Reviews for Metamorphose
ruhiko chapter 53 . 7/15
Love it~! Made me cried a lot, but it was so touching! ;D I like most of the romance stories I read being fast paced or fast enough BUT the slow build up of their relationship with each other was sweet and realistic.
To Fall Into Deprivation chapter 53 . 7/6
You are amazing. Usually when it comes to stories this long I don't make it to the end. But with this story I was hooked.
Thank you for writing an amazing story that brought , no doubt, many people through an amazing adventure.
Elfyrwyn chapter 53 . 7/4
I cried reading this chapter :-( One of the greatest stories I've ever read.
Riona H.Goch chapter 53 . 6/24
Goodness, this story is incredible. Amazingly written and with a great and new plot that even without all the action most fanfics have, you can't get tired of it.
I was at a coffee shop when I ended reading this and hell, people couldn't stop staring at the crazy girl crying at the table on the corner. It was pretty weird. And great, sad, heart-breaking - and I couldn't even pay attention to the worried lady that had asked if I was well. Sorry, lady. Sorry, folks.
I love this story.
DorianJane chapter 53 . 5/31
That was a wonderful story, and so very well written. You're a very talented writer and by the end you had me in tears.
Pyrane chapter 53 . 5/24
See what you've done : Now I'm crying !
Well done
Thank you so much for this magnificent story ! (I refrain from using "awesome" in regard to Lucas's opinion of the word ;D)
Just a tiny mistake : at The wedding, you said Nev took the place of Sprout teaching after her death, but she attended The Late Christmas later on... How ? *laugh*
See you around !

meshiaberry chapter 53 . 5/7
Do you know how hard I was for me to read this last chapter on the bus while holding in my tears. great story though. I admire you a lot as a writer.
blackvoiceheart chapter 53 . 5/8
Oh my god really this chapter made me cried so damn non stop, I really love this story
Siriabelle Grace chapter 53 . 5/2
Aw, woman, you made me cry! This story of yours really is something and I'm truely happy to have read it until it's end even if it took me a very long time. ;)
Thank you for writting it and posting it!

Best wishes,

Siriabelle Grace chapter 31 . 4/30
That was really a beautiful marriage... and each speech was like a summury of what already happened with different points of view. The all was spectacular!
Siriabelle Grace chapter 30 . 4/30
I love the dress! The band seems to be beautiful too!
Siriabelle Grace chapter 24 . 4/30
Hg! Lucius proposal is so...! Love it!
TransientStar chapter 53 . 4/29
I got to tell you, the pairing really turned me away from the story at first but I got really curious and gave it chance. Now, having finished reading this, I'm glad I did. Really lovely fic you written and I'm glad to have read such a marvelous work.

So anyway, thank you for writing this.

From TransientStar
fishy girly chapter 53 . 4/11
I loved this story sooooo much! You should do another story with some scenes and days that weren't in this story. Also, could everyone in the room see Lucas at the end, or just Henri?
GlenSmecker chapter 53 . 4/2
You asshole you made me cry lol it was a great story
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