Reviews for Children of Ares
SparklesJustReads chapter 4 . 10/22/2014
Yay! You came back! :)
Love that you're including so many gods in this... And that little tinge of jealousy in Deimos's voice (despite he and Phobos giving Theron the chariot... Very interesting), but they can't say anything because they themselves are favored, too.
Hmm... Can't wait to see how Ares reacts to one if his favored sons confronting him. Especially one that is just a Demi god, when his sons who are actual gods are kinda staying out of it. Will he be impressed by Therons courage, or just pissed like he's defying him...? Hm. I know Theron doesn't wanna fight him, but... This is Ares! ;) and I can't imagine his kids don't have that same spark in them (despite their mother seeming so sweet).
SparklesJustReads chapter 3 . 10/12/2014
Please come back some day (soon!) and finish this... Love the ideas you've come up with...

Oh poor Ares. Of course he can't just forgive and forget, he's War... That's just the way he is! But fascinating that he'd fall in love with Agnes despite that, too. Kinda an inner conflict I guess... That he can admit to the concept of love (uh total opposite of war!) but be so against forgiveness (which is never EASY, but surely less complicated than love?).

Also... Kinda interesting... Agnes wonders why she and her children are favored by him, when Ares had so many offspring and consorts... (Okay his explanation is that he fell in love) - but isn't that what pisses him off about Zeus? That he isn't one of his favored children? Maybe one of Ares's kids is out there pissed at him that he favors Agnes's kids so much and is feeling just as neglected as Ares felt with Zeus. Like father, like son?

But. That's Ares! Gotta love him! (At least I do!)

Okay, for real, I dunno if you will even ever see this review, but if you do... Please please write some more, you were off to a great start!
Kathalla chapter 3 . 11/3/2013
I hope you'll continue on with this story it really is a great story line!
Guest chapter 3 . 8/1/2013
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, keep writing! I wanna know the rest! I loved it!