Reviews for Power Potter
Guest chapter 16 . 10/10
J'aime ton histoire ainsi que toute les autres qui sont les crossover de Harry Potter. Pour ta prochaine histoire j'aimerais que Karen soit élevé par les Avengers.
Calebros chapter 4 . 10/2
is stupidity the general theme of this story?
Calebros chapter 3 . 10/2
Please find a beta and fast, the quality of your chapters so far is just bad
god of all chapter 26 . 10/2
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
Araytigre chapter 26 . 10/2
Now, not only is Lucius Malfoy (and 30 of his Munchers) in custody in the USA, but so are the Potters, little to Dumbledorks knowledge (about the Potters). Fortunately, all 6 of them are OK, although I did find it interesting that Karen and Hermione didn't use their full range of powers, and I'm curious enough to wonder why. I did find something else quite interesting from the last chapter, and that was when Tom Crucio'd Snape, which shouldn't have worked, as he is a Golem, therefore not alive. He may be able to walk, talk, and do pretty much anything he needs (or is commanded) to do, as he has his own memories, but he shouldn't need to eat, sleep, or even breath for that matter, but as I said, he's not truly alive with real muscles, bones, organs, or even the nerves that the Cruciatus curse effects. Thank You. TTFN
xXxOtAkU-444xXx chapter 26 . 10/1
I really like it a lot! **
Perseus12 chapter 26 . 10/1
You are DEAD MEAT, Joker!
Sakura Lisel chapter 26 . 10/1
Wait so out of EVERYONE Joker kidnapped, WHEN and HOW the heck did he get James, Lily and Sirius Potter?! I don't know what James and Lily were doing but LAST chapter, Sirius was 'safe' at Hogwarts plotting ways to TRY and drug Kara with love potions with one of the Patil twins help with no mention of Joker somehow showing up in school and kidnapping him. So how did he go from being 'safe' in Hogwarts to being kidnapped with his parents all the way in Gotham with his long lost sister, and crush, and Hermione who were kidnapped first at the end of last chapter?
WhiteElfElder chapter 26 . 10/1
I wonder if that was an actual attempt, or just a diversion, by Joker to get what he is after?
NicoleR85 chapter 26 . 10/1
Another great chapter. I can't wait to read more. Please update soon.
ivanruzic3758 chapter 26 . 10/1
:bows before phantom00: Thank you so very much for this update.
Vangran chapter 26 . 10/1
hmm, I wonder if this will be a Hermione/Dick pairing.
Greer123 chapter 26 . 10/1
I loved the is chapter. Keep up the good work.
Gabriel2015 chapter 26 . 10/1
man it was great reading this! well done ! you just made my day better with this chapter. continue the good work.!
StrongGuy159 chapter 26 . 10/1
Cool chapter continue please.
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