Reviews for Dark Affliction
Guest chapter 79 . 12/5
I liked this story til I saw where you were going with it. The whole three way shit, can’t fuck with that but you’re a good writer. Anyway, cheers x
Dracowoman chapter 80 . 11/27
great job, update soon please.

sundancegirl14 chapter 5 . 7/22
i am really enjoying this story it has everything a good story should humor adventure action and a lot more thank you for sharing your awesomeness
Howling chapter 80 . 7/11
Why do you leave us on a cliff hanger o cruel smokes?
Shadowblayze chapter 12 . 7/7
I just thought that you should know I'm enjoying this story quite thoroughly~!

There's a lot that I love and would love to babble about, but there's a 'next' button and I just can't resist...
OllyOllyOxycodone chapter 1 . 6/16
This had a lot of potential, but fell tremendously short because of one thing. The lack of communication. The majority of the drama in this story could've been avoided had the characters explained themselves.
Superpsych96 chapter 80 . 5/29
You're just going to leave us hanging like this?
Gaelas chapter 39 . 5/22
I should clarify;
I love the story here, but a lack of communication as a plot device has always been something that infuriates me. The fact that conversations are interrupted and never finished (almost every time!) is wrong. And people that are hurt, time after time again, do not return to apologize for hurting the other person, especially not if the victim is "jaded".
The personal conflict that the characters go through is good, hell, its something to look for in good characters, but the plot holes abound in regards to the "romance".
But, again, the adventure and plot turns are great storytelling.
Gaelas chapter 32 . 5/22
This isn't romance, its angst. Bad, angry, teenage angst. The two who love her refuse to help her, and nobody knows how to speak, or listen.
Plus, Azriel is being a bitch by not sleeping or eating. Or delegating.
Stupid fucking pride all around. I'll keep reading though, I just hope it gets better, SOON, or I'll have to stop, simply for my own sanity.
Superpsych96 chapter 54 . 5/19
Did you really think you could quote Mad World by Tears For Fears and nobody would notice? That's only one of my favorites!
Superpsych96 chapter 33 . 5/16
I'm usually not one for polygamous stories, but if that's where this is going, I'm cool with that.
awesomeness-rocks chapter 80 . 3/28
That cliff hanger before being abandoned though...
awesomeness-rocks chapter 67 . 3/28
Bad assery moment
Draco Oblivion chapter 80 . 3/12
... Is this really Eamal, it's not right? I love your story but I'm not sure my poor heart can take it :'(
Draco Oblivion chapter 79 . 3/12
So Azriel has her eyesight back? Blindness really is just a temporary setback for her isn't it? I suppose it was just minor damage from the Elder Scrolls then... Or maybe her own power healed it?
"will there be enough wolf's bane to compete the serum for two?" That's too cruel
Aw Lydia's crushing on young Idgrod. They never get a moments peace do they?
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