Reviews for Playing The Player
beastfriend1 chapter 1 . 10/5
Nooooo please be a sequal! I'm gonna die if I don't know what happens.
Guest chapter 36 . 9/29
No no no no no THERE HAS TO BE A SEQUEL! Honestly I could write pages of review over this book, but I'm too lazy and currently emotional. It was so well written. The words stood out they touched you and made you feel for each character. You made a happy sad and angry at the right moments. I loved this fiction it should be at the top of Percy Jackson fictions. The concept and writing was amazing and out of this world. I know it's been quite a while since this fiction ended but reconsider a sequel? :) I put this down so many times vowing to not read it because the tension or the problems were overwhelming and I couldn't handle it, but I went back every time. Thank you for giving the fanfcition world an amazing story. I'll be reading more of your work!
Guest chapter 14 . 9/20
Good riddens to Gabe
Guest chapter 11 . 8/26
Yay! I guessed right! . . . um poor Thalia though . . . ):
NamesAreFutile chapter 32 . 8/21
Love the Civil Wars. You have a good taste in music.
Jayelyyn chapter 36 . 8/13
...okay, you're safe from me. This was a freaking amazing story.
Jayelyyn chapter 31 . 8/13
I will find you.
Jayelyyn chapter 30 . 8/13
If you kill Malcolm, I will find you.
Jayelyyn chapter 13 . 8/12
"Worst chapter ever?" The beginning of this made me cry...though, that might be my fault more than Still, it was a pretty good chapter.
Jayelyyn chapter 12 . 8/12
Annabeth should at least know that Percy apologized to Piper!
Goldfish chapter 36 . 8/8
Still waiting for the sequel please do it. I love you!
SeaSpree chapter 36 . 8/8
Wow. Okay, I read this in two sittings: about 1.5 hours last night and 8 hours today. (I'm on vacation in China, so a little time difference.)

And just. Whoa. I have to say, you kept everyone's personality in check. I've read quite a few "Percy is the resident player" and "Annabeth is the nerd", but they pale (extremely, might I add) to yours. The romance was perfectly balanced. (Personally, I loved the way you ended it [it added up to Percy's personality in your story and also everything they'd gone through] even though I hated it~ I'm sure you know what I mean. Based on your quotes and references, I'm guessing you've read a lot of books.) Mystery was added in, too. And well, I adore the little snippets of the original PJO/HOO series you added in. First all, Malcolm. He's one of my favorite minor characters in the original series and I think it was great, pairing him with Thalia (Malcolm's kindness and forgiveness, their heartfelt reunion, the confessions, and then BAM. Car crash. I had to relate to that; I was in a similarly compromised car crash myself and I totally broke down with the "Malcolm is dead." from Nico. Thank goodness you changed your mind. I'd hate to think of the babies going without a [if Malcolm is not their biological father] father figure. To cut to the CHASE - I liked having Malcolm as a "sorta kinda" major character here and getting to know his personality and well... uh, seeing into his love life XD). And yes, you are super good with plots. Every suspicious movement, every word, they came back to make sense in future chapters, so you were spot-on. There are the every so often mistyped words and repeated words/sentences, but they're not big mistakes. I can look over those. I mean, I did just finish a 200,000 fanfiction - if your fanfic was more mistakes than story, then I wouldn't have spent those nine hours on it (those 9 hours of my life reading your fanfiction was totally worth it) XD
I'm writing way too much, but if you ever need help writing your own original novel, let me know. I'll admit, I'm not the best at trying to keep my characters to their personalities, but well, you never know~
Congratulations - this is one of the best AU fanfics I've read
ReynaHerondale chapter 36 . 8/3
I usually don't leave reviews, but this is a must in this case. I loved your story, in my opinion, this is the best Percy Jackson FF that I have read, and trust me, I have read lots of them. It just kept me on edge all the time, it wasn't at all what I expected, and I honestly didn't know what would happen next. I swear that I cried when I read the epilogue.
And I also saw that you are not planning on writing the sequel anymore. I know you must have a reason, but please, reconsider that. You have so much potential as a writer for someone so young. Please, write that sequel. I know this is just one review and that it probably won't matter to you, but I honestly needed to try, at least once.
And I also realized this is not the only story of yours that I have read. I also read "The Way They Are Not" and I saw your description of the story now. Your writing is not junk. Trust me on that one, you are a very talented person, don't think for one second that you aren't. Don't give up on your writing, I have the feeling that you're gonna go far.
Cortax chapter 35 . 7/27
Sarah chapter 24 . 7/21
Awesome girl! Make a sequel!
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