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Clicint chapter 58 . 2/26
Welp. That ride is over, and what an emotional roller coaster it was. Wow. It was amazing the whole way through. :)

So... Shy, how 'bout that epilogue? :P
Clicint chapter 36 . 2/26


But this HAS to work. Sakura can't win! My heart can't take it!

K' Korrane chapter 58 . 12/6/2016
So this is how it all comes together in the end, a fragile girl being carried away by her charming (kinda) prince while the loser of this hectic and tragic race leaves heartbroken. The feels are real in this one TT

But, that being said, it's been a hell of a ride and a ride can only go for so long after all. It's sad to think of the possibility that Ino may lose everyone but Tayuya's side with the way things are at the end, one can only hope that everyone learns to accept each other and get along after all is said and done.

But that is what epilogues are for after all, tying everything up in one final knot before leaving everyone to deal with the rest of their lives, so lets hope there's a happy after-ending for at least our runner-up, she tried so hard after all ;

I'm glad I picked this story up, even if I was late, and I'm definitely waiting with baited breath for the finale, as well as making sure to read up on your other works in the meantime, hope to see more soon Shy _
Guest chapter 34 . 12/2/2016
Dammit Shy, you sure as hell know how to make a super hyped-up emotional moment frustrating as all hell X3

That being said, where would we be if nothing ever got in the way of these things, hundreds of happy endings where nothing bad ever happens, and as nice as that sounds, these girls most definitely aren't the kind to let a little kitten or even a rival make them give up on what they want.

The sparks are flying and the combatants are in their corners, it's anyone's game right now so it's time I found out who is the one who'll win fair maiden's heart... and loins.
Wonder who will actually be the first to make it past just lip time.

I was taking my time with the chapters lately but now I can't stop myself, time to binge read X3
K' Korrane chapter 13 . 11/11/2016
Ok, I'm late to this here party, had this story on bookmark and meaning to start for a while.
That being said, I WAS gonna wait till I'd finished to review, but this chapter just totally compelled me to say something.

While part of me curses you for adding another girl into the mix to potentially complicate this steadily progressing relationship that Ino seems to be either oblivious to or in denial, the other part of me cannot get over how freaking adorable Sakura is, from her appearance to her mannerisms, that tiny fraction of my mind now no longer knows who to root for ;

In any case, despite the fact that the number of chapters had me kinda intimidated at first, I can proudly state that you, madam, have me hooked, you gosh darn evil genius you. X3

(After reading your notes afterwards too, I cannot deny that Sakura's little outburst at the end had me giggling like a goof too _)
Guest chapter 58 . 7/27/2016
You did it
You actually did it
You messed up my feels and oh boy, thats hard to do. And ya know, its been a couple months before you updated BUT IM STILL WAITING
Tibbers chapter 58 . 7/3/2016
In that idea of what happened between other characters some scenes id like to see would be:

The scene that tayuya mentions between Her and Sasuke
The scene where Kiba mentions they pressured Tayuya into telling them what was wrong
How Tayuya dealt with the 2 months

Pree much Tayuyas point of view on somethings xD

That and a very Satidfying epilogue you doofus :P
Hash920 chapter 58 . 6/25/2016
Holy shit. I am just blown away. Just wow. I am lost at words. Thank you for finishing this story Shy! I hope everything in your life is going well.
Guest chapter 58 . 6/24/2016
Non sibi sed patriae! Not for self but for country!
Apuppetofsocks chapter 58 . 6/23/2016
Crazy crazy ending!

I actually didn't have this story set to give me updates so I didn't realize it had been finished until you updated Forlorn and now I feel like an idiot.

Thanks so much for taking the time to finish this!

I am happy that Tayuya is the victor of the most knock-down, drag-out fight on .


Until the epilogue, thanks again!
rapskallionprince chapter 58 . 6/23/2016
Bro if I told you my eyes were watering from this review I'm getting ready to put in? lmao i feel some type of fucking way hahahaha

ohhhhhhkayyyyyyyyyyy first hit on this list here: Temari...

damn bro... my dogg Temari showed her ass. I see where she was coming from, but in having her own issue with tenten she has no right to pretty much tell ino shes fucking up. not only that, but she pretty much took sakuras side without even knowing the full story. i mean, sure ino didnt stop sakura in the advances she made, BUT if i recall correctly she never initiated or made a convo about her being it, the only one, the big kahuna... nada brada

so i feel like its disrespectful for her to be like, well sakura & i are pretty much the same. bitch where?! you have a full fledged chess game going & then this spineless cretin comes along trying to undermine ino's feelings & pretty much play her emotions on those feelings instead of just being honest with ino from jump. how is that the same thing? its not

being involved in a chess game i.e. the chase differs. i see why Temari treats tenten the way she does. one moment shes really feeling temari the next shes on some dude. temari is giving what she gets & as soon as tenten says im done with these games bih i just want you. temari will deuce up every bitch & side hoe she has for her. but shes not going to put her heart in something that can be easily toyed with best friend or not.

sakura on the other hand is conniving. its like shes plotting & assuming that her and ino are much more than they are. she initiated every interaction between the two & it wasnt fair for her to take advantage of ino when she needed a friend the most.

not to mention her blantant disrespect for tayuya. should tayuya have left? no. did she have a good reason? of course. did sakura know what happened or why she left? no, because ino wasnt all together sure why she left nor was she completely honest about her and tayuyas relationship.

you cant judge the best friend of your love interest. all you can do is simply give your opinion & hope that it works out & just be there. thats it. you cannot afford the luxury of being top cat. because youre not. you cant go about like you own the shit when you just came into the picture

& cheap ass shot man. tayuya should've whooped that ass. but she didn't. because she shows restraint. if that right didnt show who TRUELY had inos best interest at heart.

with temari knowing all of this more or less she shouldve seen sakuras bullshit a mile away. she dropped the ball & certainly owes ino an apology. how can you be upset that ino chose & made up her mind?

if i were there i couldnt have stopped tayuya from threatening temari she was a dick that night bro. she was irritated at tenten & took it out on ino. shitty.

now, back to sakura.

what the fuck.
what the fuck.
what the fuckkkkkkkkkk.

this kid never ceases to amaze me man. i just cant. HOW CAN YOU BE MAD AT INO WHEN YOU KNEW WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP IN THE BEGINNING! she initiated EVERYTHING. you dont think theres an issue with that? you dont think theres something wrong with you trying to outmind & outdue tayuya with no work on inos side? red alert bro.

not to mention taking a hit. thats just crazy. i would never conduct myself in front of alexis that way unless it was her protection in jepardy. which has happened. there were times i couldve gone off & been extra petty & beat her exs ass bc hes a fuck boy. but HOW I ACT AND CONDUCT MYSELF IS A DIRECT REPRESENTATION OF HER. so out of respect for the person that i am interested in i would & will not conduct myself in such a manor.

which honestly i believe was the turning point for ino. that really showed her how selfish sakura was. even at the very end it wasnt about ino it was about her feelings. that she created & played on inos weaknesses.

ino might have not wanted to tell her the truth but there was no way for sakura to take that any other way. i understand that ino 'gets the girl in the end' but shes still loosing someone who she considers a friend.


take some fucking notes. geezus. take a damn trip to the redwood forest man bc you need it lmaoo


i have to hand it to her. thats a real friend right there. congrats. even through all the bullshit she still sided with ino. TEMARI CAN STAND TO TAKE SOME NOTES WHEN SHES OUT OF TIME OUT. she playin games but shes a bad bitch ha







i cant believe her! she pulled up to the scene quick boyyyyy. like fucking robin hood. just BOOM there. i feel like she showed off a bit. she flexed one time for the one time. ha

but still, proved a very valuable & necessary point. when youre right there on the edge about to loose it. in the midst of it all. im it. im the one youre looking for. ALL BULL SHIT ASIDE I AM IT. mad respect for tayuya on how she busted on the damn scene & just handled ino. it was beautiful.

bitch got some game

im jealous

thats a different story.

finally she showed her aggressive side & it was exactly what ino needed. aggressive without being overbearing but just enough to let ino know she was serious & will not play games for the sake of her feelings.

ino needed stability amongst rocky seas. & that was tayuya

well done.

i feel bad for sakura honestly i do. but, she brought it on herself. & to just cut ino off is shitty considering that almost of her feelings are one sided because inos feelings were never really in. they were lustfully but that was a cover up for tayuya i feel.

im stoked for this last chapter. im hoping for an apology from temari on her shittiness and im hoping that tenten comes around for her so she can finally yell checkmate.

i hope sakura comes around, bitch is salty & probably wont, & gets her life together. tayuya will keep a watchful eye but will say nothing nonetheless.

i hope ino is okay because that was definitely a lot for her to go through in one night. she just needs to be alone with tayuya for a bit to get her shit together.

tayuya handled inos friends perfectly. sometimes you have to step in & cut that bullshit short.

this was a perfectly bittersweet ending to this story. but im a thug. so yes.

I told you it was be opera in this piece lmao i know this shit is long af. enjoy the review my friend because you deserve it.
Zurrick chapter 58 . 6/16/2016
I'm alive if it counts for anything lol. I'm glad it's finally done. I so shipped Tayuya and Ino. I'm sad that Sakura got the short end of the stick much like Naruto does in the manga/anime considering he doesn't get the girl. All this comes down to is the ending that I have been waiting like 3 years for. I didn't start reading this when it was made. So I can only imagine what it's like for the people who have been here since day one. Well still it's a good story. I hope everything is going well with your writing and everything that you are doing in your branch of the armed service, I want to say you joined the Navy if my memory serves correct. Still can't believe it's done. Really good gain.
Saiyagurl87 chapter 58 . 6/14/2016
Damn even tho i was pushing hard for Sakura i knew deep down it'd be Tay. In the end i did come to respect Tay and I think ino made the right choice :) loved it and cant wait for the epilogue!
flippy flop chapter 58 . 6/8/2016
Im like YAAAAAAAAA Ino and Tayuya finally together

Then im like thats it, only an epilogue? I wanna see what their life is like when they are officially together and for more than one chapter

CaptainColdWave chapter 58 . 6/4/2016
I realized after/during reading this that I ship Ino and Tayuya so hard. The whole flip flopping thing did annoy me, but I've been in a similar situation. So it makes sense, I'm just an instant gratification type person. Can't wait to read the next one
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