yay!

For your question... Besides Awakening I've played 7, 8, 10 and Shadow Dragon. A friend of mine sent me a translated ROM of FE6, but I still haven't finished that.

After reading up on PoR, the Tellius games and FE7 has the most interesting stories. Nothing about SS really sticks out, but I do like some of characters. Shadow Dragon was pretty dull compared to the others, but it was worth playing IMO.

OVERALL, Awakening is probably my favorite. The music is great, and yes, the main story is pretty cliche, but the characters and Future Past DLC makes up for that. Perhaps its just the Final Fantasy/Pokemon player in me, but I like the world map feature and while I'm no min/maxer by any means, I do like having the ability to customize the characters (even if it is horribly imbalanced). The voice acting also deserves a mention. It REALLY helps bring the characters to life.
Strawberry Eggs chapter 18 . 1/11/2014
Happy new year, dear! :D Don't worry about the lack of updates. We all have lives and we all tend to get caught up in things. And I'm always glad to see a new chapter. :)

Here we have a fair bit of fluff, but also a new wrinkle to the plot. As I may have mentioned before, I do adore fluff, especially between Robin and Chrom. There's still the occasional awkward "oh yeah, you probably know me better than I know myself" moment on Robin's part, but these are fewer in between. The Gaius/Cordelia back and forth was also cute. :)

As for this mysterious stranger, he's clearly Grimleal, but there are so many possibilities as to what it means. That "modeled after hers" line is also intriguing. Things probably aren't going to be good if the Grimleal are involved, even if this game is some kind of defector. We'll see, I suppose.

Another chapter well done. As always, I shall await the next one.

I have played every Fire Emblem game available in the west. My favorite is still Path of Radiance, the title that got me into the series. It has excellent gameplay, a great story, and terrific characters.
Tsuna 4 Cn4s chapter 18 . 1/11/2014
Ooooh, interesting! I wonder who he could be...? My guess would be a relative of Robin's...

Good chapter! I love the way you described their journey and the scene between Gaius, Cordelia and Blue. There are a few mistakes here and there, so I'll send them to you in a PM. Of course, do you want me doing that?

I played Shadow Dragon and started Sacred Stones, but hate the later because of its difficult game style. I love Awakening far better than either of them, though SD was a good game and Abel and Nagi are AWESOME!
nanonaneko chapter 18 . 1/11/2014
Yay, an update! Happy New Year! I...don't really have much to say about this chapter, seeing as it's more a transition chapter than anything else...? . I suck.

Yep, played and completed 6, 7 and 8. Played but didn't complete 9 and 10 because other...stuff distracted me and after all that stuff went away, Awakening came out. Did lots of reading up for the older games and the remakes and though they were fascinating, they were also too heartbreaking for me to try. Genealogy and its whole crapsack world was especially traumatic.

FE7 holds a special place in my heart for being the first one I played and the one responsible for dragging me body, heart and soul into this franchise but other than that...nah. FE6 was tedious. FE8 had a few hilarious characters but didn't quite manage to leave a very deep impression on me. So if considering favourites...

In terms of drama, epic-ness and 'realism' (in the spirit of A Song of Ice and Fire, where anyone can die), I guess it'd be Genealogy's story, even if I haven't actually played it. (I started it up, then shut it down because I'm a coward)

In terms of characters, I'd say...Awakening. They're all really cute. There aren't many games which have me liking just about the entire damn cast (With the exception of Vaike and very often, Severa. But that's just my personal preferences). I usually only have a handful of favourites and mostly remain neutral to the rest.

GENERALLY though...gameplay, characters, story etc...I'd say my overall favourite would be FE9, though Awakening's Future Past DLCs really play cat's cradle with my heartstrings. I really regret not finishing FE9 (even if I already know the entire verse's story). I keep telling myself to, but I can't seem to work up the steam for it, partially because I then look at FE10 and go: "No...the support system..." OR "No...Zelgius..."

Long-winded comment is long-winded.
Pokemon67 chapter 18 . 1/11/2014
Awesome chapter! Oh, who is this stranger? Can't know till next chapter.. Sigh...

As to the quistion you asked, I have played one other Fire Emblem game, Dragon something, but I never beat it. :p

Anyway, great chapter and can't wait for the next one!

Happy Writing!
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