Reviews for Warriors Way
Nerf Irelia chapter 1 . 10/16
World history at the start of fic. Nope, not fate or hetalia or anything like that. This is a sekirei fic. Wierd.
Guest chapter 8 . 9/23
I think your comparison to Bond villains in regards to Karasuba would be more along the line of Jaws as he was far more imposing as well as a returning ancillary antagonist.

Anyway, yeah, all the 'LOVE YOU's are getting rather old. And they are extremely cheesy. I have to agree with that other commentor below. The one with the 'I' name. Repitition is grating. BUT, you've completed this work and it has been some time so the likelihood of edits is next to nill, so whatever.
Dragon Man 180 chapter 22 . 9/22
Very nice story, I especially liked how Minato's group kept rescuing Sekirei from Higa's control and winning his 'allies' over to Minato's side. I also loved the family unit that formed around Minato, it was a great way to set things up and keep the relationships healthy, well done.
AnthonyR89 chapter 22 . 9/6
kind of disappointed that there won't be a sequel, but a good read none the less. looked up Gbaba out of curiosity. never heard of it, though i am familiar with Weber through his Honor Harrington series. lost interest in that series after the truce with Haven.
AnthonyR89 chapter 12 . 9/4
interesting story. though i think anyone from turkey who saw you refer to them as persions would supremely pissed off.
lazyyoyo chapter 9 . 7/4
I spotted a spelling error. "It's the duty of the strong to defend the week."
do what you will with that info.
Soul D Phoenix chapter 22 . 6/30
Great Story, really nice to see a competent Minato and the seriousness you put into the World.
dialNforNinja chapter 22 . 6/19
Poor Musubi, she won her battle but never even got to fight the war, locked out of having the kind of perfect romance with her destined Ashikabi that is basically the one core tenet of her character by a bad first impression. It might have been better if she just died from her wounds.

As for the UN's immanent response, hah! Between the treaty against the militarization of space, national pride of the members, and Not Invented Here, they're more likely to get an injunction ordering that the ship be disarmed and the weapons turned over to Security Council members for "disposal" than any sort of agreement to follow their lead in building a fleet, and results ranging from criminal charges or trade sanctions (depending on whether the "we're a sovereign nation now" assertion is given any weight) to outright threats of military action to force compliance. There's really not any point in trying to maintain independence anyway with only thirty or forty individuals left in their species - that isn't really a viable breeding population on its own, and with proven interfertility with humans they'll be absorbed into the general population without a trace beyond scattered bits of odd genetic information too diffused to have any of their special abilities in a few generations at most.

Without a sequel, what we've got here is a Bad End, just delayed by a decade or two. At best, they might manage to build another few ships to house the next generation and a hopefully-more-viable population of humans to flee again when the space locusts arrive and start over again elsewhere.
HairyLimey chapter 3 . 6/19
Second time reading this story and loving it :-) got to agree with you about Musubi i think when they came up with her they were aiming for cute and innocent and missed by a country mile and hit ditzy airhead square on.
brothernick chapter 7 . 6/7
HairyLimey chapter 22 . 5/21
You know it's a real shame you're not doing a sequel because this story is just screaming out for one.
OregonDucks chapter 22 . 4/30
Awesome story! My first non crossover Sekirei story ever
The Shadows Mistress chapter 22 . 4/23
great story! thanks for writing it!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/16
Freaking awesome story! A real page-turner! I do hope you decide to one day write a sequel as I'm quite interested in this Gbaba war.

Thank you for your time and effort creating this gem and sharing it with the world!
Leonineus chapter 22 . 4/14
Well damn. I don't think I can go back to canon after reading this.
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