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ddraigergaming chapter 14 . 7/1
Silent Evanescence chapter 23 . 6/19
I tried, but there's just too much about this story that I don't care for.

Now going into this, I was expecting a subpar romance since it's a harem, but I was still surprised. The romance is a joke. Your idea of romance consists of Ichigo handing out a boring compliment like "You're gorgeous" and whatever girl he is talking to starts blushing. You have people noticing Tier blushing. Remember that little thing called a collar? Or even a mask? You have it so that the only signs that a girl likes Ichigo is if she blushes by looking at him or confesses her undying love for him and it makes character interactions awkward. I know fanfiction is wish fulfillment, but damn, it feels like I'm reading the work of a teenager that mistakenly thinks he's suave.

The plot devices are stupid. You took away Ichigo's memory to have him fight for Aizen and I really don't feel like picking apart and explain why that's boring. Mostly because I still haven't got a clue what made you think it was a good idea.

The characters are so out of character it makes me cringe. Yoruichi freezes up when she gets a compliment? Please. To make it worse, the characters don't even stay consistent. When Ichigo "died," Yoruichi was all sad and stuff. But when she talked with other people, she would start joking and teasing with them only to remember that she was supposed to be sad. You have Urahara joking and playing around as the rest of the cast are trying to come to terms with Ichigo dying. You had Urahara joking around as he was about to tell Isshin that he failed to protect his son and was now dead. I don't even understand it. It's like you have each character constantly trying to stick to their biggest personality trait and it's just plain weird.

I just can't seem to enjoy this story so I'll drop it here. Good luck with everything.
Silent Evanescence chapter 16 . 6/18
Hm...the only issue I have with this is that its unclear to me when Orihime saw Aizen's Shikai. I'm fine with it happening behind the scenes, though. This is fanfiction so I don't expect stories on here to be perfect and without plot holes. I was just confused for a moment.

On an unrelated note, the writing style took some getting used to. I cringed at the beginning because every paragraph started with dialogue. However, the more I read it, the more I see that the descriptions are there, the author simply prioritized dialogue before anything else. It's a weird writing style that completely ignores standard writing conventions, but it's still an entertaining story (even if the Yoruichi scenes are pretty out of character).
shadowblitz497 chapter 1 . 5/21
never going to be a sequel though unfortunately. like a lot of great writers he lost his drive to write. at least he said something before he dropped off the map, and left his 2 great srories for us all to read
Guest chapter 67 . 5/4
this is my third time reading this story, wish we had a sequel :)
I really appreciate that this story was made, I don't really know what to say other than thank you for this work of art.
Cibolm chapter 1 . 4/28
I can say without any hesitation that this is the best fanfic I have ever read. I compared it to some huge Naruto Fanfics that were cool in my mind and now I see what the real fanfic is. Fanfics on Naruto are created with much more ease because the story can be seen from a damn lot angles. The stories based on Bleach series are much harder to create. Nonetheless, you created, as I said, the best fanfic I have seen. Waiting for sequel.
Flury of Dancing Flames chapter 67 . 4/9
this story is awesome I can't wait for the sequel!
Magnanimous Architect chapter 1 . 4/6
Kinda disappointed that after all this you're just copy pasting the Aizen fight. And such a boring villain. Eh.
Guest chapter 50 . 3/28
Hi. My name is Saki. I really enjoying your story. I love it. I am currently reading ch 50. I am good. This is soo good. Thank you for creating awesome story. Great Job. : )
Guest chapter 40 . 3/23
Lowkey this chapter killed the story 4 me one guy 4 girls that makes Ichigo
Shu Ouma GC chapter 65 . 3/23
Shame you didn't use ulqurrora speech to Ichigo in the anime about don't blink and don't relax etc when he use segunta etapa. That would be probable sick.
Shu Ouma GC chapter 66 . 3/23
Sorry I meant Rukia
Shu Ouma GC chapter 67 . 3/23
So I'm expected for Riki's and Oriheme to join Ichigo in the sequel right?
quishawn10 chapter 67 . 3/18
How much longer until u start posting chapters for the sequel
Guest chapter 44 . 2/23
I'm sorry to leave an anonymous review in the middle of a completed story, but I'd like to have some of my input heard on this story.

I must repeat something that at least a few other reviewers have already said. The guilt question in the relationship of Ichigo and his girls was handled ridicolously. And I'm really sad to have to say that it nearly drove me away from this story which is a really good one in case of storytelling and pacing, except this. I mean, basically, they (the girls) individually initiated kisses with Ichigo who was suffering from amnesia. Yes, he could've told them that someone else kissed him as well, but as he was concerned he wasn't in a commited relationship so it is a minor transgression when compared to:
- Individually initiating kisses and when they find out that someone else did the same, immediately blame the guy
- Beat him down on every occasion possible, for whatever reason available.
- Hunt him down and without really explaining the situation or give him time to think, demand a decision
- When he is pressed hard enough to decide and tries to give it, steamroll him with your own decision without his input
- Immediately after that either ignore him again ("Cold shoulder") or continue beating on him whenever possible
- Not only that, but insult him, maliciously i might add, at every possible event

This is ridicolous. I was hoping that this would be pointed out, it's kinda understandable, they were under some stress as well, so if they had thought about their ridicolous treatment and apologized of their own accored, I might have been okay with it. But they basically forced Ichigo to go after them and then forced HIM to apologize. I don't have a problem with them wanting him to tell them again that he likes each of them individually and is not just in it for their bodies and the "glamour" of having 4 beautiful women, but as I see it he had a lot less reason to apologize and I haven't read a decent apology of any of them, for example Nel who insulted him again and again a few chapters back or Yoruichi who continues to beat him down again and again, for whatever reason you think that is okay.

If it continues like that, I'll either drop this or at least skip the relationship fluff of it which I liked very much in the beginning.

On that note: Violence as a base of a relationship is never a good thing. Even in a world as brutal as Bleach, it sickens me to read it, whether it is domestic violence against men or women, I really don't care. This is a really big point that's turning me away from this.
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