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Guest chapter 79 . 8/9
Did you abandon this fic?
fated1990 chapter 79 . 7/18
Great chapter again :) hope you're alright and are able to update soon! Stay safe.
GuestDuck chapter 79 . 7/8
"I'm intending to update... monthly until April."
Nice going. (sick story btw)
Guest chapter 1 . 7/6
Yo what hell is wrong with you Purge Master if ya got nothing good to say just shut the hell up. It may not be a good story to you but to many others it is. Also update soon I hope your safe!
ragnarok042501 chapter 16 . 7/5
That hit me right in the chest.

Nicely done.
mgevans chapter 68 . 6/28
Great chapter, dont think you could have ended it any better. This arc put a great spot light on vegeta, he deserved the win.
Purge Master chapter 1 . 6/24
Shit story.
mgevans chapter 65 . 6/6
I've always liked Vegeta as a character but this chapter made me like him even more. Really like the way you portrayed him. Great chapter and great fight
BRUUHHHHHHHHH chapter 79 . 5/31
We need a new chapter pls thank you this story is too good maybe i should use punctuation nah
mgevans chapter 51 . 5/28
I like how Turles is a part of the story again. Excited to see more of him and Gohan together. Really like how the characters in this story develop. Mist DBZ fics I've read have very limited development or just enough to get to the next saga. I love the action in this but it's the fact that the characters are written as real people with issues really draws me in. Deeply flawed characters are the beat so that's why I think Gohan is so well done and interesting in this.
mgevans chapter 30 . 5/14
Just spent over an hour reading this chapter because I literally could not look away
Tp chapter 79 . 5/13
Gohan need a Love interest... Someone just As Fucked up as He is but has a Chance to Change for The Better... when it comes to relationships because it does not matter if that person is right for you What Matters If both You and Person are Right For Each Other... even if Videl forgives Gohan she will never trust him or see him in romantic light..

I can Certainly understanding the name of the story.. .. if things would be so much easier if Gohan understood what he did was wrong and just get better.. He Just Need To learn from his mistakes even if he is at his lowest.. Because lets face The truth Will come out on Videl's Rape and Things Will obviously go bad for him.. But Hey That Life. He Have To Live with Actions and become A Better Person.

But anyway I think it would be real cool if you introduced Chracters from Super. Perhaps you can take certain Liberties with the characters.

For example Now That Goku and Vegeta are now aware of Beerus.. the only logical conclusion would be that they would want to surpass him.. that is an inevitable conclusion.. but that is only possible for Goku and Vegeta to be trained properly if Whiss trained them.

Would Whiss Train Gohan? Angels are Neutral Characters.. It would Be Certainly How Whiss Regard Gohan... he certainly has potential to be a God of destruction... Even Beerus is protective of his position.. Gohan Could Always act as an Agent of Beerus in taking out Thearts while Beerus Keeps his position.

It would be A Nice Foil considering Future Trunks is Superme Kai Disciple in Dragon ball Super Manga. A Supreme Kai disciple has the power to heal but they will lose the ability to heal when they become a Supreme Kai... I suppose it would be possible for them to heal as a Supreme Kai if they knew how to properly heal beforehand because that would be a weird limitation
mgevans chapter 16 . 5/13
This is hands down the best chapter of any story I've read in my life
Monkey D. Dre chapter 20 . 5/8
It seems I ran out of characters or something so I will sum up the rest of what I said.

*Don’t read this spoiler filled review if you haven’t at least watched chapter 20, just know this fic is worth your time*

I was honestly hold off your fic for a little while and put on my bucket list after seeing how positive it is received and being recommended to me because of it’s length but I’m glad I did find this!

In the Boo saga Gohan was 16 while here he’s about 23 or so which is how old he is in cannon, I can understand why Beerus and Freeza obviously haven’t shown up since this story came out before Super started but was there a specific reason that the Boo saga is happening later in the story? I’m also wondering where are Kuririn, Yamucha, and Tenshinhan as I feel they would have definitely given their lives to protect the Earth when Turles was around and I’m a little confused as to why they haven’t appeared yet.

I was just saying that seeing Gohan look at his father as some kind of unbeatable monster was very amusing and seeing his struggle to surpass him was very interesting so I wish it would’ve lasted longer.

I really like how you’ve made him actually create his own life instead if living in the Son house as him having his own place and becoming a criminal for money was very interesting and realistic for him. I like the arrogance and laziness he got when he became the strongest and how big his ego is and how aggravated he looked when Piccolo basically called him a lazy bum.

Overall I’m VERY excited to keep reading this and see what happens in Chapter 20!
Monkey D. Dre chapter 20 . 5/8
I was planning on waiting a bit longer to review but I’m deeply enjoying this story and don’t want to wait any longer.

*If you haven’t finished Chapter 19 at least then skip this review as it contains Spoilers*

This is easily my favorite and most interesting take on Gohan I’ve ever seen, I might even love this Gohan more than future Future Gohan from cannon! You have made him very interesting due to how much more innocent he was brought up yet how much deeper he was into his role in the planet trade than Vegeta. The bonds and relationships you have given Gohan with his family and Turles (especially the one with Goten) have so much depth and are extremely interesting because of how unpredictable they can end up going due to how bad Gohan is capable of screwing things up, it makes me really excited to see just how he will react to meeting Cooler again. I’m also really amused by how Vegeta seems to loathe Gohan most likely because it’s almost like staring into and old mirror and seeing a much worse version of yourself. I also really like how you have given Gohan a much more interesting source of power than rage boosts, I always felt him suddenly gaining strength from getting angry was overplayed, cliche (I hate rage transformations tbh though), and felt like plot armor and it’s much more interesting to see his untapped power coming out from his will to survive as it feels much more interesting and can be much more dramatic like when he was clashing with Turles’ beam or how he managed to fight if Slug not really as much because he thought Turles was dead but because he wanted to live.

The inner conflict he had with fighting Turles was beautiful as well, especially the one time where he disliked his Saiyan culture with the ‘son kills father’ rule.

If I had one complaint though, it would be that I felt Gohan became the strongest too fast and you should’ve either held the Turles saga off or just not made him the strongest right away because seeing Gohan’s struggle to reach the level of Kakarot was very entertaining.

I’m also wondering as to where the remaining Z-Fighters are. Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha would have definitely went to defend their home with Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo imo so I really don’t know as to how they haven’t made a single appearance yet. Also Gohan was 17 (18 physically) during the Boo saga but he’s 23 or so here and that’s the age he was in Super at this point in cannon so I was wondering if there was a specific reason why it is happening late and Beerus hasn’t shown up, as well as Freeza, or if it’s just because this an AU?

Overall, this might just be my favorite DB fanfiction ever and even though it’s supposed to be about Gohan you have added extreme depth and shown the other side of every single character to this point which I really appreciate, I’m about to start Chapter 20 can’t wait to see what happens!
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