Reviews for The King of Camp
Historian1912 chapter 1 . 6/11/2013
Really interesting, and a bit hilarious. Honestly, I never thought I'd see a BLOSC entry from you again, as much as the thought pains me. Some of your unfinished ideas were really interesting, and I wish I could have seen them come to fruition. I should probably shut up on that, though. This is coming from the guy that has an alarming number of ideas in his head covering both fan fiction and original stories, is seriously considering taking down his only story and completely reworking it (the word-based entry thing has become more than a tad problematic), and has an idea for a BLOSC AU spinning off from TAB, which is quite dark and would be a challenge to keep OCs from overtaking part of the story.

Concerning your latest entry, you did a good job at making the characters feel like they did on the show. Zurg is strange, and evilly funny. Warp is, well, Warp. Yes, that's a cop-out, but I think you really nailed him on this one. For such a short story, you got quite a bit in here. I really wish I could replicate that. From what little of my stuff I know you've read, you've seen that keeping something short and simple is not part of my literary skill set. Even this review could be used as an example of that.

God bless,