Reviews for To Break Thy Chains and Cycles
overlord of hell 2012 chapter 7 . 2/8
Enjoyed your story and look forward to reading more
ex-ellent chapter 7 . 1/31
Interesting ...
starstrike141 chapter 7 . 1/31
loving it.
armahgeddon chapter 6 . 1/30
really good cahpter and if you really start to update more often this story will probably become one of my all time favourites.

chaoswizard chapter 7 . 1/26
Keep it coming plz it is good
Matt211993 chapter 1 . 1/24
when will there be a new chapter
mousehowl chapter 7 . 1/23
Found the story with your December update, and hadn't realized it started two years ago until the author's note. I'm quite glad you were convinced to continue writing this. You have a great mix of the source material forming. Everything is starting overwhelmingly well for the infinite empire, do you have actual obstacles and challenges planned?
Matt211993 chapter 7 . 1/21
when is the new chapter
Kardikek chapter 7 . 1/19
Always love these world building cross overs. Don't really care too much about the details of all that business with Revan but more about how a proto Sith Empire would collide with the mass effect universe. Which you've done fantastically.
But one thing I must mention. These sort of fics invariably end with the main character waltzing into the citadel to have a face off with the council in a sufficiently dramatic manner. Could you please not if you had such a thing planned? It's as silly as the american president going into Pyongyang with a small guard to discuss North Korea's terms of surrender. You'd be literally walking into bomb threats, snipers and revolts. Doesn't matter if your fleet's got the citadel surrounded, why take dumb chances when you could force the council to come to your home turf instead?
Sorry about the rant but this is a pet peeve of mine.
Inspector Callahan chapter 7 . 1/18
Ridiculously happy that this story is still active. So far, this is tha only story that I know of that is a crossover of these particular fandoms. Crazily, it works and it works well. Looking forward to the next chapter of the story.

Inspector Callahan aka ' Dirty Harry '
Guest chapter 2 . 1/14
It's hangar, not hanger.
HowlnMadHowie chapter 7 . 1/14
Question: Darius is still alive? He was the one who ah...started this war. He also claimed that the Empire attacked first which he knows for a fact that's not true. If Empire points this out to the Council that the Hierarchy declared war by firing and destroyed unarmed, unshield ships without warning or provocation they can justify why they went to war with Turians in first place.

Also I'd be rather amused to see how the Council will try to tell the Empire they can't use AIs or droids.
HowlnMadHowie chapter 6 . 1/14
I can no longer hold silent in reviews when it has been revealed you threw in HK-47 droids into this story.
Oh and the fact you got Shepard as a Force user isn't bad but Sith? Really?
Alexanderthegreat213 chapter 7 . 1/14
An amazing story! I just read the whole thing so far, and the only comment I could give is to ask for more Harry/Fleur. Thanks for writing.
bop369 chapter 7 . 1/13
Great story, although humanity is curb-stomping the turians it doesn't feel like other fics where the turians are just completely destroyed without doing even one percent damage to shields of humanities weakest ship. You also aren't bashing the turians, some fics make it seem like the turians are so stupid and corrupt that they shouldn't have gotten off their planet let alone become the peacekeeping forces of the citadel. You should watch out for your double negatives though, you right them poorly and it makes it hard to understand what someone is saying. People do use them, but you don't seem to write them properly and should either triple check how they read when you write or not include them at all. Of course this is your story and you can do as you like, but it can get a bit confusing.
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