Reviews for To Find the Heart
Neroscurse chapter 54 . 7/12
3 and a half years late, but I gotta say, write whatever you want, I'll read it! In fact I'm looking forward to reading the fairy tail one.
Neroscurse chapter 36 . 7/11
Really enjoying the story so far! Thanks for writing it! Also, gotta love Gin, after years of reading the manga, watching the anime, and reading fan fiction, Gin's become my favorite character, especially as you've written him.
ikusatsunagi chapter 67 . 6/28
what amazing story Thx. I enjoyed so much
Ichigo Oga chapter 67 . 4/27
You know, you should create several one-shots about Ichigo's suffering.
SaucyHandles chapter 37 . 4/20
still loving itl
SaucyHandles chapter 13 . 4/18
just a follow up to my first comment. It doesnt seem to be a consistent error so no big deal. the story is insanely good btw.
SaucyHandles chapter 1 . 4/17
why is this using current tense? it reads so janky. its like your telling us as it happens rather than us just seeing it. using is instead of was and the like is jarring.
TheJSmooth chapter 67 . 4/14
This story deserves a sequel for sure! This chapter and all before it made this story epic!
TheJSmooth chapter 65 . 4/14
Dude... That was nice... This story is nearing it's conclusion and it gives me goosebumps
TheJSmooth chapter 63 . 4/14
Here we go
TheJSmooth chapter 61 . 4/14
I like these match-ups a lot lol
TheJSmooth chapter 59 . 4/14
TheJSmooth chapter 53 . 4/13
This is getting crazier by the minute
TheJSmooth chapter 46 . 4/12
This story has been a blast.
TheJSmooth chapter 41 . 4/11
Ichigo vs Grimmjow... Now you've got my attention
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