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BU chapter 83 . 10/31
Your narrative mastery of conveying PTSD is IMPRESSIVE, not least in the last few chapters.

(Your belongs to you. You're you are. -You mostly reverse those.)

Thanks. You've done a man's job, sir. Can't wait for the rest of the story.
Rnie chapter 83 . 9/16
Really love this story and have been a fan for years ! Hope you are still plugging away at this in your free time :)
Guest chapter 1 . 7/8
I really wished Gokū killed Gohan.
Guest chapter 83 . 3/25
You know you made a lot of things unnecessary hard on yourself With making Gohan Rape Videl Instead of him simply seducing her.. Just unnecessary drama. I do agree that Atonement is possible for Him..Even for People Like Gohan... The only story that's much more controversial Dbz than this story isTeen Spirit where Gohan characters completely butchered for No Reason And worse he is controlled by babadi for little to no reason.. At the very least your story provides In explanation for his terrible morals... While the other story simply reduces Gohan To a typical edgy teenager when it's clear he is not a normal person Concerning time That pure of heart individuals or Should I say individuals with a righteous heart are Rare in The univers of dragon ball and gohan is one of the few individuals

If anythimg I feel it will be a bit more Comedic that if Videl Amosity towards Gohan comes Humilation and Embarrassment that she Willfully/Eagerly Spread Her Legs For Crimninal and Got Pregnant.

If anything it'll be much more believable and relatable out if Gohan Is constantly having sex andcVeing a Lover of Many Woman out of Loneliness ..and to Cope that he Wiping life on planets... He Never mix pleasure with He Never Sleep with a Woman on planet he intend to Wipe Because he knows his attachment to the women he sleep with Would prevent him from filling his job as planet Wiper.. Does hw love these women ? who knows.. But he is certainly attached to them or any old flame.
austin-flare-potter chapter 83 . 3/22
Thanks for the Chapter.
Hope you and your company are doing well.
James423 chapter 45 . 1/12
I hope you find the time to update soon. Pan, Videl, and Gohans story has me hooked to the story.
Guest chapter 83 . 12/3/2022
Didn't Gohan Got Videl Pregant Again.. I was pretty sure Videl Got Pregant for the Second time When he was briefly living with her and Pan.. or is that simply glossed over
maypewz chapter 74 . 9/26/2022
Seeing the author's notes of Chapter 75, I decided to leave a review here as you mentioned this one didn't receive as many as some of the others had despite a larger amount of views. I'd just like to say that personally, I very much love the direction that you've taken this. Tbh, I had sort of lost interest in the amount of fights coming in short succession. They were well written no doubt but it started to get a bit repetitive to me especially with Broly and Garlic both being movie villains and mostly just slight expansions of established concepts followed up by Saiyan OCs after we had already explored so much about Saiyans in this story as is between Gohan and Turles. Gohan being trapped in hell also further prevented advancement of the Gohan-Videl dynamic which I had found myself incredibly interested in.

While Janemba fits the bill of also being a filler villain and an expanded concept to boot, I just love how you wrote him and focused his ability less on raw power and more of using his ability to warp reality. At first I mentally groaned a bit when I saw his name but the concept was executed to absolute perfection! He is truly impossible to fight, even if you "win", you lose. Janemba. The PTSD that Gohan and Junia both develop from him is also a great touch. This chapter twists and so much shit happens that I think it's my absolute favorite part of the story and brought me from my eyes subconsciously glancing over some of the words of previous chapters back into full engrossment as they were through the beginning part and Turles.

It's honestly my favorite chapter in the entire story, I was completely engrossed all the way through and I love this story overall I just felt that in the middle it had began to drag just a bit (though still a good read no doubt) but boy did you bring it to new heights in incredible fashion with this one.
NukeFuel chapter 1 . 8/21/2022
One of the dbz fanfics I've read. I binged through the whole thing and hope to see how it ends one day.
Can't wait for the next update.
Raethal chapter 68 . 8/17/2022
Hey. My first review here, so hi, all? Even though the chapter's been out for a few years now.

Okay, so I originally wanted to write a review only after becoming up-to-date with The Long Road, but after this chapter... I just have to make you, Drakthul, know how much I apprecieate your effort with writing both this Story and Saga itself. At this moment is my favourite fanfiction I've read up till this point. Thank you.

Edit, as of writing: this might be my 'review' of a whole The Long Road up till this point, that is chapter 68.

Gohan's redemption story has been a wild ride since the begining. I was hooked on the character interactions, their inner perspecitives (I mean, I like your writing style!) and all the things Gohan was f*king up. It was a joy, even though a dark one. And seeing how broken the Son's family was due to Gohan being taken to the stars... You made me fully realize how hurt they are. In the more recent Author's Notes you've been writing how you were mishandling Goku's character a the begining - and I disagree with you here. You were perfectly handling a different version of Goku, one more mature, one who lost his first Son nad now was trying to not waste the chance he was given when Gohan came back.

And Gohan... well, he's a joy to read. A broken child who became a Beast, a super saiyan who purged the whole Worlds only to find himself send back to Earth where he met the true Super Saiyan and was forced to act differently due to how outclassed he was here. Then he just began to naturally change after what happened with Turles on Earth. And I enjoyed every last second of it. Sure, he's not a perfectly good person, but he surely did change. The way his relationship with his family evolved was a really nice thing, I might have want to tear up when he first refered to Goku as his 'dad'. Chi-chi was important to him too, after all she treated him like his son since his reapearing. Mother's love is great. That's not a sarcasm. She quickly became important to him, which was a really good sing early on. Then there was his relationship with Goten... after all that happened between them, seeing them together during the battle with Brass was... it felt good. Satisfing. Your Goten is great, simply put.

It hurts to see what's going on with Videl and Pan. I have no idea where you'll go with them, especially with Videl. Will read further to learn. Just... I just hope Videl'll be allright in the end, somehow. And Pan? It was tearful to read the Buu-rolly and Garlic Sagas. She went through so much, and after all of that I hoped she'll be able to find some peace with her mother.
But the damned Namek took her. I hated it, you know? Makes sense for the version of Piccolo you created, as he was reformed in a different way and he's a different character than the OG one. But the moment he took Pan "in" was the most frustrating moment of the story as of now. I wonder how his Fusion will change him and his interaction with Pan in the upcoming chapters.

Okay, now let's focus on the recent Saga. Taro Saga, I guess?

After Gohan's death I wondered how you will continue and where will you go with the story. You didn't disappoint.
The Threat that was coming was deadly. A trio of otherworldy, super-powerful Saiyans that butchered realities and have already slayed so many alternate versions of our main cast? Terrifying. You've done them good, too! Brass and Junia were actually sympathetic and, thanks to the flashbacks, their motivation make lot of sense. Brass seemed to simply wanted to gain Power in the only way he knew - the Saiyan way, thought to him by Turles. And thanks to that it was understandable he didn't seem shaken by the fact he was murdering his alternate counterparts. It propably came natural to him.
The battle with him in the ruined city was fucking amazing, too.
Junia is Vegeta and Bulma's Saiyan daugther. Just that. She was great, perhaps my favourite of the Trio. The way she felt about Vegeta was... perfectly understandable? She only truly knew her Vegeta, and he was a douche for his own reasons, and pettiness. It made sense how she saw all other Vegeta's. And the fact that a lots of them cared about their family while her father didn't seem to? Her anger was understandable, even if she was a butcher.
The Saiyan Duel is probably my favourite battle as of now, since the way Vegeta approaches the battle and how it mirrors his fight with Goku at the begining of DBZ. She came here to destroy him and his family... and he saved her instead, and showed her how the true Super Saiyan Warrior fights, not only with fists, but with words, too.

Honestly, your Vegeta is as of now the best Vegeta, yet. Not the strongest person in the character rooster, but a true warrior and defender of his family and Earth. During the Turles Saga I had a feeling you were disliking him and making him a punching bag, but then he simply evolved? And now he's great. Honestly, this Gohan's story is the best Vegeta fanfic, too. And the fact that he got the WIn at the end? Didn't see it coming, at all!

Ah, yes, Taro. The biggest, the most egoisticial douchebag in the multiverse with a god-complex, Taro.
Hope he rots in the deepest realms of Hell, alone. And that all of those Trunks' souls would be freed.

If I had to criticize anything? There were a lot of characters suddenly introduced at the begining of this Saga that made me doubt it's direction. It solved out at the end, you handled it all, them all, well.
Also... this might be weird, but for a long time I had no idea what the "Ascended Saiyan" was supposed to be. I correctly guessed that's the Super Saiyan II, only named differently 'cause Goku didn't die during their battle with Cell. But since then I saw the name being used by other members of the english community? I guess the confusion comes from the fact that I am not a native English speaker, and I've read a different DB manga translation. No matter that.

Thank you for writing the story till today. I look forward to seeing what comes up next. And hope what I've written makes sense. The main point is: I appreciate your effort with writing and enjoy the story! So, yea.

See you next time, in Dragon Ball: The Long Road.
MutenKoshi chapter 83 . 8/4/2022
I hope you are in good health and return soon this story is so calming and refreshing to read. Gohan gives his goodbye next chapter right? Bye the way he's doing the right thing walking away. He did his duty to his kid and to the lady he wronged. It's the best decision at this point no use in pretending to be a family there. If there's anyone with a dead black soul like Gohan in this story it's Vegeta IMO. Vegeta endured the same if not worse over a longer period of life not born on Earth.
anotherMatt chapter 83 . 6/23/2022
Just came back to this series after a couple years and blitzed through all the chapters in a couple days. Glad I did. A small nitpick, but it seems like the issue of pan's tail has been either forgotten/pushed aside.
Darkeous chapter 12 . 6/2/2022
are we just gonna gloss over what Gohan did to Videl? like anyone ?
Guest chapter 83 . 5/9/2022
So is Our Lovely Degerante of Mc Going To Clap Some Checks anytime Soon?

It is A No Brainer Thanks to His Evil Actions and Fucked up upbringing that Gohan x Videl Pairing is Unrealistic and Impossible in This Story..

Dude To Unstable to Be in A Relationship... At All

In terms of development he could still improve himself.. .. He Probably find himself a Job or something.

Based on the trauma He Lived through I wouldn't be surprised if he opened up an orphanage or Something That Involve kids.. knowing that he failed as a father and Horrors he went through his own childhood, He Probably want give orphans and/or Abused Children better Shot At Life.. imagine him not wanting any child to live the same life he had lived... or he maybe he therapist than involved in handling traumatized People.

Yeah? Meh? Or Nah? It is A Long Road Ahead for Gohan.. so anything is possible
Gilgamesh50 chapter 76 . 4/24/2022
Why does gohan fighting so mich
Or why does gohan not realize that dangers will always come to waerht so why doesn’t he train to prepare
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