Reviews for Metamorphose
LupusPatronus chapter 53 . 8/7
I CRIED SO HARD I THINK I WILL NEVER RECOVER FROM THIS BEAUTIFUL, SORROWFUL STORY. It's incredible and you are a great author and I admire your writing and I'm babbling and I love it 3
LupusPatronus chapter 46 . 8/6
I know this story is completed but I wanted to answer your question anyway. It could be that her panic attacks happe because she sees the baby like the horcrux?
LupusPatronus chapter 8 . 8/3
I have just recently started to read this story but I WANT TO KILL THE DE VILS! How can there be people like them? I want to know were are Dante and Aster and Lulu. I'm so worried ~
GoddessOfTheOceanAndMishief chapter 51 . 7/19
I am really loving this story :) I feel like there should be an 'Always' at the end of this chapter afer !HENRI!' Very well written :)
Zaphhh chapter 53 . 6/27
Omg tears!
GeminiWilson chapter 17 . 6/6
ABOUT TIME! Good for them though.
The reader chapter 53 . 5/23
Im late discovering this story, but when i did i couldnt put it down and read start to finish. It's so well writen and everything from the character development to the scenery is remarkable. You end on such a note that is absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time, I honestly havent cried reading a story in years.
So thank you for the journey. -Paul
Rea chapter 53 . 5/18
This is a beautifully written story.
theboona chapter 53 . 5/13
There are no words to describe the enjoyment this story has brought me. Your writing is wonderful; it touched my heart and warmed me deeply. I look forward to reading more of your work, thank you!
Cerulean Night chapter 53 . 5/6
Excellent story :)
bloodedlife94 chapter 53 . 5/2
loved it!
bloodedlife94 chapter 17 . 5/1
omg! soo hot.
ShadowWolfLuna chapter 53 . 4/29
This was a beautiful fanfiction. I love everything about it, espically the ending. It made me tear up. ️
SignDowny chapter 53 . 4/18
This must have been the best Harry Potter story I have ever read or maybe even the very best story I have ever read entirely. The last chapter was heart breakingoes but at the same time beautiful. Thank you for the time I spent reading the entire story from 1st to last word. I cried and laughed lots of times.
Scott chapter 48 . 3/26
Well I'm glad that panic bull is over. That was incredibly annoying. I skipped over most of the last 4 chapters until she stopped acting like an idiot.
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