Reviews for You Can Be a Hero in an Age of None
jordana60 chapter 125 . 7/4
Lived those last few lines! So I'm all caught up now and ready for more!
jordana60 chapter 122 . 7/4
Jess was incredible! You achieved what you set out to get Rory a successful, capable woman, and yet Jess was still able to come in and put Alex in his place(down a peg or 2) without making Rory look like a damsel in distress!
jordana60 chapter 121 . 7/4
This chapter has a lot of depth to it, issues with Matt and Chris and Hannah and Truncheon. As much as I worship Lit and I would be fine with only them in the story, it's nice to a few layers in the story, which this chapter had. Also, Rory and Jess can disagree and instead of causing an argument, they come to a compromise. I usually like my Lit stories with at least a touch of "M" to them(and still do), but you do an outstanding job with the innuendos, it lets the imagination take over and boy can my mind wander!
jordana60 chapter 116 . 7/4
I hope life is getting easier for you. I hope it's not too serious. I absolutely love Pregnant Paris. It's exactly how'd I imagine her to be
jordana60 chapter 114 . 7/4
I guessed it Paris pregnant is a scary scary thing!, but I love it!
jordana60 chapter 112 . 7/4
I love when the gang gets together, and now when they're more than getting along. It's nice that Matts bringing someone new into the mix and with Hannah, and Rory in philly permanently, they'll be more of all of them together. I've also noticed that it didn't freak Rory or Jess out when they brought up marriage. As far as the Paris/ Rory fic goes, you do capture Paris brilliantly and now I know it's going to be a Lit, I'm on board all the way!
jordana60 chapter 111 . 7/4
Bringing Alex in to the mix was extremely clever!
jordana60 chapter 110 . 7/4
Rory's craziness amuses Jess, but when he laughs, he does it in a way that doesn't mock her. In fact, his love and adoration shine through. It's just another part of her that he loves and it have so much fun together and are filled with joy and now she's staying in philly!
jordana60 chapter 109 . 7/4
You are a brilliant writer who can find the quick banter and smart wit that comes out of Rory and Jess ' mouth. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm loving this story!
jordana60 chapter 107 . 7/3
You did a spectacular job with Emily and Richard. I love when Richard supports Jess and Rory and Emily doesn't. And Jess sticking up for Rory and standing up to Emily was hot!
jordana60 chapter 105 . 7/3
I couldn't agree more with you on "Teach me tonight". That scene on the bridge when Jess says he made sure Rory was alright was achingly heartbreaking. It showed Jess' vulnerability and brought out the 16 year old in him that he actually far one of the saddest moments on the show.I just watched the deleted scene with Parai and Rory and it was typical Rory being so naive, but Paris got Rory thinking that maybe she did like was the start of Paris' brutal but unrelenting honesty and the beginning of a beautiful friendship
jordana60 chapter 104 . 7/3
I know how time can get away from you when you're binge watching , or binge reading in my case!
jordana60 chapter 103 . 7/3
I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself but these past few chapters have me smiling from ear to ear. There is such a cohesiveness between these 4, it's electric. I am looking forward to them going back to Philly and some Matt and Chris added to the mix. And of course, the wedding!
jordana60 chapter 102 . 7/3
A feel- good chapter filled with more wi and humor
jordana60 chapter 101 . 7/3
I guess I'm the lucky one here as I wasn't one of your original readers, and I'm binge reading this story, there was never a break for me. I'm ecstatic that there is no end in sight , because I'm certain I could read this forever, all the way through to Lit's golden years. I don't know how you do it, but you have a knowledge of love and how it feels way beyond the average person. All your words make such sense and ring so true, I'm also lucky I found your story
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